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Watch the DAP chickens squawk like men hens

Just apply a little pressure and watch the DAP elected reps crumble, sure as day, quite reluctant to maintain their earlier principled stand.

These two DAP Aduns (below) backpedalled speedily indeed. They obviously take their cue from the chickenest old-timer YB of all.

At least the MCA fought tooth and nail to protect Chinese rights.

DAP only fights bloody fang and claw when up against those weaker than themselves — harassing the small group (five percent) of BN Chinese voters; and this too through dirty tricks, underhanded tactics and vicious smears.

But when it comes to big numbers like PAS Youth (below), DAP Chinese bullies lack the fighting spirit of DAP Indians who dare to say, “Bring it on”.

All things considered, despite the MCA’s relatively smaller representation vis-a-vis their Umno counterparts in the previous government, the Chinese BN party actually did a good job in safeguarding their ethnic community’s interests.

This is however not the case with DAP whose elected reps far outnumber Pribumi YBs — see bar graph below referring to the results of the 1999 and 2018 general elections. (Note: 1999 was the year Suqiu made their appeal.)

Although DAP possess bulky electoral muscle, it’s clear they have the most chicken little soul.

Since 9 May 2018, DAP has backed down on everything from matriculation and UEC to ICERD and the Rome Statute because a solid 95 percent Chinese voter support translates into nothing more than chihuahua running dog.

It is for this reason (easily buckling under pressure) that I’ve predicted DAP will side with Mahathir and throw Anwar under the bus.

DAP looks at PAS and Umno backing the 94-year-old PM to go full term and their Chinese leadership immediately cowers … akin to the DAP reaction to Muktar Suhaili – the PAS Youth fella in the “pemimpin DAP harus ditentang” poster above – who flexed his pecs against 138 named DAP leaders.

It is the habit of crowing bullies – which DAP assuredly are – to puff their chest and feathers when facing smaller and weaker MCA and Gerakan opponents. Nevertheless when confronted by PAS and Umno, DAP turns tail quicker than one can cry “the sky is falling!”.

No wonder it was so easy for Mahathir to neuter his DAP little running dog.


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2 thoughts on “Watch the DAP chickens squawk like men hens

  1. i dun think mca is any better when we wanna talk dog, just dap can brag not only bark, however now clearly shown the son is a stupid minister who know nothing while the dad is a mahathir ass licker to ensure the stupid son not kicked out.

  2. Helen,

    If I remember correctly you mentioned in one thread of how the DAP apparatchiks used to copy/delete’paste earlier comments so it would look like the most recent comment.

    In Thaya’s latest salvo , someone actually did that.

    You are right, they are sneaky bastards

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