The night 60,000 ‘ubah’ crowd cheered, clapped, whistled, roared

It was 6 March 2008.

It was 36 hours before the 12th general election.

It was also 11-and-a-half years ago when an estimated 60,000 Chinese gathered in the open field of Han Chiang High School, Penang for the mega rally dubbed ‘the Mother of All Ceramahs’.

DAP promised non Malays ‘first class’ citizenship

Lim Guan Eng – pictured above alongside Kit Siang and Karpal – gave a rousing speech in Mandarin and Hokkien to the cheering, clapping, chanting, singing, whistling, roaring DAP supporters.

Many in the crowd wore shirts in the party colours of bright red or white. They were all cloaked in Hope.

The air was abuzz with energy, the atmosphere electric and fireworks erupted, according to independent journalist Anil Netto who was there that night.

I would have thought the atmosphere was “nuclear” and like Lynas, just waiting to “explode” but what do I know, I wasn’t there that night. Still, we can watch the video recording below.

From minute 6:30 onwards — Translation from Hokkien

Guan Eng said:

“Is it possible for us to become first class citizens in Malaysia? For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. Enough is enough, true or not? So we need to tell Abdullah Badawi, to say to Ong Ka Ting, say to Koh Tsu Koon so that they will know … we want to be first class!”

“Do I have your promise that all of you here will vote for DAP?”

Prices skyrocketing up, up like DAP logo

The GE12 crowd had chanted “Up, Up DAP!”

”Down, down, Barisan!”

Their DAP leaders said voters must deny BN a 2/3-majority. The call elicited a great roar that reverberated across the Han Chiang field, Anil Netto reported. One of Anil’s readers commented, “there seems to be no Malays there”.

Two days later on 8 March 2008, BN was denied their customary two-thirds electoral support — STRIKE #1. In the next 2013 election, BN was denied the majority or popular vote — STRIKE #2. In 2018 election, BN was denied Putrajaya — STRIKE #3.

And today, we’re close to a round dozen years along the Journey of Hope.

In GE12 and GE13, they (the Hope people) were determined to down Umno. In GE14, Harapan wanted to down Umno and PAS.

This Friday Umno and PAS are rising up together. They’re having their own Melayu Bangkit rally on Sept 13.

It’s their turn to demand ‘ubah’ and a change of government.


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2 thoughts on “The night 60,000 ‘ubah’ crowd cheered, clapped, whistled, roared

  1. dear helen
    can’t wait for the melayu bangkit rally. the kit siang and guan eng team is causing chaos and disharmony amongst the races in msia.i truly miss the harmony we had in the 80s where the malays chinese n indians mixed well and nothing was sensitive coz we mixed n understand each other’s religion and culture.dap needs to be kicked out along with the chameleon anwar.mca and mic are indeed better patriots than the racists and provocative dap esp the father n hopeless son team.dr m no longer has the capability control dap.he has become a bitter old man out for revenge throughout his really ‘long’ lifetime.

  2. “Han Chiang High School, Penang”

    Was it deliberate or was it coincidental, or was it thus ordained by Heaven?

    We all know Taiko Great Leader Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty and bossku of the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine is a sellout artist, a traitor to the Chinese race, but “Han Chiang” looks remarkably close to term “han jian”, defined in Wikipaedia like so:

    “In Chinese culture, a hanjian (simplified Chinese: 汉奸; traditional Chinese: 漢奸; pinyin: Hànjiān; Wade–Giles: han-chien) is a derogatory and pejorative term for a race traitor to the Han Chinese state and, to a lesser extent, Han ethnicity. The word hanjian is distinct from the general word for traitor, which could be used for any race or country. As a Chinese term, it is a digraph of the Chinese characters for “Han” and “traitor”. In addition, hanjian is a gendered term, indicated by the construction of this Chinese word. Han is the majority ethnic group in China; and Jian, in Chinese legal language, primarily referred to illicit sex. Implied by this term was a Han Chinese carrying on an illicit relationship with the enemy.”[1] …”

    I am no Chinese chauvinist (well, not the Malaysian “Chinese” kind), but the Taiko Tokong practically invented and incited Chinese chauvinism in those mentally-retarded village and longkang rabble among Malaysia’s so-called “Chinese” glorified coolies, mine diggers, and peasants.

    For many decades the conman of Malaysian longkang politics and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine have led the losers by their snouts to feed ceaselessly on his snake oil – and the trusting and pliant rabble has obediently, blindly, dumbly, unquestioningly, noisily kiasu fed on his swill.

    Then, turning a full running dog, Taiko Tokong Great Leader Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty changed his tune, perfected after decades of great effort, suddenly to the very opposite – love the Malays, and, love especially the “forgiven… changed” Snake Pharaoh.

    As usual, and just before the last election (and the last one for the DAP), the great unwashed, unlearned, and basket cases of deplorables all started singing toadily different tunes of worship and devotion to the Great Snake Pharaoh, their previous singular object of intense hatred, their single worst enemy ever, the most corrupt politician in Malaysian history.

    With our Great Sellout exposed more and more these days,the Great Lovefest for the Snake Pharaoh – and even Pharkatan has now become both complicated and confusing for the hempen hoard. There are those who want to hide their coolie shame for being suckered by the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine, by their classic burrowing of their tiny heads in nightsoil, some want to make even more excuses for their Great Leader… but there are now those who want to sing a different – and opposite tune – while juggling or lobbing eggs.

    Well, ye reap what ye sow, mate..!

    Wikipaedia says “…illicit sex. Implied by this term was a Han Chinese carrying on an illicit relationship with the enemy”.

    Well, there you have it! esteemed longkang statesman Great Leader Taiko Tokong Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty and godfather of the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine sleeps with the enemy-suddenly-great-friend-and-lover he imposed on Malaysians.

    The longkang Taiko now wants desperately to jump out of bed he’s made with the Snake Pharaoh – and rejig his tune.

    And it is not terribly easy a task with a little brown twig stuck deeply and painfully up his yellow behind!

    Taiko Tokong Han Jian Great Leader Lim Il Siang is now screaming he is no “running dog”.

    That’s his way of saying “Ouch!!! Excavate that bloody brown twig out of my ass!” But none of his DAP Lies-R-Us apparatchicken running puppies to the Great Snake Pharaoh wants to do that, every running dog to itself, life’s too comfortable now..!

    Refill your popcorn buckets, replenish your Pringles collection, sit back, watch the Han Jian of the Great Unwashed of the Longkangs dies horribly from that fatal little brown twig up his behind!

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