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Biggest ROTFL in history of M’sian new politics

Mahathir has just invited Umno, PAS and other Malay parties to merge into his Pribumi. He says all the Malays need to unite.

Unite against “who”? (heh, heh, heh)

If DAP (and its Cinapeks) don’t like it, that’s their problem — the Beloved Tun said (see news report below).

This turn of the screw is schadenfreude to last seven glorious lifetimes. … I TOLD YOU SO. … Didn’t I tell ya?!

I’ve always known that I would get to rub it in but even I did not expect the moment to come so soon – it’s only a year-plus into the new regime, after all – or for Mahathir’s stinging slap to be so in-your-face.

Beloved Tun, I‘m beholden to you for my cabinet job

And to imagine all the fitnah, tipu, bohong, putar belit and fang-and-claw attacks perpetrated by vicious Dapsters in order to put Harapan in power.

Padan muka doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.

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3 thoughts on “Biggest ROTFL in history of M’sian new politics

  1. When I read about Mahathir’s call for a Malay united front this morning, I thought to myself “Well what various bloggers had been predicting had finally come to pass”.

    The three Pakatan parties decided to form a united front with Pribumi to defeat Najib and UMNO in GE14, which they did but now their gamble has backfired on them, with Mahathir doing his own thing to try and consolidate his and Pribumi’s political power.

    The next few weeks will be interesting to watch, especially when parliament opens.

    I expects GE15 will happen sooner that 2023.

  2. I too hope umno and pas does take Tun’s calling into consideration and join ppbm asap…

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