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Padan muka Dapsters, hidup Tun4eva!

Mahathir’s Wonderboy Ministry appointed 14 state sports development coordinators, effective yesterday.

13 of the 14 appointees are from Pribumi’s youth wing.

The only exception is in Sarawak where Pribumi has yet to have party branches.

BELOW: Not even one from DAP? “This is worse than 90:10 matric fiasco” — Donplaypuks

When the DAP deputy sports minister was asked about it, he merely meowed “CAT” — Competency. Accountability. Transparency.

And there I was thinking that DAP was a running d-o-g.

I’m getting a truckload of popcorn, Coke and salt (to rub it in). Malaysian movies have never been this hilarious and I’ve never been so entertained in my life.


It’s a priceless year-long film festival for us of blockbuster comedies starring DAP as A-list clowns. I’m lovin’ it.


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One thought on “Padan muka Dapsters, hidup Tun4eva!

  1. It is unfair to say the DAP has no place among those appointees.

    The DAP is just too busy actively preparing for the only sport they know.

    That of the running dogs.

    They would field in their big army of testicle-free canines for any running dog event.

    At least for sport, they will triumph as also-ran running dogs.

    Some would say it would be barking mad for the DAP to also-run as losers getting nowhere very fast these days.

    But then the DAP ain’t barking no more.

    No bark and no bite.

    Only meaning in existence is to be very quiet ultra-loyal servile running dogs.

    Life is such a bitch for the DAP…

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