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It’s time Dapsters were honest with themselves

We’re 10 days away from celebrating the 62nd anniversary of Hari Merdeka.

And Dong Jiao Zong plus some segments of DAP are busy trying to save Chinese pupils from Jawi and khat.

Cukup kelakar to see all these heroic efforts at saving Malaysia from each other.

BELOW: Jeng, jeng, jeng … a khat-astrophe awaits


Before GE14, the DAP promised to #saveMalaysia.

They said they would do this by kicking out Umno and bringing back Mahathir.

DAP also said they would save Malaysia by stopping Lynas — see the party sec-gen holding anti-Lynas placard below.

Mahathir, however, has not stopped Lynas but chosen to green light the plant.

The Emperor makes unilateral decisions which his eunuchs then quickly kowtow to.

Guan Eng had once described Lynas as “nuclear”, “radioactive” and just waiting to “explode”. Now that Mahathir is A-okay with Lynas, the plant is no longer nuclear, radioactive nor going to explode. 

Little running dog DAP is all happy happy smile smile sIutting in the old man’s lap.

Mahathir is really like the Old Man of the Sea. And Dapsters are actually like a zombie army.

Irony indeed. Because it is none other than DAP that has brought back the Old Man – a fabled character encountered by Sinbad the Sailor – to climb piggyback onto Putrajaya, grip its neck in a stranglehold and refuse to either let go or ever climb down.

Yet hordes of brain dead Cina DAP still want to defend their Beloved Tun tooth and nail fang and claw.

BELOW: This is now … Last time Dapsters were truly convinced that exposure to Lynas ‘radioactivity’ would turn Malaysians into green-scaled mutants


Umno and PAS too promise to #saveMalaysia. PAS really hates the DAP. So does Umno. Presumably the Umno-PAS combo will save Malaysia by kicking out DAP.

The two Malay-Muslim parties will hold mega rallies in KL to save Malaysia, just like Bersih once did.

Bersih’s series of mammoth rallies had helped to topple the BN gomen. Umno-PAS’s street protests should similarly help topple the Harapan regime soon.

Old Man Opposition becomes new gomen lapdog

Kit Siang recently admitted that post GE14, Malaysians have become more polarized rather than united.

Over the past 15 months, he said, some dangerous but unnamed threats “pit race against race, religion against religion to destroy the ‘Save Malaysia’ mission”.

BELOW: “Appreciating khat” … Kit Siang claimed also that learning the exquisitely beautiful Jawi didn’t make him less Chinese but instead made him more Malaysian

Kit Siang said despite all this race-religion pitting, Malaysia could nonetheless be saved and become “a model plural nation of unity, freedom, justice, excellence and integrity”.

All we have to do is follow the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia model.

This would guarantee us rising above the mutual “fear, distrust, suspicion and hate of other races and religions”, and instead turning our country into a “haven of mutual trust and appreciation of each other’s different ethnic, cultural and religious identities”.

Hallelujah! Amen, brother Bangsa Malaysia.

What kind of people can hate on khat?

Prof. Datuk Dr Teo Kok Seong feels that the hate fest against khat, including an offensive outburst by DAP Kepong Christian MP Lim Lip Eng, reflects an aspect of the failure in nation building.

In a live evening programme on Aug 9 – see above, Facebook entry Analisis Bersama Finaz Yunus – the UKM professor said the recent brouhaha telegraphed “satu aspek kegagalan pembentukan negara bangsa”.

“Setelah 62 tahun, kita menghasilkan manusia Malaysia yang macam mana …”, Prof. Teo told TV AlHijrah, a broadcast media operated by Jakim.

He said these strangers in a strange land were quite oblivious “dan mereka marah kalau dipanggil pendatang sebab mereka kata mereka sudah empat keturunan di sini”.

He said their detachment “memperlihatkan tidak ada rasa keterikatan kepada negara ini. They don’t belong to this country”.

A short clip of Teo’s panel discussion with AlHijrah’s Finaz can be viewed below.


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