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Kit Siang not 100% Chinese but 100% Mahathir apologist

In his most recent yadda yadda media statement, Lim Kit Siang wrote:

”The Malaysia I want to see is one where the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans come out of their own universes to interact with other communities; to learn, appreciate and accept that Malaysia is not to be identified with any one community, but with all the different communities who have made this land their mother country.

‘It is a Malaysia where a Chinese has not betrayed race and culture for his exquisite Jawi skill, a Malay has not betrayed race and culture because of his Bharatanatyam repertoire, or an Indian betrayed race and culture because of his mastery of Chinese calligraphy.

“In other words, a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese, but has an extra dimension which could be described as Malaysia-plus …”

About his own exquisite skill in Jawi, Kit Siang explained that he is self-taught — having learned it while in jail under ISA.

Kit Siang said, “It did not make me any less of Chinese”. He swears that he has not betrayed the Chinese race nor Chinese culture just because he can write Jawi beautifully.

But it does however take away some percentage points from Kit Siang’s full volume (100%) Chinese quotient though.

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DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia shill

According to Kit Siang, “a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese”.

His son Guan Eng also famously declared, “I’m NOT Chinese; I’m Malaysian”.

A Dapster is a Chinese hypocrite who is 80% in denial, 90% bullshit and 100% Mahathir apologist.

Mahathir has just pronounced that the decision to teach khat in Chinese schools in final. This was the front page banner headline in yesterday’s Utusan.

Commenting on the khat, Kit Siang said he “had not realised that Jawi is in the ringgit note”.

But now that Kit Siang has made a closer inspection of the Malaysian dollar and liked what he saw, plus now that Grandmaster has given the command for vernacular schools to go ahead with Jawi calligraphy, DAP’s chief apologist for Mahathir is singing Beloved Tun’s Malaysia Boleh tune.

”Malaysians must develop the self-confidence to reach for the stars, a new ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit, to exorcise the various contrived or imaginary fears and demons, for Malaysia to excel itself in various fields of human endeavour [including skill in khat, presumably] so as to achieve a golden age for Malaysia,” Kit Siang declared. Hidup Mahathir!!


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