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From DAP. To Dapsters. With Love.


Lim Kit Siang is the King of the Word Salad. fyi Yang Berhormat, ‘love’ is a four-letter word and so is STFU.

The DAP ‘Father’ should bugger off and mercifully free (merdeka) us all from his verbal diarrhoea.

Continue reading “From DAP. To Dapsters. With Love.”

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Cabinet reshuffle to reconfigure unstable ruling coalition

Political parties in Europe have shut out their opponents through unusual but perfectly legitimate manoeuvres.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson assumed office last month and at the same time sacking most of his predecessor Theresa May’s cabinet. Continue reading “Cabinet reshuffle to reconfigure unstable ruling coalition”

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Back to school, SJK(C), for Maszlee?

Poor Education Minister.

Maszlee Malik just got an earful in Chinese from one angry-looking dude (below).

This fuming fella also wants to know what the DAP’s total of 42 MPs have to say about the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua suggestion which Maszlee is carefully deliberating. See Tan Teik Cheng’s Facebook entry below. Continue reading “Back to school, SJK(C), for Maszlee?”

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Isma president Aminuddin should also consider looking at legal options

Two days ago, the Christian Federation of Malaysia issued a press statement saying CFM is consulting its lawyers to look into remarks made by Aminuddin Yahaya who is the Isma chief cum Ummah chair.

The CFM media statement additionally said some things about Aminuddin that appear questionable and should raise concerns in Isma and Ummah. Continue reading “Isma president Aminuddin should also consider looking at legal options”

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Christian Federation exploring legal action against Ummah

The Christian Federation of Malaysia is big on celebrating diversity. In its Merdeka wishes, CFM talked about the dream of a Malaysia Baru that is “a nation of diverse peoples, cultures and religions”.

They “give thanks to God for leading our multiracial, multicultural and multireligious nation through these many years of progress” in a media statement today jointly signed by Archbishop Julian Leow, Archbishop Simon Poh, Bishop Ong Hwai Teik and Rev. Eu Hong Seng. Continue reading “Christian Federation exploring legal action against Ummah”

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Churches Council want action on Ummah

The Council of Churches Malaysia has urged police to take swift action against Gerakan Pembela Ummah.

CCM sec-gen Rev. Hermen Shastri accused Ummah chairman Aminuddin Yahaya of inciting hatred towards the oh-but-we’re-only-nine-percent “minority religious community“ — see Malay Mail news report today titled ‘Churches want action after Malay-Muslim coalition accuses Christians of infiltrating Putrajaya’. Continue reading “Churches Council want action on Ummah”

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Syed Saddiq’s critics must love their enemy and turn the other cheek

It’s the Christian thing to do.

Zakir Naik has ‘apologized’. So Syed Saddiq rightly telegraphs ‘you’re forgiven, my brother and welcome to the fold’. It is the ‘love your neighbour’ thing to do.

To the DAP running dogs, please learn to extend your ‘Peace & Love’ too to PAS (and Pribumi’s) favourite Muslim preacher. Continue reading “Syed Saddiq’s critics must love their enemy and turn the other cheek”

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Zakir Naik is DAP problem, not MCA nor MIC’s

Why the “deafening silence” from MCA and MIC on the matter of Zakir Naik, asked a letter headlined ‘The great pretense of MCA, MIC’ recently in Malaysiakini.

Isn’t silence from MCA president Wee Ka Siong and MIC president S. Vigneswaran a sign of their agreement with Umno sec-gen Annuar Musa, asked Lim Thian Piau in his Aug 17 letter (see link in tweet below) to the news portal. Continue reading “Zakir Naik is DAP problem, not MCA nor MIC’s”

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Zakir Naik and why don’t the Chinese just self deport

Back during the BN era, Zakir Naik had not felt emboldened to say what he very recently did. In fact, Zakir never received this highest level of establishment support during the Najib administration either.

Since race traitors DAP have clearly sold out Chinese interests for crumbs from Mahathir’s table, what are the Dapsters now to do? Continue reading “Zakir Naik and why don’t the Chinese just self deport”

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“Bible verses in beautiful khat“ — Segamat MP

Datuk Seri Dr Edmund Santhara is the PKR member of parliament for Segamat, Johor. In his take on the khat controversy, YB Edmund reveals a different perspective, which is that khat has the potential of becoming the conduit of religious conversion from Islam to Christianity.

But first, some background from the Chinese majority opinion. Educationists Dong Zong fear khat will be used as a medium to spread Islam to primary school pupils — see news report tweeted below. Continue reading ““Bible verses in beautiful khat“ — Segamat MP”

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Khat: DAP treating Chinese like idiots!

Now the DAP deputy cabinet member in the Education Ministry is saying Chinese school pupils will not have to learn Jawi but only to produce (calligraphy) the khat.

That is really insulting their parents’ (the 95% Chinese DAP voters) intelligence.

Here’s the analogy. You can’t do Chinese calligraphy meaningfully if you do not know or have never learned Chinese script. Continue reading “Khat: DAP treating Chinese like idiots!”


Christian religious materials in Jawi

“Education is a one hundred year plan” … To know the Sin Chew view on how khat will disrupt the Chinese school curriculum, read the paper’s editorial yesterday headlined ‘Once the floodgates are opened…’

But Mahathir will outlive Dong Jiao Zong‘s 100-year programme, for sure.

Hua Zong and Jiao Zong seem blissfully unaware that Mahathir has picked an overload of Christian and Born Again cabinet ministers to fill the DAP Chinese quota. Continue reading “Christian religious materials in Jawi”

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Kit Siang’s spirit broken by his multiple ISA detentions

Why is chickenshit Kit Siang so spineless?

My educated guess is that during his many years under ISA detention, his fighting spirit was thoroughly broken by his captors.

That’s why he’s become this lalang that cannot stand on principle but instead swaying left and right with each puff of the breeze. Continue reading “Kit Siang’s spirit broken by his multiple ISA detentions”

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Kit Siang not 100% Chinese but 100% Mahathir apologist

In his most recent yadda yadda media statement, Lim Kit Siang wrote:

”The Malaysia I want to see is one where the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans come out of their own universes to interact with other communities; to learn, appreciate and accept that Malaysia is not to be identified with any one community, but with all the different communities who have made this land their mother country.

‘It is a Malaysia where a Chinese has not betrayed race and culture for his exquisite Jawi skill, a Malay has not betrayed race and culture because of his Bharatanatyam repertoire, or an Indian betrayed race and culture because of his mastery of Chinese calligraphy.

“In other words, a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese, but has an extra dimension which could be described as Malaysia-plus …” Continue reading “Kit Siang not 100% Chinese but 100% Mahathir apologist”

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UPDATED: Dong jiao zong rally against Jawi / DAP forgot Mahathir’s suqiu lesson

3.20pm, Aug 3

Like the two DAP Aduns who beat a hasty retreat, the Dong is also now downplaying their upcoming Monday gathering and accusing Sin Chew of misreporting.


Original post

Dong Jiao Zong will be holding a rally at its headquarters on Monday (Aug 5) to protest khat or Jawi calligraphy in Bahasa Malaysia textbooks, according to a Sin Chew news report yesterday.

DAP is similarly against khat being taught to pupils in Chinese schools – see article below. Continue reading “UPDATED: Dong jiao zong rally against Jawi / DAP forgot Mahathir’s suqiu lesson”

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The bestest gift a Chinese man can bestow his son

Mahathir is now saying he would step down in “maybe three years” time, that is, once the Malaysian economy is “on an even keel”.

While many of the media reported the PM’s most recent pledge – yet again – to honour his oft repeated promise of eventually standing aside, they did not however report Mahathir explicitly saying that he would ever make way for … ANWAR. Continue reading “The bestest gift a Chinese man can bestow his son”