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Kit Siang: Me no Running Dog, me Sitting Bull


ABOVE: Kit Siang is no running dog, he’s Chief Sitting Bull

Lim Kit Siang yesterday decried the label calling him “running dog” – a race traitor who has sold out the Chinese – as only hate speech and fake news from his enemies.


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2 thoughts on “Kit Siang: Me no Running Dog, me Sitting Bull

  1. Big Chief/Taiko Shitting Bull of the Lim Lynasty.

    “Charlatan” is the right word too, good thing Grate Leader Lim Il Siang sometimes does mean what he says.

    And Running Dog he sure is.

    So is son half-baked half-accountant Dear Leader Tokong Josef StaLim.

    Once a noisy ceaselessly barking specimen, Grate Leader has now reduced himself to a silent limping dog forever hiding under a slimy rock since he discovered what he has been noisily barking for decades about the Snake Pharaoh were all wrong.

    Meanwhile, Little Dear Leader Tokong Josef StaLim, our Bungalodeshi minister, has been playing the obedient well-trained running puppy to Snake Pharaoh. Lest they dig up some dossiers this time properly implicating him for corruption and he ends up dangling under Penang Bridge a la P2 Lodge longkang Chinese fleamason version of some Italian brotherhood intrigue…

    …so much for Little Chief Shifting Bull, these days reduced to the tasks of peddling his own delusional lies – and those of the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine.

    Not to forget the all too common loud grovelling whimpering noises he makes under the feet of the Snake Pharaoh.

  2. Malaysian Politics is a dead ringer for some especially those who talked and wrote a lot. Words were recorded in print or elsewhere which developed into a fine mesh net to catch the perpetrator as though he or she had no pants on. Not only that, this non-erasable record showed that certain ex-Opposition pros are just like what they always have been – ex-Opposition pros by keeping quiet and sitting on issues which they have pronounced to all and sundry as fighting for their rights. No longer. Its the POWER and the EMOLUMENTS now count. Hypocrisy is a common currency amongst FAKE politicians who preyed on the common folk to gain political ascendancy and riches paid for by the Federal Government tax free. This ploy is now clearly seen how Singapore’s natural resource, bs or bluffology has been applied in Malaysia. In Chinese politics, the two sides of a coin are the same.

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