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From DAP. To Dapsters. With Love.


Lim Kit Siang is the King of the Word Salad. fyi Yang Berhormat, ‘love’ is a four-letter word and so is STFU.

The DAP ‘Father’ should bugger off and mercifully free (merdeka) us all from his verbal diarrhoea.

One word answer to two questions below by LKS:

♥  “Shall I just call it quits?” … Yup

♥  ”Can Harapan win GE15?” … Nope


Kit Siang’s son Lim Guan Eng said in his Merdeka message that the rakyat tend to believe lies and slander over truth and facts, according to yesterday’s Malaysiakini report.

Alas, Dapsters are indeed gullible and easily susceptible to DAP dirty tricks and propaganda.

Tipu  Bohong  Putar Belit  and  Fitnah  have been coming mostly from the party of Peace & Lurrve.

Remember when Guan Eng said Lynas was a “nuclear plant” that was ready to “explode”?

Nowadays LGE is beginning to receive a lot of flak, so the damage control squad has to work overtime. They’re busy labelling the ordinary Joe’s who dare criticize DAP as being Umno cybertroopers, pemakan dedak and Trojan Horses.

Kesian any disgruntled Dapsters, now being accused as Umno/MCA in disguise.


Remember also when Hannah Yeoh pleaded earnestly with young people, “Don’t change your country, change your government!” (her tweet above)?

The young people were successfully persuaded to nurture “hope”. They chucked aside their plans to emigrate and stayed back to help DAP change the government.

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Winning the Selangor state gomen, they then helped install Hannah as Speaker of the House. And they shall happily be paying Hannah’s lucrative pensions as Speaker and Adun right into her old age (exceeding Mahathir’s own ripe 94 years).

The young people next succeeded in changing the federal government. Winning Putrajaya paved the way for Hannah to become a deputy minister in Mahathir’s cabinet. And the young people shall be paying Hannah’s deputy minister as well as member of parliament pensions until her death.

Changing the gomen (‘Ubah’) is really a great prosperity gospel – even if Harapan is only going to be a “one-term government” – in the event of one personally benefitting from collecting Adun, MP, Speaker and deputy minister salaries and pensions for life.

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One thought on “From DAP. To Dapsters. With Love.

  1. The publicity seeking junior deputy minister of a minor ministry of women, family and community bs the following in less than 12 months .i)Nursery in Dewan Rakyat. ii) Anti-bottom pinching Bill. iii) 100,000 pregnant teenagers per year. iv) Stop building condos. to reduce traffic congestion. v) Fake a fight with a Senior Minister of W. Persekutuan. vi) Forget the colour of your skin. vii) Her Ministry to advertise to pregnant singles with her pix in cinemas. viii) Start a new Unit to look after women and girls in the Ministry which has been looking after women and girls since Merdeka 1957. Her Political Boss is alleged by others to promote a New Malaysia when in fact, it became the Old Malaysia when he assumed Power since 9 May 2018. I thought BS originated only from tiny Singapore.

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