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‘Allah’ Bible in Jawi?

From the cabinet meeting today, we learn that the DAP federal ministers agree and endorse Jawi lessons for all pupils.

Council of Churches Malaysia general-secretary Herman Shastri had earlier wanted clarification on whether the Bible is allowed to use ‘Allah’ word — see FMT article last week (Aug 8).


’“Bible verses in beautiful khat“ — Segamat MP  (read HERE)

’Christian religious materials in Jawi’  (read HERE)



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2 thoughts on “‘Allah’ Bible in Jawi?

  1. Cabinet has decided:
    1) Khat will be changed to Jawi in Year 4 Bahasa lesson (3 pages).
    2) Optional for vernacular schools.
    3) Mandatory for national schools.
    4) Not examinable.

    The impact as below:
    a) No vernacular schools will teach Jawi.
    b) For national schools, it will be skipped or taught in a mediocre manner.
    c) Non-Malays will further avoid national schools.
    d) Jawi script will continue to be sidelined as the official Bahasa language script is romanised.

    Why even bother to introduce Jawi at the first place?

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