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Expecting Dapsters to turn on Anwar soon

“We will never be a socialist or communist country.


Donald Trump has been tweeting this week how some people hate their own country America — see below.

Trump is a flag hugger as the photograph below shows. Many demented Democrats, however, despise his open and proud display of American patriotism.

Some rabid Trump haters, like the USA female soccer team, had even dumped the Star Spangled Banner on the ground. This disgraceful episode occurred recently at the FIFA women’s World Cup where the players dragged the American flag on the grass, only to then drop it altogether — see video.

POTUS Donald Trump always respects his country’s flag, unlike his detractors and most unlike the Chancellor of Germany.

In one infamous incident captured on video (below), German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seen disdainfully tossing aside her country’s tricolour flag. She is anti nationalist and also an ardent globalist who embraces the European Union, the EU flag and the EU ‘national anthem’.

Not only is Angela Merkel allergic to her country’s flag, she is allergic to her country’s national anthem too.

Below are two recent videos of the chancellor hosting official visits by the Ukrainian president on June 18 and the Finnish prime minister on July 10.

From both the clips, you can see Merkel’s body shaking uncontrollably when the national anthem is being played. It’s as if German-hating demons possessing the chancellor are writhing inside, quite tormented at hearing “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” (words of the song meaning ‘Germany, Germany above all’).

People who hate their countrymen

Some German leaders and woke citizens supporting Merkel’s party think of their political opponents and countrymen as evil neo-Nazis.

Meanwhile, some attention-seeking Democrat leaders and their liberal supporters are convinced that Americans living in the USA’s red (Republican) states are racists and bigots.

On our home turf, Lim Kit Siang incessantly calls Malaysia as “global kleptocracy”.

We understand that he feels the uncontrollable itch to label former premier Najib Razak a “kleptocrat” and the previous BN government as “kleptocratic” but still, Kit Siang is unable to refrain from tarring even our country with the same brush.

ABOVE: Kit Siang claims that Malaysians were “being condemned by the world as a global kleptocracy” and that Malaysia suffers the same bad reputation

Like someone with Tourette’s Syndrome, Kit Siang has spewed his vitriol about “kleptocracy” hundreds of times.

In America, Democrats who frame themselves as social justice warriors (see tweet below) insist that if you support Trump, you’re supporting racism and that makes you a racist.

Using an identical playbook, the Democratic Action Party personalities who fancy themselves SJWs similarly insist that if you support Najib or Umno or BN, you’re supporting kleptocracy and that makes you a corrupt person as well.

Shortly after the GE14 regime change, Kit Siang issued a press statement saying he did not believe BN voters “would have done so if they fully understood that their vote would be regarded as a vote for Malaysia continuing as a global kleptocracy and the slew of abuses and excesses of power under the Najib premiership”.

In the vicious run-up to the 2018 election that finally toppled BN, other Dapster family leaders were similarly badmouthing Malaysia abroad.

It’s clear that those Bersih, self-righteous Malaysians led by DAP hold a very low opinion of BN (and PAS) people.

In their eyes, we’re corrupt, stupid, bigoted, racist, extremist and what not. Oh yeah, and “evil” to boot.

Tun and his assorted Protuns clean as a whistle

Lim Kit Siang has been in politics more than 50 years. Yet in all that time – over five decades – he has never ever said that Mahathir was corrupt … or so LKS now swears.

Yet DAP has always accused the BN of being corrupt but mind you, when they slam the corrupt BN rule, they only mean the early 8-and-½ years under Tun Razak and Tun Hussein, and separately the later 14-and-½ years under Tun Abdullah and Najib.

For the other 22 middle years (1981-2003) in between the Hussein and the Badawi administrations, any alleged BN corruption has been whitewashed with DAP holy water.

Presumably Kit Siang and DAP no longer believe that Mahathir is racist either, never mind that he heads a race-based Pribumi party that excludes non-Malay members.

History repeating: Anwar will be thwarted again 

Mahathir is instead today The Beloved. You do not hear any criticism of him anymore by the DAP.

Emblematic of the DAP’s chameleon skills, their once hated political figure can be flipped like a burger to become the newly loved one, and vice versa.

With Mahathir’s stock increasingly rising with the DAP, saham Anwar mesti turun seiring. Don’t be surprised when Anwar comes under furious attack from Harapan’s Chinese apparatchiks very soon.

Mahathir will continue to reign a full term with the DAP’s backing. Expect Anwar to be hated on and his supporters called a host of creative names only the Dapsters can invent and with the venom and hatred only they can muster. It’s back to the future of ‘1984’.


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  1. Mitch McConnell qouted late Justice Scalia
    ” I don’t attack people I attack ideas”
    I attack Nationalist and Religious poles
    I believed no nationalist or religious ever triumph or can maintain continuous existence
    I believe in shared vision
    Hugging a flag is the same as stepping on one
    Both are patriotic

  2. Merkel has a medical condition that causes the shakes. Do not use it for your disgusting spins.

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