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DESPERATE Chinese — quick note on ‘Diversity dead or alive’

The Malay unity message of PAS and Umno “scares the daylights out of the non-Malays”, wrote Joceline Tan in her Star column yesterday headlined ‘Eye on Malay show of force’.

DAP and its 95% Chinese polity are desperately sledgehammering their diversity-multiculturalism propaganda because – as Joceline says – they’re scared shit of the alternative unfolding before their eyes.

If Malaysian society were not really ‘diverse’ (as the delusional DAP is rabidly insisting), we would be uniform. The word opposite in meaning to ‘diversity’ is ‘uniformity’.

The Star, Sin Chew and other Chinese-controlled media and social media are obsessed with crafting their colourful coordinated choreography of Diversity-Children waving Merdeka day flags. These are merely cosplay photographs posed for the camera. Not the real thing.

The truth is we’re already a super majority of Uniformity-Children.

  The word opposite to ‘multicultural’ is ‘monocultural’.

PAS-Umno monoculture taking over is the reality that scares the daylights out of the non-Malays.

  The word opposite to ‘pluralism’ is ‘monism’.

Monism, in the context of being an antonym or opposite to pluralism, can be said as a “oneness of mind or action”.

Mono (one/singular) way of thinking and behaving.

At the same time that the Chinese are pontificating and preaching race plurality (promoting ‘ethnic inclusivity’ in Malaysia), they are themselves practising a singularity of ideology.

There is little “diversity” in thought when a whopping 95 percent of the Chinese are all – in one voice – voting DAP and hating with unanimity on Umno and PAS.

As such, they have scant moral capital to be prodigiously dispensing diverse/multi this-and-that bromides to others. What hypocrites!

The Malay unity message scaring the living daylights out of the Chinese? Reap what you sow, Dapsters.

PART 1:  Diversity — dead or alive?

PART 2:  Diversity — dead or alive? Emigrate

To be continued in Part 3


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3 thoughts on “DESPERATE Chinese — quick note on ‘Diversity dead or alive’

  1. We had once long ago asked after the granting of citizenship to the immigrants to choose; assimilate or integrate. They don’t want to assimilate, the major race nodded. But they also don’t want to integrated neither for feeling superiority (4000 years civilization?).

    Assimilate, integrated don’t want. Now embrace the monoculturalism for multiculturalism is dying due to own choice.

  2. The Chinese and Indian are already united under DAP. Now let the Malay united under UMNOPAS. Ini baru betul2 Malaysia is truly unity in diversity.

    All my friends now are thinking and living along these two lines only. DAP are ChinaIndia and UMNOPAS are Melayu. The rest MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Amanah, Bersatu, PKR in Semenanjung Malaysia are just piece of shit..ha ha

  3. Congratulations Helen, an excellent analysis. The Chinese voters are largely to blame for this racist politics when 95% of them were on DAP and PH side when 75% of the Malays are with UMNO and PAS. This indeed lead to the current scenario of show of force between the Malays and the Chinese.

    However, the Chinese are not fully blamed for this since it was lopsided Federal Government policies which led to this in the first place. This led to the backlash from the Chinese and a counter backlash now from the Malays.

    We cannot go on like this. This will destabilise the country and one day we will wake up to see that Malaysia will digress and drop to the bottom in the ASEAN hierarchy.

    Meantime, Sarawak is sticking to politics of development and is set to develop a Dominant Sarawak Culture of inclusiveness, based on Sarawak First motto. This motto is adopted by the ruling party GPS to fight for Sarawak rights under Malaysia Agreement 63 where Sarawak is struggling for autonomy and to wrest back what are rightfully ours. If Sarawak succeed, we are confident this inclusive culture will become a model for the whole country to follow.Please see my full article below:

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