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Majority want to keep Zakir Naik and deport Kit Siang

Zakir Naik is Malaysia’s Tokoh Maal Hijrah. Kit Siang is top Running Dog.

The Utusan front page below dates from more than three years ago — 20 April 2016.

Now we know.

Naik was right; Dapsters are suckers.

Hahaha, real suckers!

Comments from the long-sighted 5% Chinese (MCA, Gerakan, SUPP supporters) in social media have roundly “poked fun at the 95% Chinese voters who now regret having made the fallacious decision to support Pakatan Harapan in the general elections last May”, wrote Sin Chew Daily deputy executive editor Ho Lee Peing, who is based in Sarawak, in her op-ed yesterday.

Today Umno and PAS have formed their perpaduan ummah. Meanwhile Dapsters are choking on khat fur.

Zakir Naik, Kit Siang both sing Beloved Tun’s praises

Pak Zakir was seen as pro-Umno during the Najib administration but today he’s saying Mahathir is really the bestest – see article linked above.

Uncle Kit has been anti-Umno all his life but he has U-turned and is also saying that Umno Baru-and-Umno Baru(er) founder Mahathir is quite the best … and most Bersih leader too. Refer news report, ‘Kit Siang: I have never said Dr M was corrupt’.

QUESTION: Do you believe Kit Siang in anything?


Zakir Naik and Kit Siang have both been accused of speaking with a forked tongue.

There is however at least some truth to Zakir’s sucking up. Mahathir will indeed be recorded in Tanah Melayu history as the Great Malay Hero for his superhuman feat in diminishing the DAP just when the Chinese party appears to be on the cusp of federal power.

As our country’s 4th prime minister, Mahathir ‘suqiu-ed’ (read: karate chopped) the Chinese insurgents in 1999 which was the year of GE10. Now as the recycled 7th PM, Mahathir has again Suqiued 2.0 (read: squeezed the DAP’s gonads) the Chinese post-GE14 regime change.

TDM: Kiss my ring  /  LGE: Oh my bad feng shui bungalow without swimming pool

DAP as Mahathir’s foremost apologist and arselicker 

Kit Siang previously condemned Mahathir for affirming Malaysia as an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Mahathir’s religious fundamentalism was dubbed by Kit Siang as the “929 Declaration” and “617 Announcement” — the dates ‘929’ referring to 29th September 2001 when Mahathir made a speech at the Gerakan delegates conference and ‘617’ referring 17th June 2002 when Mahathir, speaking in parliament, had doubled down on his earlier stance.

Mahathir’s 929 Islamic state declaration was essentially his thumbing the nose at the Yanks, roughly a fortnight after the 911 terrorist attacks on New York’s twin towers. For this, Zakir Naik extols Mahathir as the only Muslim warrior who dares to stand up to the Christian west.

”No Muslim country did this except for Malaysia, Alhamdulillah,” Zakir Naik told a Malay crowd in Kelantan last night, referring to Mahathir’s war crimes tribunal that found George W. Bush and Tony Blair guilty.

Lim Kit Siang is nowadays similarly in awe of Mahathir and assiduously licking the old man’s Bata slippers.

Vying to see who can cium tangan Mahathir with more slobber

All but forgotten are Kit Siang’s many and various past condemnations of Mahathir. Kit Siang has suddenly become as quiet as a church mouse on the creeping Islamization which he used to rail against.

In fact, Kit Siang is now even going so far as to claim that his Jawi skill has made him more Malaysian. At the same time, Kit Siang is busy preaching that “a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese”.

Although Sin Chew did not mention Kit Siang by name, its editorial yesterday alluded to “a handful of DAP leaders who have openly expressed their approval” of khat being taught in Chinese schools.

BELOW: Some 33,000 netizens voted to keep Zakir Naik and to deport Kit Siang instead 

Writing on the khat controversy, Sin Chew top brass Tay Tian Yan said the will of Malaysian Chinese is being thwarted by the Harapan government that has rubbished the minority community‘s disapproval and “stubbornly forced through this largely unpopular and wicked policy”.

Sin Chew holds the entire cabinet, including its DAP top guns, responsible for the collective decision that doesn’t bother about what the Chinese community wants. “Our rights will be completely crushed in their hands before long,” lamented Tay.

In conclusion, aside from helping to completely crush the rights of the Chinese on top of declaring his everlasting love for Jawi, what else can Kit Siang do make himself more popular with Mahathir than Zakir Naik?


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