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Isma president Aminuddin should also consider looking at legal options

Two days ago, the Christian Federation of Malaysia issued a press statement saying CFM is consulting its lawyers to look into remarks made by Aminuddin Yahaya who is the Isma chief cum Ummah chair.

The CFM media statement additionally said some things about Aminuddin that appear questionable and should raise concerns in Isma and Ummah.

Just a little bit earlier, the Council of Churches Malaysia had urged the authorities (meaning police) to take swift action against Ummah.

CCM and CFM, by the way, are two different organizations.

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The whiny Church and whingy DAP 

What the leading Christians and their church leaders are showing is passive-aggressive behaviour.

On the one hand, they’re always pleading … oh, but we’re so small and weak – “only nine percent” – and we’re being bullied, woe is us. 

On the other hand, they’ve got clout beyond their purported numbers. Within the same time frame post-regime change, as one example, Malaysia’s serving Chief Justice (only recently retired), Attorney General and Law Minister were all three of them Christians.

Likewise, many of the DAP’s top lawmakers are disproportionately Christians too.

Here in this Aminuddin case, our country’s well-networked and influential Christian/church bodies are all ganging up on one vocal individual representing Muslim NGOs.

It is sabre-rattling no less. And we’d thought the Lambs of God are meek and mild martyrs that prefer turning the other cheek. Hah.


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