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UPDATED: Dong jiao zong rally against Jawi / DAP forgot Mahathir’s suqiu lesson

3.20pm, Aug 3

Like the two DAP Aduns who beat a hasty retreat, the Dong is also now downplaying their upcoming Monday gathering and accusing Sin Chew of misreporting.


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Dong Jiao Zong will be holding a rally at its headquarters on Monday (Aug 5) to protest khat or Jawi calligraphy in Bahasa Malaysia textbooks, according to a Sin Chew news report yesterday.

DAP is similarly against khat being taught to pupils in Chinese schools – see article below.

The 1957 Tanah Melayu proclamation of Independence document (below) – with Tunku Abdul Rahman’s signature as the new prime minister – was originally written in Jawi.

Jawi was only sidelined from our mainstream school curriculum in the 1960s when Khir Johari was Education Minister. The transition to Romanized script was part of the national language philosophy.

In the spirit of inclusivity, the Malays agreed for bahasa Melayu to use the Roman alphabet so that bahasa Malaysia can be bahasa kebangsaan for the new nation, including its minority races.

Jawi is Malay heritage.

Utusan Melayu was first published 1939 in Jawi. Below is one of the newspaper‘s historical front pages – its banner headline recorded the formation of Malaysia.

The first Malay newspaper, Jawi Peranakan, was in print between 1876 and 1895. The edition seen below is datelined 1888. Jawi has been with the Malays for a very long time.

‘PM’ stands for Padan Muka Cina bodoh

In August 1999, Chinese associations under the ‘Suqiu’ banner submitted a 17-point minority rights memo to then premier Mahathir.

Mahathir later explained that his administration initially could not afford to take a strong position against Suqiu’s demands only because the general election was around the corner — see editorial by pesky NGO Aliran. (GE10 was held in November that year.)

Nonetheless after securing a safe victory for the BN – this was the election where the government was threatened by Anwar’s Reformasi – Mahathir quickly turned around and told Suqiu to go fly kite. Mahathir did this ever so nonchalantly despite earlier agreeing to accept the Suqiu petition “in principle”.

Fast forward to post regime change. Mahathir treated the worthless Harapan manifesto no different from how he treated the Suqiu memorandum, i.e. figuratively rolling the Chinese’s “supplication” into a ball and chucking it into the wastepaper basket.

Fool the Chinese once, shame on MCA; fool the Chinese twice, shame on DAP.

There is a difference however — MCA’s strength vis-a-vis Umno was 29:72 whereas DAP’s strength to Pribumi was 42:13. The numbers making up the ratio refer to the number of parliament seats won by each party in the 1999 and 2018 general elections respectively (see bar chart below).

It is understandable that MCA bowed to Umno given their relative strengths. DAP bowing to Pribumi merely cements the party’s piss poor reputation as a “running dog”, chihuahua breed.

Some pundits living in their Chinese bubble are insisting that the Umno-PAS alliance will not work out. But consider this: Umno and PAS have race, religion, culture and language in common. Both parties support this khat Jawi initiative.

On the other hand and their shotgun marriage notwithstanding, what do Pribumi and DAP have in common?

Although DAP earnestly promised its sheeple that Mahathir had changed his leopard spots, the truth is it’s just silly to hope a stubborn 94-year-old might ubah his deep-seated beliefs.

Mahathir was a Malay ultra and nationalist. He remains one today.

Like how the Education Ministry handled the DAP’s demand for non-Malay matriculation seats, expect Mahathir to apply the same Suqiu treatment on Dong Jiao Zong.

As for the now muzzled and castrated DAP, it will be sent by its master to the kennel and kept quiet.



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  1. Please also rally against the use of Jawi script in all Chinese made products used to deceit Islam Malay majority consumers into believing as muslim-friendly. You know ‘Pau Ahmad’ for example? Protes la until Pau Ahmad remove the Jawi script in the logo. Ada berani?

    1. Yup the chinks will jump at all opportunity to put jawi halal logo on their products. The best thing is for the Muslims to boycott non Muslim products

  2. now only i know there is jawi calligraphy. either i know too little of malay culture, or this is something not mainstream?

    i think if the majority of malay think is worth to preserve such art or culture, thats fine.

  3. Dong zong, just go to hell or balik tongsan. You are not needed here, your existence is no longer valid

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