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New Malaysia, sponsored by DAP

BELOW: Balik Tongsan is that direction

We’re only four months (+one week) to finally realizing Mahathir’s Vision 2020.

Are Malaysians going to have affordable flying car, flying horse or motorbike ride sharing (see cabinet decision, video below). 

Btw, it looks like Zakir Naik is going to be here with us to enjoy the fireworks this coming New Year’s Eve.


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2 thoughts on “New Malaysia, sponsored by DAP

  1. At the fast rate the DAP is going – or rather not going – and definitely not being effectual as anything other than fast running running dogs, I already feel like I am a Malaysian “old guest” Uighur with the DAP’s bogus “concern” for the Chinese.

    The DAP appears to be a bunch of winged whores powered by radioactivity courtesy of Lynas, and manufactured by The Turd Car Company, staffed by incompetent “engineers” with crap qualification from our crap “education” outfits.

    And managed by our famous kampong comedians with half- or no qualifications!

    The DAP is such a blooming bunch of liars, we can replace Lynas’ “radioactivity” with the DAP’s radioactive lies.

    The DAP can then be called the Turd Lynas, or otherwise Lies-R-Us!

    It’s “2020 Vision” alright!

    With cocked eyes stuffed in radioactive numb skulls!

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