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Mahathir going full term, Harapan one-term gomen only

“Will Zahid work with PAS to keep Dr M for a full term?” Kit Siang urgently wants to know (see tweet today, below).

The answer to his question is an empathic ‘Yes’.

Was there ever any real doubt that when push comes to shove, the alifbata people will unite around Allah, Bangsa and Tanahair?

‘Sit, DAP sit’ … good boy

PAS and Umno will indeed support Mahathir for a full term because Beloved Tun is the best political grandmaster to bring ‘MCA 2.0’, the Harapan new running dog, to heel.

Prominent politicians from both the Malay-Muslim parties have repeatedly declared this (see news report below). Likewise Mahathir himself has repeatedly refused to commit to a definite handover date. Err, why are the Dapsters still reluctant to take the Malay top leaders’ at their word?

Really, the de jure power is merely going to flow from our GE14 minority prime minister to GE15 natural water level – which is Malay-Muslim majority dominance.

Surely even the most diehard Dapster can see by now that there will be never be any ‘Ubah’. The Malay deep state is so embedded in the ruling superstructure that trying to budge it is like chihuahuas barking at the mountain.

CAGE FIGHT: 👆🏽 Lapdog versus 👇🏽 tiger cat

“Inter-community conflicts will intensify” — Sin Chew editorial 

SIn Chew Daily – Malaysia’s largest circulation newspaper and most influential Chinese media – in its editorial yesterday spelled out the heavy impact from PAS and Umno’s upcoming September akad nikah.

The newlyweds will make “a powerful Malay opposition force“, said the worried Sin Chew editorial, pointing out that in the last general election, Harapan only managed to obtain a quarter – quoting “25-30%” – of the Malay votes.

With their numbers combined, Sin Chew’s concerned editors noted, the Umno-PAS combo won a hattrick of by-elections recently. The victories served to illustrate how a straight fight “is an excellent strategy” for the unified Malay opposition to take on Harapan.

Kit Siang has long warned that ticking “time bombs in Malaysia” are about to explode any time

Sin Chew is also keeping in mind that “an overwhelming majority” of the eight million new 18 and first-time automatically registered voters will be Malay Muslims.

Hence the downside of Umno and PAS consolidating their mutual base is that “inter-community conflicts will intensify, creating more accentuated confrontation in our multicultural society”, concluded the Sin Chew July 27 editorial.

By accentuated confrontation”, they mean that existing flashpoints have become more flammable than previously during the pre-GE14 era. In future, a tiny spark could ignite sudden confrontation in what is already the conflict zone between Malays and Chinese.


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