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LMAO! … DAP dead ducked by Zakir Naik

It’s a maverick move against hopeless, helpless DAP in the three-dimensional political chess now being played.

My favourite current MP, Charles Santiago, has found himself a hapless pawn in the game. The outspoken YB Klang has just had an audacious police report lodged against him by Zakir Naik. (Santiago is really one of our better elected reps in the mould of PSM’s sterling Dr Jeya.)

His DAP colleagues – Human Resources Minister Kula, Penang DCM II Rama and Bagan Dalam Adun Satees Muniandy – have also police reports lodged against them by Zakir; as has a fifth individual, former ambassador Dennis the Evangelist.

The four YBs from DAP and the unrelated fifth wheel are all Indians.

Earlier on 9 May 2019, I had blogged, ‘One year on, wasn’t I right to vote BN?’ I began my post with the following sentence: “I’m just going to discuss one issue: The intersection of race and religion in the Zakir Naik controversy“ and relating it to Mahathir’s “warm hand clasp of ZN”.

The sole “one issue” I’d then chosen to focus on in my first anniversary review of New Malaysia was Zakir Naik. It was because I was sensitive to, and sympathetic of the minority Indians and Hindus. Can’t say the same though about a majority of the 95 percent Chinese who remained indifferent as long as Zakir did not target their own ethnicity.

This latest development of Zakir micro targeting the YB quartet, however, indicates that DAP Indians have at least shown some fightback whereas the DAP Chinese preferred to duck their chickenshit head like the proverbial ostrich burying itself in sand.


Well, the squeaky wheel gets the grease — an American idiom conveying the idea that the most noticeable ‘problem’ gets first attention, in this case drawing negative attention from Zakir and his powerful backers in dealing with their (the Indians’) dissidence.

Regular blog reader ‘Surrhead’ had responded to my 9 May 2019 Harapan milestone post, mentioned above, with his comment: “ZN is the least of our problem”.

Granted that three months (+one week) ago in May, Zakir was not yet the make-or-break wedge issue for Harapan. So how did he blow up to become such a wrecking ball? The audacity of him! Like I said, it’s his backers.

DAP silent as church mice, Zakir Naik roaring away like tiger

Why is that?

MPs and Aduns given the DAP gag order – see Malaysiakini story tweeted above – are its second-tier leadership. The news portal had sighted an internal memo wherein Kit Siang urged his party MPs and Aduns to “consult” the DAP politburo over their grievances before mouthing off in public.

Clearly DAP at its head has been castrated and trained to only wait for crumbs from its master’s table. Thus neutered, the DAP lapdog lost both its bark and bite in contrast to Zakir Naik who each day is grown increasingly brazen.

If the party’s second tier have been effectively gagged, then even quieter still are those enjoying their perch at the top of the compromised leadership. They’re the DAP ministers, deputy ministers as well as party apparatchiks in Putrajaya, such as Tony ‘Finance Ministry’ Pua, who “are in office to serve the people”.

Err, “in office not because of the perks and privileges”. Or so Kit Siang disclaimed yesterday. But these DAP running dogs in the Mahathir kennel oversee the hundreds of million, and billions, ringgit federal annual budget parked under their respective cabinet ministries.

Post regime change, the DAP dynasty and eunuchs have happily hopped on the gravy train. Only thing though, Mahathir is in full control of the locomotive’s engine room.

The frustrated Chinese ground – who are getting nothing, not even chicken feed – can only throw rotten eggs at the Deputy Education Minister’s service centre in Kulai.

BELOW: “Sempadan negara bukan penghalang mereka berperanan sebagai Sang Pencerah Alam”

Muslim brotherhood transcends national borders

In the segment above, I theorized as to why DAP has become emasculated. Next is my theory on why Zakir Naik is being emboldened.

PAS has come out strongly in defence of Zakir Naik, firmly backing Mahathir in the matter of protecting the Mumbai-mari preacher — “PAS sangat menghargai ketegasan YAB Perdana Menteri dalam isu ini”.

Doubling down on the controversy, PAS president Hadi Awang cautioned in his statement yesterday, “Saya tegaskan bahawa isu Dr Zakir Naik jangan sampai melanggar lampu isyarat berwarna merah”.

Hadi even threw the weight of his million-strong perpaduan ummah behind Mumbai Man, declaring: “lebih sejuta ahli PAS tidak mengizinkan Dr Zakir Naik dibiarkan sahaja dan percayalah bahawa bersama kami juga umat Islam daripada pelbagai parti dan NGO yang peka”.

This zinger from Hadi – “Jangan merempuh apabila lampu merah menyala, kerana hak persaudaraan Islam itu mengatasi warganegara dan merentasi sempadan negara dan bangsa. Inilah hakikatnya, bukannya menghasut” – received an alarmed airplay in the English-language media.

Malaysiakini translated the ‘don’t-beat-red-light’ warning by Hadi as follows: “the rights of the Muslim brotherhood surpasses citizenship, and transcends national borders and race. This is fact, not incitement” — click below.

A day before Hadi vented on the Zakir issue, the PAS president had this to say:

”Tidak cukup dengan sedikit kejayaan permainan politik mereka, kini bersuara pula mahu menelan agama Islam yang berjasa kepadanya dan hendak pula membunuh bahasa kebangsaan yang menjadi jiwa bangsa ini dan menenggelamkan bangsa dengan teori ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.

“Maka akhirnya bukan sekadar diberi betis hendak paha, bahkan naik ke atas kepala dan mahu menelan seluruh badan. Ketahuilah bahawa kesabaran itu ada batasnya.”

We can discern that Hadi Awang’s laksana-diberi-betis-mahukan-paha reminder above is directed at DAP.

Umno’s reaction has been more mixed and muted but some of its prominent leaders have inclined to supporting Zakir. Overall, the Umno-PAS ‘Muslim brotherhood’ are on the same page.

The pressure on DAP from the Malay-Muslim polity is certainly piling up. Pitted against Zakir’s popularity, DAP is daily more and more reviled, ref. ‘Majority want to keep Zakir Naik and deport Kit Siang’ (read HERE).

Boy Minister Syed Saddiq – viewed by many as Mahathir’s proxy or mouthpiece – recently made some disapproving noises about Zakir which could be a clue.

At this stage of play, grandmaster Mahathir is holding the trump card and he’s several moves ahead in the game. Expect the maestro to checkmate DAP soon.


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  1. If we keep Lynas’ rubbish in Malaysia, we are morally obliged to keep other rubbish too.

    Since few can understand the chap’s lingo (Hindglish?), he can hardly do much harm (or good).

    Just watch the video, if you can understand the chap or understand his sign or body language, your English and communication skill must be rubbish too!

    We have a good load of rubbish politicians in gomen too, one more rubbish on two legs for our country won’t make any further difference.

    1. “you got smart fone??? part of Lynas’ rubbish”

      Yes, I’ve got smart phones – in fact many of them, I buy new ones every few months too. I buy the phones, I don’t buy the rubbish created as a result of making them.

      I eat good food, I keep the nutrients, I expel the rubbish, the sh*t in other nice word.

      Do you treasure that rubbish, want to keep that in your pocket or in the house instead of sending it out of the house, maybe to Australia?

      The rubbish preacher is not only an ugly weird rubbish preacher nobody else wants, he also spouts excessive rubbish – in rubbish bizarre longkang sarabat stall language.

      Fakir is only one creature, just one more who can help drink our palm oil industry to prosperity, if we continue treasure rubbish of the worst kinds here.

      Rather than pay for his oil palm consumption, why not send him back to India where he can make many many Indians happy. The Indians would not only rejoice by drinking plenty of our palm oil, they would revive our very poor palm oil sale there?

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