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M for Malay, C for chihuahua

Umno and PAS are sending out their kompang and bunga manggar esok (Fri. Sept 13), and holding their akad nikah tulat (Sat. Sept 14).

It is not fake news.

BELOW: Must see ‘M for Malaysia’ — Lim Kit Siang

This weekend, the Malay First bridegoom will bersanding with his Muslim First bride … both cooing happily like a pair of lovebirds.

And the self-proclaimed Country-First (most patriotic) Bangsa Malaysians will be barking sullenly like a dog in the manger.

“Spreading lies, falsehoods, fake news and hate speech to create racial and religious tension and conflagration is now regarded as the only way for thieves, kleptocrats and liars to recapture power in Malaysia,” Lim Kit Siang said yesterday peddling more conspiracy theories.

Mirroring Kit siang’s “conflagration” obsession, DAP Deputy Speaker in the House Nga Kor Ming also mouthed a curse yesterday that those who slander him personally will surely burn in hell.

BELOW: C is for Clown also

Muslim to non Muslim ratio is 6:4

Roughly, six out of every ten Malaysians are Muslim. “Umat Islam berada di sekitar 61 peratus. Dalam maksud, majoriti umat Islam tidak besar. Angka ini masih menggusarkan saya,” wrote Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in his Ismaweb column earlier this Monday (Sept 9) talking about the Umno-PAS wedding.

The percentage cited by Ridhuan is correct as per our last decennial census, i.e. nationwide headcount taken every 10 years and the last one conducted being in 2010. However in the interim or passing nine years, the figures will have changed somewhat.

(Note: Population projection, on the other hand, is done yearly by the Statistics Department but this is not a census, merely an estimate.)

Non Muslims still make up a sizeable minority — four out of every ten Malaysians.

BELOW: “But we’re only nine (9.2%) percent”, cry the Christians 

Six Muslims out of every ten Malaysians is still not a comfortably big enough majority for Ridhuan Tee to feel secure that the status of Islam will remain safeguarded.

For him, the lopsided GE14 vote among non Muslims is akin to the Malaysian social contract tiba-tiba “dirobek“ … dirodok dan diradak. (Note: When will the Dapsters learn to speak bahasa Melayu – our bahasa kebangsaan – as fluently as Ridhuan?)

In the last general election, DAP had garnered 95 percent of the Chinese vote and almost all the Christian support. According to Ridhuan, kesedaran bahawa Umno dan PAS saling perlu-memerlukan “hanya datang setelah ‘kemenangan ultra kiasu’ dalam PRU14”.

GE14 indeed proved conclusively that DAP is the voice of the Chinese and the Christians. DAP ought by rights to be speaking loudly for four Nons out of every ten Malaysians but then, the party can only yelp hopelessly.

BELOW: Speak now or forever hold your peace

DAP no more than a bag of tricks 

Lim Guan Eng declared the upcoming union between PAS and Umno to be tantamount to a declaration of war on the non Muslims.

Lim Kit Siang said the recent barrage of fake news and hate speech is telegraphing wicked propaganda “that the change of government on May 9, 2018 was Chinese grabbing Malay political power”. Or Christians grabbing Muslim political power.

Isma president Aminuddin Yahaya echoes Kit Siang’s catchphrase about “the ticking time bomb”.

In his Aug 24 Ismaweb column titled ‘Isu Zakir Naik kelompongan ketara jati diri pemimpin Melayu’, Aminuddin – similarly to Ridhuan Tee – fears the dominance of majoritarian Muslims in Malaysia has been eroded post-GE14.

Isma worries that DAP, now in government, is ushering secularism and liberalism into the corridors of power.

Aminuddin and Ridhuan can relax. Chill. The DAP is a chihuahua with an irritating bark but no bite. The little running dog can only nip at the hem of PAS’s wedding gown, that’s all.



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