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Waiting for DAP to defend Dong Zong

To watch Astro Awani news clip in Langkawi today where Mahathir called Dong Zong “racist”, click here.

To read NST news report on dog killed with arrows yesterday in Langkawi (Mahathir’s parliament constituency), click here.

Beloved Tun slaps DAP left and right

To read Malaysiakini report where Mahathir said, “Itu dia [YB Ronnie Liu] punya pendapat. Saya punya pendapat lain. Saya tak tanya dia, sepatutnya saya tanya dia dulu sebelum saya cakap” and “Pada masa depan apabila saya nak buat keputusan saya akan tanya boleh atau tidak [YB Charles] Santiago bersetuju. Kalau dia tak bersetuju saya tak buatlah, mesti dapatkan pandangan dia kerana dia setaraf dengan saya”, click here.

Kesian DAP Adun Ronnie and DAP parliamentarian Charles, kena tempelak oleh Tun.

Vintage sarcasm from the recycled PM — ‘By right I should have asked Ronnie Liu before I spoke’ … ‘If Charles Santiago does not agree, then I won’t do it. I will get his opinion because he is equal to me”. 

Waiting for running dog Guan Eng to get his tight slap at this coming Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.


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10 thoughts on “Waiting for DAP to defend Dong Zong

  1. Helen,

    I strongly disagreed with Tun M’s statement that Dong Zhong (DZ) is racist based on the points below and would appreciate your opinion:

    1) Defending vernacular school is about protecting cultural heritage.

    2) Providing options to parents on which school to send their kids.

    3) SJKC does not prohibit non-Chinese from enrollment. As at 2016, 18% of students in SJKC comprised of non-Chinese.

    4) DZ does not oppose the existence of other streams of school, i.e. national schools, SJKT, sekolah agama, private and international schools.

    5) Vernacular schools are partially funded by government, not fully funded although the non-Malays pay income taxes just like the Malays.

    6) Vernacular schools are protected under the Education Act. How is advocating something which is legal be deemed as racist?

    7) The 60 Chinese independent high schools under the purview of DZ are all privately funded, same like any private schools and colleges. If the government allows segregation based on economic class (where parents pay own money to enroll their kids to these private institutions), how is this different from the Chinese high schools?

    1. Running dog LKS just issued a waffling press statement but evaded providing any defence for DZ.

      My opinion is that Mahathir wishes to abolish Chinese schools – this is in line with his ideology contained in Malay Dilemma – and DAP will also fail to defend the continued existence of the vernacular education system which would be under threat once the Pribumi-Umno-PAS axis takes over.

      The Malay hegemon does not accept your listed points as justification similar to how Mahathir ignores any arguments for why Malaysia ought to deport Zakir Naik.

      1. I think Tun M played the ‘khat’ card badly this time. He should be aware that PH was supported by 25% Malay, 95% Chinese and say 80% Indians in GE14. I am excluding Sabah Sarawak votes for simplicity here.

        Why introduced khat and caused PH/DAP to lose popularity? We can’t say for sure khat will sway Malay votes (from Umno + Pas) to PH come GE15 in 2023. But this will surely cause PH/DAP to lose Chinese support. On a net basis, PH will lose votes.

        If I am Tun M, I will quietly scrap the intro of Khat. After all, it was approved by BN in 2016. Scrap it and wait for anyone to ask why it was scrapped. I believe it will be much easier to justify the scrapping vs the introduction.

        Tun M needs to understand the Chinese strong sentiment on vernacular education. Just look at the number of thriving SJKCs vs the SJKT. In fact, the Indian community has no independent Tamil high school whereas the Chinese have 60 surviving such schools administered by DZ with independent syllabus, i.e. UEC (compare to mainstream SPM).

        The most important questions are:
        1) Why bother to introduce something which will not be tested, assessed or examined?
        2) Why khat is optional at SJKC but mandatory at national schools?
        3) If the Malays decided that the official writing of Bahasa language is romanised (i.e. ABC) and abandoned the Jawi writing (allowing their cultural heritage to diminish), I don’t see the justification to intro khat in SJKCs. Afterall, the Chinese didn’t romanised the Mandarin language and insisted that Chinese characters are preserved. Why introduce something which you don’t appreciate into others?

        1. Khat is a super successful political wedge issue. It’s already wreaked havoc.

          If Tun’s purpose is to ‘kena-kan’ DAP, bingo!

          1. re: If Tun’s purpose is to ‘kena-kan’ DAP, bingo!

            Exactly the problem if the intro of khat is done with political motivation.

            Why would Tun want to kenakan DAP? Afterall, DAP is in the coalition of PH. Kenakan DAP is equivalent to kenakan PH. While Tun can rely on his own PPBM, PKR and even Amanah to secure Malay votes (albeit collectively they secured a dismal 25% in GE14), only DAP can deliver the 95% Chinese votes. Tun has to understand: He is PM because mainly due to Chinese votes. If he relied on Malay votes solely, he will never be PM.

            Even if Tun wants to shore up Malay votes, he should not upset the Chinese. Then only he will have “net gain” in support. The way I see it: For sure Tun will lose Chinese votes (as admitted by LKS if election is held now, DAP will lose 30-40% votes). But who can guarantee that the loss in Chinese votes will be compensated by higher increase of Malay votes, considering the formidable partnership of Umno + Pas?

            1. It’s an impasse, like a triangular Mexican standoff.

              (1) Don’t think Mahathir can have any rapprochement with PAS but as you know, talk had been otherwise rife about Hisham acting as a go-between to Umno, plus there’s that sneak preview of the Hisham-Azmin kam cheng.

              (2) Anwar desperately trying to get the numbers to make his move.

              (3) Umno-PAS eager for snap election.

              Only in Scenario (2) are the Chinese votes vital.

              I’m opting for the likely endgame being that Malay votes can carry the day should fresh elections be called. However, if we go to the polls early, Mahathir will lose power.

              But Anwar surely wants his shot as all indications are that Mahathir won’t hand over. But like the experienced VIP pundits have been warning, the power play escalation is reaching dangerous levels.

              But one thing for sure, it’s the end of the road for Chinese,

  2. Haha.. dulu masa PAS dan UMNO gabung DApig kata Melayu istihar perang dgn Cina. Sekarang Mahathir kata DZong racist..apakata kalau Dapig, LKS dan LGE pula kata Melayu Parti Bersatu istihar perang para Cina. Ni yg aku nak dengar..hi hi

  3. Good move by Tun M! First stay quiet and pretend nothing happened when guan eng give off-budget money to private chinese school. Now he’s playing his tune by labelling defender of the chinese education as racist. Who are those schools to protest Tun M? Want SPRM to investigate for receiving misallocated money? Dong Zong rasist, D4P support Dong Zong, double rasist. Chinese school support Dong Zong, support D4P; triple rasist!

    1. Put khat issue aside …i m not interested at all bcoz i ve no issue with almost all of my chinese mates although i can bet all of them support dap…

      Say whatever u wanna say, dap has clearly crossed the line….khat issue is petty ….u chinese fanatics are thinking that the malay silent majority in pas n umno have no balls…u guys have been provoking islam very badly of late

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