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Theresa May the minority PM out, Merkel the minority chancellor next

Bye bye Mrs May and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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Last year on Sept 12, The Guardian blared its smug headline ‘Boris Johnson will never be prime minister. Here’s why’ — see below.

A few months prior to that, Breitbart London carried its headline saying ‘Time is nearly up for Britain’s useless, anti-Brexit prime minister’.

As events turned out, right-wing media Breitbart has since proven to be correct whereas the world’s shittiest socialist paper, the extreme left-wing Guardian, was smearing conservatives as usual.

Prime Minister May headed a minority government in the UK until two days ago. Her counterpart Angela Merkel is still heading her shaky minority government in Germany.

And ordinary Germans continue protesting in the streets, chanting “Merkel muss weg” (Merkel must go).

BELOW: Anti-Merkel demo in Berlin only last week

Chancellor Merkel herself, however, refuses to acknowledge that her shelf life has expired. This despite publicly “shaking” like a someone jinn-possessed on two recent occasions when the German national anthem was being played.}

It is doubtful whether Merkel can keep the jinn uprising inside her body under control for much longer, so don’t be surprised if she were to break out in a full-blown seizure (“3 strikes and you’re out”). That is unless she decides to altogether avoid any official functions where the German anthem will be played and thus preempting the trigger that sparks her paroxysms.

Meanwhile another ‘M’ leader – President Macron of France is facing the headwinds of his country’s Yellow Vests protests marching into their 37th straight week.

  • Macron … going
  • Merkel … G-O-I-N-G
  • May … GONE!

The vox populi want their ‘M’-led governments to be regime changed. People are getting sick of their minority leaders in chief.

BELOW: “Macron degage“ — the French version of “Merkel muss weg” 


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