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Yessss! Snap election is way to go

British prime minister Boris Johnson – who has been PM only 42 days – will be tabling a motion to trigger a general election, various media have begun to report in their breaking news. 

Israel and Austria also are holding their snap polls this month while Moldova’s will be conducted the day after tomorrow.

I can’t wait for Malaysia to have ours too and regime change this sickening #1termGomen.


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2 thoughts on “Yessss! Snap election is way to go

  1. I like how Boris Johnson is dealing with parliamentarians who are trying to avoid honouring the people’s decision to lrave the EU in the referendum.

    However, Boris will need a two-third majority in parliament to allow an early general election and with the Tories having a minority in parliament, that will be very difficult.

    That said, with the dysfunctional government we have in Malaysia now, I wouldn’t mind having an early general election but with a larger majority in the Malaysian parliament and with no leader or minister calling for it, I expect the Pakatan government to continue to stagger on for a while yet.

  2. The other case where an early election can be called by the Queen is if parliament passes a motion of no confidence in the government by a simple majority.

    Boris’ call for an early general election was just defeated:-

    “Boris Johnson’s bid for early UK election rejected”

    Now an MP must move a motion of no confidence in the government but who will be that one – Boris himself move the motion of no confidence against his own government ?

    “Alternatively, an early election can be called if a motion of no confidence is passed in the Government by a simple majority and 14 days elapses without the Commons passing a confidence motion in any new Government formed.”

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