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Workers of M’sia Baru, throw away your buckets and mops!

With so much rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL), who needs to use the mop and detergent any more? Our floor will become clean just from our rolling and rolling over it.

The Harapan gomen is beyond a sick joke. This week they’re making a new promise to look into their one-year-old broken election pledges – see report below. DAP’s Beloved Tun is quoted by Malaysiakini as saying, “… the time has come for us to study how we can fulfil our promises“.

Err, only now ah is the gomen preparing to study how their election manifesto can be implemented. In the first place, why promise the moon and stars without even a clue as to how they can be realistically fulfilled?

So we’re to understand, for the last 425 days since the regime change on 9 May 2018, the Harapan manifesto was as much of a workable blueprint as a kindergartener’s sketch on how to build a flying car.

Look at these faces of the cabinet ministers (bar Anwar) surrounding Mahathir in this most recent photo call.

They are the Dear Leaders for whom Dapsters had fought bloodily, fang and claw – and not to mention sold their grandmothers – to install in the highest office in Putrajaya.

More ROTFL — Chinese voters actually pimped their grannies in order to put this claque in power!

Well at least these funnymen YBs are providing BN voters with LOLs every day, like with this latest committee-to-study-how-to-keep-promise joke.

I haven’t laughed this hard since Minister Maszlee’s announcement of the 90:10 quota, and 13,500 new places in Matriculation for Bumiputera students. It’s too hilarious to see DAP being beaten daily like a donkey piñata.




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  1. I blame the voters for putting us in this situation. Now because of the gatal hands pangkah PH I have to suffer.

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