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Syed Saddiq’s critics must love their enemy and turn the other cheek

It’s the Christian thing to do.

Zakir Naik has ‘apologized’. So Syed Saddiq rightly telegraphs ‘you’re forgiven, my brother and welcome to the fold’. It is the ‘love your neighbour’ thing to do.

To the DAP running dogs, please learn to extend your ‘Peace & Love’ too to PAS (and Pribumi’s) favourite Muslim preacher.

Why DAP is only chihuahua sized 

Mahathir appointed this budak setahun jagung from his own party to cabinet and now Malaysia’s youngest ever minister has the clout to slam you (parents against khat in vernacular schools) as “bodoh sombong” — see Syed Saddiq’s latest tweet below.

I can agree with the “bodoh” part of Saddiq’s description. Memang bodoh bukan kepalang! Stupid is as stupid does, so the Chinese are getting and fully deserve what they voted 95% for.

Putting a bow on M’sia Baru groupthink

Kah kah kah, welcome to the new normal in New Malaysia. The breaking news article titled ‘Minister labels groups ‘bodoh sombong’ for threatening school boycott’ is fast attracting a record-breaking number of comments in Malaysiakini. 

In this morning‘s Malaysiakini Top 5 most commented articles – see screenshot below – all the newsmaking politicians were ministers from Mahathir’s party.

Topping the list with 465 comments is the report headlined ‘Syed Saddiq hosts dinner for Zakir, says ‘let’s move on”, followed by ‘No deportation of Zakir Naik for now – Mahathir’ with 318 comments.

‘Malays have conceded too much to “racists”, minister reiterates stand” is the fourth most commented Malaysiakini story currently and involving the Flying Car minister from Pribumi.

Lastly, Syed Saddiq makes a second appearance in the Top 5 for courting Zakir Naik (picture below). The hate preacher was invited to dine at the Boy Minister’s home; an invitation that is unlikely to be extended to the Dapster hordes that fought bloody fang and claw to install Harapan in Putrajaya.

But still, why so angry at the boy? Where’s your love? Practise what you preach lah.

Pribumi much more virulent than Umno

Chinese voters thought themselves so clever to have kicked out Umno – regime changing the old Malay party for this new Malay party.

For the record, Umno’s boy wonder Khairy was 37 years old when he was made the Youth and Sports Minister in 2013, by which time he had already served five years as YB in parliament.

Comparatively Mahathir’s Wonderboy was gifted his Youth and Sports portfolio at an age a full dozen years younger than KJ and furthermore with Syed Saddiq coming into cabinet as a freshman MP with zero experience in parliament.

And KJ, at least, is a ‘real’ Oxford graduate whereas Syed Saddiq is only being touted as Oxford potential.

I was under the impression that Chinese had disliked Mahathirism 1.0. Yet they have ushered in Mahathirism 2.0 with all the enthusiasm of a Second Coming. Hallelujah!

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5 thoughts on “Syed Saddiq’s critics must love their enemy and turn the other cheek

  1. Why is the DAP meek and mild in POWER when it was all fury and tongs in Opposition ? This scenario is eerie like a ghost haunted house in Disneyland. Something is cooking or wrong somewhere ? What had been said by the flagless DAP are like shooting green peas out of a gun. Nothing relevant.. The DAP behaviour of meek and mild is exactly like that of the Hong Kong folk of 1982 and now they pay for their insouciance in spades. Take the case of the meek and mild HK folks who are now led by a similar type of troublemakers, detractors, naysayers, bad hats and morons). In 1982 they left all negotiations to the British who played them out by being Perfidious Albion in not seeking a UN Guarantee to ensure the 1982 Agreement would be adhered to .Both China and Britain were aware of today’s events as practitioners of World Power. At that time the HK folk had a Martin Lee (a similar fellow in M’sia) who squawked a lot but nothing came out of his hot air. And now this sad conundrum of seeking Democracy after the deal was signed, sealed and delivered over 24 years ago. Stupid

  2. Boy Minister seems to have the same disease, flip-flopping, lack of genuine conviction, that is common among the “chosen ones”, the “sons of the soil”, by which I don’t mean the Orang Aslis, the grotesquely marginalised and conveniently and shamelessly ignored true “sons of the soil”. According to Taiko Lim Il Sung, they are even yet to get their citizenship before being told to balik their land, “guest” what?!

    While the rest of us are mostly able to hold on to our word, our honour, we seem to experience a lot of double-talking, double-dealing, shifty, slippery, “forked-tongued man”, sneaky behaviour among our righteous – or riotous.

    Like those doing their “dawah” in Europe (watch the pathological doubletalkers and liars on YouTube, search Hyde Park, search “Christian Prince”), what they say or what they say their scriptures say, are never quite you think they are saying. Worse still, if you are not a “certified” one of them (warped?), they are permitted to lie to you, to deceive you.

    Our friends try to get away with everything when they are caught, trapped by their own words. They drop the word “context” and try to slither away by seemingly appearing to say what they said was not quite what they said, your level of understanding is not quite up to scratch, your ability with eg. English, Hinglish, gibberish, forked-tongued talk not quite up to it.

    I have nothing against Islam or the proselytising of it. I have plenty of Muslim friends, none of whom are arrogant, loud, brash, self-righteous – or have a big chip on their shoulder – and the need to slag off everyone else to feel and look “superior”. In other countries, the Middle East, Bosnia, North Africa, etc – and Sarawak and Sabah, Muslims, those I know and do not, dutifully show respect to me (a Chinese, and agnostic) and ask their folks to do the same to me.

    Many countries couldn’t care less about our dear Fakir and his “explanations”, excuses, further double-talk, “forked-tongue man” speak for his very obvious snake language and snake behaviour – they ban him and even his broadcast outright, not a chance for the snake to hang around or eve slither away from anything.

    Not so it seems, with those among us professing to have their one true religion. They need a rabble-rouser to run down others’ faiths and beliefs to make them feel good, and to make them feel more secure and adequate about themselves. It seems to feel good, to look good, to profess faith, all you need is to hear and do a lot of running down of others about their race and their religion.

    There’s plenty in any religion that teaches respect for others, why does race and other people’s religion come into anything? If we talk about the Chinese, Islam came to China centuries before it came here, Chinese Islamic scholars were and are very well-respected all the way to the Middle-East. Arab and Persian Islamic preachers went all the way to China, and some Chinese Muslim missionaries were and are still revered as “saints” in Indonesia.

    It seems some feel our mullahs are not good enough, the imported version is much better. It kind of reminds one that we need an elderly angmoh woman to fight our corner against Najib, to get us freedom, to get our “stolen money” back, to end corruption – and everything else.

    We, or some of us as really that bleeding useless!

    The weakness of some of us is such that even an almost-Oxford, two-bit, inexperienced politician, flip-flopping girly attention-seeking upstart can brazenly con us by saying one thing one day, and another thing totally opposite after he’s met the Devil! Slippery Saddick even dare to tell us, those who have been deeply offended (like he once was about his “Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters”) to simply get shafted and simply to accept that – and to forget about it, move on!

    Just what’s so sexy about the Fakir that can so move a seeming pondan sissy who should be out there or on his mini-throne or ministerial stool to protect and defend us. Why does he con us one day by saying he defends us, maybe “feel your pain”, the next day he shafts us by saying he is on the Fakir’s side?

    Why is it that we cannot simply tell the Fakir to fcuk off, deport him back to India? If the Fakir has the faith, if his deity is “the Greatest”, he should simply present himself in front of his detractor, after all, his deity would protect him, damn his detractors, they will surely go to Hell and be punished. Wouldn’t being a brave and true soul be more appealing to the nons than making a lot of aggravating and divisive noise in any funnyspeak (Hinglish?!)?

    It seems too, with those among us with weak conviction of faith among the other religions, the “God-fearing Christians” in the DAP, otherwise evangelical crusaders, “defenders of the Faith” and of the Chinese are totally fearful of “facing the lions” to fight and protect the rest of us from some racist religious bigot rabble-rouser.

    Before the last election, it was all talk about “saving Malaysia”. Now our favourite DAP wonders are all silent – and nowhere to be found outside Hell! Clearly their silence is consent, the DAP clearly sold out the Chinese and others as they very cheaply sold out their devil souls.

    Our country seems to be a weird place where the majority appears to be afraid of the minority, and play the “victim”. And our DAP “champions”, after the election, are suddenly terrified of defending the “victim”, the minorites, the “nons” of the country!

    Are the Chinese in Malaysia trying to save face by being quiet about being made suckers by the Lim Lynasty, they voted in the DAP, they felt great after that – and very soon after that, the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us operators simply ignore them, let them be further shafted by the “powers” (a particular tiny minority in gomen)?

    Is this a replay of Song Jiang in the Water Margin, soon as he was given a little bit of power, showed his true colour, turned every bit the same as the corrupt tyrant he enticed his friends to fight all along. For many decades Song Jiang Taiko Uncle Lim whipped the Chinese into a frenzy against his erstwhile mortal enemy, the Snake Pharaoh, Soon as he was permitted to clean the toilet of the Evil One, Taiko Lynasty Lies-R-Us told us he’s waved the magic wand, played “God” and “forgiven” the Evil One!

    The sucker Chinese DAP voters duly accepted the great snake-talk of the snake-diseased Taiko Lynasty Lies-R-Us, wafted around telling themselves and all the Snake Pharaoh was “forgiven”, all is fine and dandy, vote for Pakatan.

    Well, the Chinese got properly shafted for swallowing the snake oil, and believing the impossible.

    The Chinese are just too busy these days fuming with rage against their deity Taiko and the DAP Lies-R-Us machine for being made fcuking moron mugs of – as they are hiding their dejected big faces they were and are nicely and roundedly shafted by the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us.

    And the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us machinery are also too busy hiding themselves from those who were conned into voting them, the Chinese and everyone else!

    The Chinese voters of the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine jolly well deserves to be shafted by even this little pipsqueak girly attention-seeking wonder flip-flopping Saddick. Little Saddick is every bit like his forked-tongue boss, says one thing one time, and another thing the next… never ever meaning anything at any time, what snake oil peddlars!

    In Europe, there are those who call slippery talk, the talk of the “Subcontinent”. That may be somewhat racist, but that’s enough for the angmohs to tell the ugly Fakir to fcuk off, no time for his devious doubletalking. There are those in Singapore fond of saying the line “If you see an Indian and a snake…”, you know the rest, but some say that is rather racist too. Well, Singapore has no fondness for the Fakir, bans the ugly rabble-rouser, never mind his “explanations”, just the same.

    Well, you can say the two “chosen ones”, our famous Snake Pharoah and our “Boy Wonder” baby snake debating champion make good amigos for that Indian snake oil double-talking Fakir, debating is full of doubletalk, twisting and warping of what you or your opponent say or don’t say… good luck to the three amigos, a class act!

    I think I get a lot of salt in that Buddhist saying that goes something like everything has its cause and effect, you get what you ask for, …live with that. I would enjoy rubbing it in on our Chinese, you voted in the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us Machine, you begged for it, you got it. And you deserve it! So live with that, Amen!

    Unless some wake up, own up to being conned, and spend a few kiasu sens and shower the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us Machine with eggs, organic, free-range, and otherwise, you find it less comfortable hiding from the public and staying silent like the ultra-thick-skinned Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us Machine – you blooming kampong morons were the Wongs going around telling everyone else to “Save Malaysia, think of your children’s future!” by voting the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us Machine.

    Well, it looks very much like the Chinese will have no “future” and even less their children! With friends like the Lim Lynasty and DAP Lies-R-Us Machine, who needs worse enemies?

    If you think I am laughing like crazy as I write this, rather, rubbing it in, you are damn right, I am – and enjoying it tremendously too!

    Now, since none of you has found the voice to whack across the baby bottom of Little Saddick, I have here a video which should be titled “Zakir Naik Shames Ahmed Deedat!”!

  3. Ha Ha Helen. You hit right on the dot. The adherents of “love your enemy, turn your your other cheek, give your cloak” religion should be the last person to ask Zakir Naik expulsion from Malaysia. They should practised what they believed and preached.

    “To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also. And from him who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either.” Luke 6:29
    “Give to everyone who asks of you. And from him who takes away your goods do not ask them back”. Luke 6:30

    Instead of pushing the government to expel Zakir Naik; they should pray for Zakir Naik to be converted to Christianity, perhaps engage Zakir Naik and debate with him. It will be a bountiful booty for Christianity if they can convinced Zakir Naik to be converted. After all Zakir did posed many challenges in his debate with Christians, if they can show one unequivocal statement from Jesus in the bible that Jesus said himself that he is God and he did ask his followers to worship him.I believe the challenge is still on.

    It will be very interesting if an open debate can be held. Most non Muslims in Malaysia will like for Muslims to open up their close mind and willing to consider other religion.Likewise we Muslim also like other non Muslims to consider Islam .After all; our belief with Christianity and Judaism is almost similar except that part believing in Jesus. While Judaism reject Jesus; we Muslim accepted Jesus as one of the mighty messenger but did not accept him as God and we also believe on the second coming of Jesus.

    1. “After all; our belief with Christianity and Judaism is almost similar except that part believing in Jesus.”

      Not true.

      There plenty more differences than just that.

      Judaism treats Mohammad as a false prophet.

      Judaism does not accept the Quran as a “holy” book.

      The followers of Judaism say Muslims (and Christians) are not G*d’s “Chosen”, these two chose themselves, according to themselves.

      And Christianity has nothing wonderful to say about Mohammad.

      Mind you, there are plenty of Muslims with nothing wonderful to say about Christianity either.

      Which is also to say there are plenty of Muslims who have nothing wonderful to say about the followers of Judaism – in fact, there are not too few of those who say they should be wiped out.

      Not to say that for a long while there were not too few power-tripping, control-freak busybody kaypoh bossy self-righteous Muslims telling the followers of Judaism (and Christianity, and even the followers of nothing) how and how not to live their lives.

      Some of these Islamofascists even demand to know if followers of Judaism are circumcised. Which is a little inconvenient if you have such mini-Hitlers, wearing toilet brushes on cheeks and chins goosestepping around asking people to drop their pants.

      These weak, inadequate, insecure types here even need to import any old ugly, noisy, doubletalking, shifty false preacher to boost their fragile ego, weak hold on faith, and help with the shit-stirring and war dance – and, of course, boss and lord it over others, Amen!

      1. But maybe the commonality of the Abrahamic faiths is that they all think that Handmaid’s Tale is a wonderful blueprint for social, economic and political policy .

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