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Sin Chew: DAP “fully obedient and submissive” under Mahathir’s “iron-fisted rule“

Automatic voter registration has been “unconditionally accepted” by DAP on top of acceding to the voting age being lowered to 18, wrote Tay Tian Yan in an editorial yesterday.

According to Tay, the Sin Chew Daily deputy editor-in-chief, such a pincer movement will multiply the Malay power as the next electoral roll will be expanded from 14.9 million to 22.7 million voters.

This development will see an instant explosion of almost eight million young or previously unregistered voters – the whopping majority of whom will be Malays since in the past, it was the Malay voter awareness and participation that was particularly low.

BELOW: DAP offering up its Chinese followers to be the whipping boy 

“The thing is: the call for a grand unity among the Malays, voting age of 18 and automatic voter registration have brought PPBM [Pribumi], Umno and PAS much closer now,” said Tay.

These three Malay-Muslim parties, together with Sarawak‘s PBB, will naturally seize the bulk of the new votes, added Tay. Refer Sin Chew July 17 editorial headlined ‘PKR and DAP: Submission and marginalisation’.

And when combined as one power bloc, the Malay monoracial parties can rule the country without any need for the DAP’s 40-odd MPs.

“Weirdly, throughout this whole thing, PKR and DAP have remained largely hushed and submissive,” said the Sin Chew veteran newsman describing DAP’s silent kowtow to the Harapan chairman.

“From here we can see that under the iron-fisted rule of Tun Mahathir, PKR and DAP have become fully obedient and submissive,” concluded Tay, aptly summarizing the sorry situation into which DAP has landed the Chinese community.

DAP welcomed Mahathir’s move to lower the voting age

Indeed, Kit Siang in his media statement the same day said:

”If the DAP is a racist Chinese political party which dominated the Pakatan Harapan government, as is preached by leaders of an irresponsible political alliance of klepto-theocracy, the DAP would have stopped the constitutional amendment in its tracks, as there would be a greater increase of Malay voters as compared to Chinese voters because of the demographic composition in the country.”

The DAP (as Kit Siang avowed above) did not try to stop the voting age amendment – promoted by Pribumi, PAS and Umno – in any shape or form.

DAP’s present complicity with Mahathir comes as no surprise given the earnest proclamation by Kit Siang only quite recently that he had never once said before that Mahathir was corrupt.

Like Sin Chew correctly observed, DAP has today “become fully obedient and submissive” to Mahathir. In fact, DAP has become an even more obedient running dog than the old MCA.

Anwar will not become the 8th Prime Minister. DAP now wags its tail to Mahathir, lord and master.

DAP and their Beloved Tun


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4 thoughts on “Sin Chew: DAP “fully obedient and submissive” under Mahathir’s “iron-fisted rule“

  1. What did anyone expect anyway? Lim Guan Eng was the only cabinet member who faced corruption charges when he was sworn in as a minister. That to in the post of finance minister. To claim that he did not know the true worth of the Bungalow he purchased in his defence reveals either incompetency bordering on mental retardation or a corrupt liar. Besides, the courts have not overturned his conviction and jailing over legally unproved his allegations against Rahim Thamby Chik. The prime minister at that time was Mahathir Mohamad.

    By the way, Yunus Ali never served in the PLO’s Force 17. He was never Yasser Arafat’s bodyguard. Would Arafat trust an outsider when the Israelis have been known to ingeniously infiltrate the PLO?

    Ask any Arab academic or writer OUTSIDE Malaysia. So, Maria Chin Abdullah’s “Palestinian” credentials were outright fake but it was played up, even by DAP’s evangelicals, in the run-up to the last elections.

    Maria, an outright fraud, is another running dog for Mahathir. Has any PLO or Palestinian publication cite the example of Yunus Ali?

    Let’s see if Sin Chew would dare send a reporter overseas and interview prominent PLO academics and activists on whether there was actually a Malay bodyguard for Yasser Aarafat.

    BTW, it was an Arab academic here in Kuala Lumpur who let the cat out of the bag during a farewell dinner for his students.

    This is a government run by frauds. Where was Lim Kit Siang really born?

  2. Fraudsters and fakirs rule Malaysian politics these days. All lined up behind what they opposed only yesterday so to speak. Our publicity seeker is so eager to please as shown in pic. The Chinese in Malaysia have been shown to be just ordinary opportunists nothing special. In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew never borrowed a single cent to build Singapore. He did not do business with business men at all. Hence, he was honest and reputable to the end. In Malaysia, his protégés in Penang planned Singapore type of mega projects only suitable for Singapore and intend to borrow billions of ringgits without Singapore’s resources. Not only that, they hobnobbed with Chinese businessmen at their dinners that they become over-weight as the pix showed. A picture is worth a thousand words.. In Rome, do as the Romans do as it is said.!

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