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DAP cium tangan Mahathir

… and their Beloved Tun pats the sniggering DAP on the head, saying “good boy”. Sit.

UPDATE (Aug 8):

Sin Chew responded to DAP through its op ed today titled, ‘We all could see so clearly, why couldn’t the Rocket?‘ on how the Hope party has willingly complied in the Islamization of “the last fortress” of secularism – the Chinese school.

Original post:

1. Mahathir makes solo decisions, most recently on Latheefa Koya’s appointment, Lynas and khat.

The decision to teach khat in Chinese and Tamil schools is final, Mahathir had decreed. ‘Ajar khat muktamad’ was the banner headline – below – on the Utusan front page last Sunday (Aug 4). His word is law, and DAP obediently obeys the law handed from on high.

2. Harapan is hardly a coalition of consensus. Recent controversies indicate that the party presiding in Putrajaya is under a strict one-man rule. DAP provides no check at all on Pribumi but is instead completely outbalanced by the Malay-Muslim hegemon which is Pribumi, Umno, PAS, PAN and GPS banding together.

So DAP flat out lied when they promised their rabid followers that the party would check-and-balance the Old Horse and Malay power. On the contrary, its Lim dynasty and their DAP coterie are like a traveling circus of Chinese acrobats performing painful contortions to justify Mahathir’s unilateral decisions.

BELOW: Chinese calligraphy denoting DAP and Mahathir respectively


3. Kit Siang is adamant that learning Jawi [and khat too?] made him a better Malaysian.

He also said, “a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese” and “a Chinese has not betrayed race and culture for his exquisite Jawi skill”.

His son Guan Eng picked a fight with Sin Chew because the Chinese paper opposed MOE’s introduction of khat. The DAP sec-gen and his lieutenants are supporting Mahathir’s fiat on khat and in the process, trotting out outlandish excuses that, frankly, are an insult to our intelligence.

Khat is Islamic. DAP’s longstanding propaganda on defending secularism is now proved to be another bald-faced lie.


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