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The bestest gift a Chinese man can bestow his son

Mahathir is now saying he would step down in “maybe three years” time, that is, once the Malaysian economy is “on an even keel”.

While many of the media reported the PM’s most recent pledge – yet again – to honour his oft repeated promise of eventually standing aside, they did not however report Mahathir explicitly saying that he would ever make way for … ANWAR.

Guan Eng at Teoh Beng Hock’s grave site

Three years from today will take us to August 2022.

Harapan’s five-year GE14 mandate ends in May 2023.

If Mahathir is finally true to his word and vacates the premiership after another three more years in office, that would leave his successor only a mere nine months-and-one-week leftover to bridge the gap before GE15.

Mahathir has admitted he met with Umno, PAS and Sarawak top leaders at a conclave two days ago which included Azmin.

Umno, PAS, Sarawak and Azmin’s PKR faction want Dear Leader to finish his full term. DAP’s silence here means consent.

Gen X and Gen Y Chinese literally grew up marinated in Mahathirism. The same Chinese, 95 percent of whom back DAP – the party instrumental in paving their Beloved Tun’s return path to power – believe that Mahathirism 2.0 is the most precious legacy they can impart to their children.

These older Chinese wish also to gift today’s millennials and Gen Z with a lengthy dose of the priceless Mahathir heritage which they themselves love so much and can’t let go of.

DAP’s cabinet positions a generous present from their benefactor, Mahathir


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