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Mahathir’s new running dogs

It was certainly the opposition Malay  P- A- R- T- I- E- S  (and not their individual members) that Mahathir invited to be absorbed into his Pribumi to create “Malay unity”.

BELOW: ‘Join us, Dr M tells Umno and Malay parties’ is the FMT article headline

The Malay language media had reported it as such in their hot take. The English language media also reported thus. The Chinese language media similarly reported along the same lines too.

Video evidence in the form of a recording by Bernama proved that it was indeed accurate for the press to report Mahathir’s invitation as having been directed at the Malay political parties.

(Bernama, an acronym for Berita Nasional Malaysia, is a government news agency.) The video below – listen for yourself – was dropped by a government media outlet, not MyKMU.

Wouldn’t touch DAP with a 10-foot pole

Umno president Zahid Hamidi responded, No Thanks. He plainly told Mahathir that Umno cannot accept Pribumi as the latter is allied with DAP.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man likewise snubbed Mahathir’s offer, saying his Islamist party preferred to stick with Umno.

The two Umno and PAS bosses would not have directly replied to Mahathir if the Harapan chairman had only been trying to recruit new Pribumi members from among the Malay polity in general. Zahid and Tuan Ibrahim issued their statements as they did because Mahathir’s invitation had been made to their respective parties at party level.

Faustian pact between Malay ultra & Chinese chauvinist

President of the multiracial PKR, Anwar Ibrahim, wanted for Mahathir to immediately clarify to the Harapan presidential council his controversial invitation to Umno and other Malay parties to join Pribumi — see kiniTV (Malaysiakini) coverage below.

The rising alarm felt by our forever PM-in-waiting is explained by his fear of Mahathir further increasing Pribumi’s MP count through frog fishing. Anwar would not have reacted so strongly if Mahathir had merely thrown open an invitation to ordinary Umno and PAS members to join.

Chairman of the BN advisory board, Najib Razak posted in his Facebook: “Oh. Nak jemput parti Melayu masuk Bersatu [Pribumi]? Umno masuk sekali? Aik. Pulak dah. DAP, PAN, PKR komen dulu lah.”

Najib cheekily inserted two hand-over-mouth, flaming cheeks emojis at the end of his sentence.

Needless to say, Beloved Tun’s call for Malay grand unity gave the Harapan Chinese grassroots instant heebie-jeebies. More so as when he was asked by reporters on the spot if there wouldn’t be objections from the Harapan component parties, Mahathir airily dismissed non-Malay concerns with: ”Itu masalah dia. Kita tiada kaitan dengan parti-parti lain”.

Don’t like, that’s their problem. Meaning DAP can stuff it.

But right on cue, Mahathir once again just executed yet another one of his by now legendary U-Turns – backpedalling to deny he had ever extended his invitation to the Malay parties themselves. This “clarification” after coming under pressure, from Anwar presumably.

BELOW: A weathervane spins in the wind; lookalike stalwart of the Chicken / Chihuahua Chinese Party has no moral standing left to speak of following his complicity with Mahathir

Running dogs doing damage control for Beloved Tun

95% Chinese voters put all their eggs in one basket so get ready for a whole lot of omelettes as the eggs will break at first drop.

These days, Mahathir’s 180-degree and 360-degree about turns revolve endlessly like a weathervane on a windy day. And he can be so smug and cavalier about his constant flip flops as if words and promises mean nothing at all.

Any party apparatchiks reassuring the Chinese voter base that Mahathir was only inviting Malay individuals (and not the Malay opposition parties) to join Pribumi are lying through their teeth.

Tipu, bohong and putar belit are the hallmark of these Chinese political operatives who have been hoodwinking the Malaysian Chinese public for far too long.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beloved Tun

It’s one thing for Mahathir to slither hither thither as he’s the consummate political animal. It’s quite another thing for Mahathir’s Chinese enablers to keep tellling such brazen and barefaced lies to cover up for him.

The Chinese electorate have been thoroughly bamboozled and betrayed by those they foolishly placed all their fervent ‘Hope’ upon.

PAS and Umno are completely right to reject any association offered with the political coalition that has DAP in it. One side is pure evil. You already know which side that is.


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  1. Helen, you are really exceptional just like the late Prof, Salute to you…

  2. H. What goes around comes around ! Remember in 1997, if the DPM had taken a holiday, he would have returned as PM. In 2008, if the Opposition sort out the 32 aduns before instead of after the 12th GE, they would have been in Putrajaya since. And if they had gone on a 100 day fast to the death in the 13th GE, they would have won hands down. After the magnitude of 3 Failed Attempts to win Putrajaya, I suggested they should join the BN because they have been calling all sorts of people ‘running dogs’. I did not expect this lot to gain POWER with the person they used to pour their finest VITRIOL on. The gist of it is they took my advice and hooked up with a Malay party, any Malay Party. These folks seem clueless about where they are practicing their brand of politics.- their heads in Singapore, their backsides in Malaysia…

  3. this ph basket still much better than that bn basket, the 95% is doing the right thing. and the best thing is, we finally know dap is a dog.

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