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One topic Malay and Chinese social media both agree on 100%

i.e. that Lim Kit Siang is the most despicable politician in Malaysian history.

The DAP’s oldest carnival barker – who took his “travelling circus” from town to town (MP Bandar Melaka → MP Petaling Jaya → MP Kota Melaka → MP Tanjong → MP Bukit Bendera → MP Ipoh Timor → MP Gelang Patah → MP Iskandar Puteri) – just lamented that he has been “the most demonised character in Malaysia for the past half a century”.

In his one millionth-and-one media statement issued to the public since 1966, Kit Siang today wrote that he has been accused of “being a Christian” (which he is not), “being a communist” (which he is not) and “being a Chinese” … which is debatable since he’s as strident in his Bangsa Malaysia rhetoric as his “I’m-NOT!-Chinese” son Guan Eng and their ‘We’re all-NOT!! -Chinese’ protege Hannah Yeoh.

BELOW: How many black Teoh Beng Hock T-shirts do you still own, Kit Siang? 

Our “more than anything else” Malaysian First-Kit Siang also complains :

”I was even accused of being a relative of Chin Peng; responsible for the May 13, 1969 riots, leading the street demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur shouting anti-Malay and anti-Islam slogans, although I was never in Kuala Lumpur after the May 10, 1969 General Election; painted as quite a devil, a puaka, even jembalang; that I am anti-Malay, anti-Islam and at various times even anti-Indian, anti-Chinese educated Chinese , anti-English-educated Chinese; an agent of the KGB, CIA, MI6 and even Australian Intelligence.”

{{ Okay, okay, we get it. The so-called toxic “proponents of klepto-theocracy, with their arsenal of lies, falsehoods, hate and fear, pitting race against race and religion against religion” really, really don’t seem to like you, YB Lim. Urm, wonder why? }}

Kit Siang further grumbles at the double-fisted attacks assailing him, writing:

“In the Malay social media, I am painted as the arch-villain and the greatest threat to the Malays and Islam, while in the Chinese social media, I am painted as utterly unprincipled and opportunistic who had sold out the rights and interests of the Chinese community and am prepared to be a ‘lap dog’ of the Malay leaders in Pakatan Harapan government.”

{{  That’s absolutely correct. You’re a lap dog, running dog and more specifically a tiny chihuahua. }}


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5 thoughts on “One topic Malay and Chinese social media both agree on 100%

  1. at least chihuahua is cute in form as pets compare looks alike so ………hahahaha

  2. Many years ago, I commented on the chronic failure of the Opposition :-
    1. 1997. If the DPM had taken a sabbatical in the US, he would return as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. No need to lift a little finger.
    2. 2008 If the 32 Aduns were bought up for RM 50 million a piece before the 12th GE and not after, the Opposition would be in Putrajaya since. With 1MDB as the example, it was FREE.
    3. 2013 If the Opposition had gone on a 100 day fast to death which Gandhi did not do, in full international media coverage before the 13th GE, the Opposition would be in POWER since.
    4. For the 14th GE, I suggested they join the BN. History speaks for itself besides being the Finest Arbiter of the Truth after over 20 long years of desire.

  3. It is clear, very clear that personal opportunism holds sway in Malaysian Politics as shown by a well-known communalist party which replaced MCA. Power and Money will overwhelmed them as it happened to the MCA. Time will tell.

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