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Kit Siang’s spirit broken by his multiple ISA detentions

Why is chickenshit Kit Siang so spineless?

My educated guess is that during his many years under ISA detention, his fighting spirit was thoroughly broken by his captors.

That’s why he’s become this lalang that cannot stand on principle but instead swaying left and right with each puff of the breeze.

BELOW: Kit Siang unable to sit upright because he lacks a backbone

Kit Siang’s experience in harsh government captivity must have drained the essential fibre and juices – meaning essence of Chineseness – out of him, so much so that he’s become deficient or in his own words, he is no longer or “not 100 percent Chinese” anymore.

Kit Siang’s latest public whimpering is about some newspaper article that allegedly described him as expressing something along the lines of “learn Jawi to be more Malaysian”.

Receiving backlash from the DAP grassroots, Kit Siang backpedalled pathetically — now claiming, “[but] I have never said one must learn Jawi to be a Malaysian – all I said in my statement… was learning Jawi while I was serving my first detention in Muar in 1969 did not ‘make me any less of a Chinese, and may have helped in making me more of a Malaysian’.”

While the newspaper might not have been 100 percent accurate in its attribution, the paper was in fact not wrong either if one were to look at the entirety of context.

ABOVE: Next time Kit Siang will even bow lower and kiss Mahathir’s ring

Yesterday Kit Siang had self-praised that his own Jawi skill ‘may’ (what a weasel word!) have made him more of a Malaysian.

In the same vein, he grouped other Bangsa Malaysia instances of a Malay being more Malaysian for mastering classical Indian dance (he had in mind Ramli Ibrahim) and an Indian being more Malaysian for mastering Chinese calligraphy. The cross-racial dancer, and calligrapher, mentioned are both specific examples provided by Kit Siang himself.

Kit Siang was applauding the Malay Bharatanatyam dancer and the Indian calligrapher of Chinese script as the “more Malaysian” icons and role models.

So what’s wrong then with suggesting an Indian chap might reflect a “more Malaysian” facade for being able to speak Mandarin or paint Chinese calligraphy (applause from Dapsters here) or be willing to learn khat / joget / dikir barat, etc, etc?

Yet when the unnamed newspaper took the next step and brought Kit Siang’s weaselly virtue signaling to its logical conclusion – i.e. why not “learn Jawi to be more Malaysian” – Kit Siang immediately flip flopped and flapped about like a headless chicken, vehemently denying he ever said such a thing.

ABOVE: His multiple incarceration has left Kit Siang broken spirited and bent, hence his inability to sit ramrod straight 

Come on lah. In your media statement yesterday, you were waxing lyrical about cross-cultural endeavours. Also your yesterday‘s media statement never raised a whiff of objection to Maszlee’s move, YB Lim.

An ordinary man would certainly possess more gumption and stick by his word.

But ordinary Malaysians have not been ISA-ed like Kit Siang. Ordinary Malaysians do not have the unusual experience of learning Jawi in police captivity like Kit Siang. Assiduously learning Jawi while locked up in small, dark cell is Kit Siang’s unique lived experience.

At the same time, his ISA ordeals were surely a major factor in draining his human spirit, and making him the lily-livered, gutless DAP career politician he is today. A malleable material suitable to be made Mahathir’s running dog.


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  1. Convicted felons have been ennobled by Tan Sri-ships. Soon Malaysia’s very own No 1. Chinese Statesman will be a Tun and installed as the Gabenor of Pulau Pinang.

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