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Zakir Naik is DAP problem, not MCA nor MIC’s

Why the “deafening silence” from MCA and MIC on the matter of Zakir Naik, asked a letter headlined ‘The great pretense of MCA, MIC’ recently in Malaysiakini.

Isn’t silence from MCA president Wee Ka Siong and MIC president S. Vigneswaran a sign of their agreement with Umno sec-gen Annuar Musa, asked Lim Thian Piau in his Aug 17 letter (see link in tweet below) to the news portal.

Their silence in the face of the attempt by Annuar to burnish his Islamic credentials by coming to Zakir’s defence is a “fine example of these parties’ opportunistic streak”, added Lim. The real deafening silence is actually the empty space between Lim Thian Piau‘s ears — a man who is still stuck in the pre-regime change, noughties (2000s) time warp.

Can Lim really be that clueless as to believe it is MCA and MIC who are guilty of a “great pretense”? Surely it’s DAP that is the great pretender!

DAP’s donkey followers flex their muscle

Firstly, Umno is out of power and not in control of the federal government. Furthermore, Umno is leading only two state governments – Perlis and Pahang – out of our country’s 14. What does Lim expect Umno to be able to do about Zakir?

Secondly, MCA and MIC are today quite irrelevant with each party now having a mere single elected representative in parliament. Their MPs are Wee Ka Siong and M. Saravanan respectively. Why does Lim even bother expecting the two mosquito parties to check and balance Umno which still has 38 MPs remaining?

If anything, it is the ex-Umno MPs (13 of them) currently in Pribumi whom Lim ought to call upon the DAP to check. In fact, there are more Umno frogs in Pribumi than there were candidates originally on the Pribumi ticket who won their seats on the 9 May 2018 election night.

BELOW: The sight of DAP members “mewling in the corner does not look good” is the sound advice given by Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan

Thirdly, Lim alleged that Zakir “had run down the Chinese and Indians”.

DAP Indians – namely Rama, Kula, Santiago and Satees Muniandy – had stood up to Zakir. This DAP quartet of YBs even cover all the religious bases — ranging from Hindu to Christian to Sikh.

Instead of whining about Wee Ka Siong’s supposed silence, why does not Lim urge the rest of DAP’s 31 (I’m excluding perpetual tin kosong Lim Kit Siang) Chinese MPs to break their own “deafening silence” to speak up on behalf of their fellow Malaysian Chinese in this matter of Zakir Naik.

Fourth and lastly, Lim accuses Umno as being the party “which is fond of stoking racial-religious sentiments”.

The latest politician to do this stoking is Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof who has dug his heels in on the complaint that the Malays conceded too much to the “racists” — see news report tweeted above.

This ‘Flying Car’ minister handpicked to join the Mahathir cabinet is a Pribumi (not Umno) man.

Anyway this morning, Zakir Naik issued “an apology to everyone who feels hurt” because of their misunderstanding of him. He’s said sorry, so no more problem (see breaking news above). 

He moreover clarified, “It has been my mission to spread peace throughout the world.”

All is good. Nothing more to see. Move along.

Zakir Naik claims he’s not a racist

In his apology this morning, Zakir said that he is not racist and his remarks were “used selectively with fabrications added to them”.

There! It’s the ostensible fabricators who are at fault then.

Case closed. Zakir Naik is not a racist.

It’s Dong Zong who are the real racists, according to Mahathir (ref. Bernama article below). 

Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin, who is a supporter of Zakir, called on Malaysians to sign the petition demanding a ban on Dong Zong. He agrees with Mahathir that Dong Zong is racist.

The youth wing of Mahathir’s Pribumi party had launched an online petition last week insisting on Dong Zong’s ban.

In the Malay mind, the label ‘Dong Zong’; is linked confusingly with the DAP.

BELOW: Front page of PAS newspaper ‘Harakah’ reporting the Islamist party agrees with Mahathir that Dong Zong is racist

Malay commenters online rant at DAPigs, at the biaDAP Chinese and DAP laknatullah. Such ‘Dapigs’ and ‘biadab’ name-calling specifically implicates the DAP. Note that there’s no equivalent custom-tailored “DAPpigs” taunt or “biaDAP” insult which are similarly directed to, or eponymous with, the MCA.

‘DAP’, on the other hand, has turned into a code word for the Chinese collective who are Mahathir’s little running dog.

In fact, DAP running dogs encourage the Chinese to identify wholly with their tiny chihuahua party, and their party only. During the last election campaign, DAP had strongly urged Chinese voters to annihilate MCA and Gerakan by giving the two BN components a “duck’s egg”.

Hence it is pointless for the “rakyat Malaysia yang belum Muslim” to blame MCA for keeping quiet when Umno defends Zakir. It will be more to the point to ask DAP why they’re quiet when Pribumi embraces Zakir.


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4 thoughts on “Zakir Naik is DAP problem, not MCA nor MIC’s

  1. Helen,

    Tun M made an error in labeling Dong Zong as racist based on the latter’s rejection of Jawi being made mandatory in vernacular chinese schools.

    See the enrollment facts as presented in the Education Blueprint (, page 203 / 292.

    “For example, at the primary school level, 94% of enrolment at SKs are Bumiputera students, 88% of enrolments at SJKCs are ethnically Chinese students, and 100% of enrolments at SJKTs are ethnically Indian students.”

    In terms of multi-ethnicity of new enrollment, SJKC is more racially diverse compare to SK (national schools).

    How can Dong Zhong be racist?

  2. It is abundantly clear that DAP which replaced MCA is powerless to deport the firebrand.

  3. It should be the main task of those “God-fearing” in the DAP (since they are otherwise totally useless in gomen) to demand the deportation of Fakir back to India.

    We used to hear no end of those selectively pious and religious in the DAP spouting their holy stuff, comes the time they should crawl out from under the slimy rock they are now most quietly hiding to do the good work in protecting the Christians, the Chinese – and even all Malaysians, from the foul and filthy, our “defenders of the Faith” – and even all Malaysia, are nowhere to be seen!

    How (lah!) can those in the DAP ever be trusted again to protect its vote bank the Chinese, “old guests” of Malaysia according to the Fakir?

    It is time the “old guests” wake up, throw the DAP out – not just throw eggs at the party of the self-castrated no-longer-ceaselessly-barking limping running dogs!

    The Orang Aslis should not look to Uncle Lim Il Siong to get citizenship for them, anymore, the “older guests” who depended on Taiko Lim for protection can only see him as a dog good only for whining on behalf of the ugly weird religious charlatan.

    So it is good riddance to bad rubbish, the DAP too!

  4. Zakir Naik says “You eat pig, and you behave like pig.”

    But as it is like the double-talking you find among the “dawah” types eg. in London’s Hyde Park.

    “It is the ‘context’ ” the shifty ones love to say.

    In the video we hear the Fakir running down the “Westerners” for their pork eating. Fakir didn’t say nothing about nobody else who eats pork.

    And even though the Chinese eat pork, nothing is said about them in this instance, in this “context”. It is not about Arabs eating camels or Arabs or whoever else drinking camel urine. It is not about Hindus not eating cows either.

    It is only about “Westerners” eating pork – and “behaving like pigs” as a result.

    The Chinese can eat as much pork as they like, they won’t become “like pigs”, they remain as intelligent, and do not “behave like pigs”.

    I won’t give a fig to what the ugly rabble-rouser spouts, it is struggle trying to get what the creature is saying (you can’t really understand him in any “context”!), his Hinglish (?) is worse than Malaysian Manglish. And you can’t understand his paw gestures either – he looks like he is making a roti canai all the time.

    Whatever it is the shifty double-talker is spouting or not spouting, we don’t need to spare him any time, nor have to give him any royalty status as a fugitive from law.

    What is so very wrong with our very own preachers that we need to be bothered about harbouring an ugly and noisy and problematic fugitive?

    Are our preachers so useless that we need import a creature many countries see as trash and ban?

    Have some of our preachers no faith in themselves, and no faith in their Faith? And they have to almost worship a mere mortal in order to have “faith”?

    Are some of us so weak in their faith that they need just about anything to help make them feel good – and maybe boost their fragile ego?

    Or is it that the Fakir spouting nonsense but good at stirring the brown stuff would be most useful in helping push some “supremacist” rubbish?

    Of all things, why is it that Fakir has to bring up the Chinese – regardless of whether they be “guests” of any sort? Aren’t there plenty to preach from his religion without having to bring up any Chinese or any Indian?

    Fakir has been running down Christians all over the place, why is it that our “defenders of the Faith” in the DAP not standing up to defend Christianity, never mind the Chinese “guests” of Malaysia?

    Fakir’s apology now is nothing but another bunch of dishonest dishonourable shifty talk, “context” my holy ass!

    Why not Malaysians quietly practise their faith, work on themselves, by themselves, cut out all the holy crap, no need for any foreign preacher, no need to have anything to do with any external “help” or cheap ego-boost, no need to hear more unbelievable rubbish of any shifty non-apology?

    If I need to know about a religion, Fakir would be exactly the very kind of “circus monkey” that would put me off even wanting to listen to anything about any religion. And I don’t need to end up having any nice opinion of bin Laden either – in the “context” of that vile creature, he had every right to indulge in his senseless slaughter of the innocent?

    Now, its first the “Westerner” pork-eaters, would the Chinese be spared?

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