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M for ‘My new job’ (Dapsters only need apply)

Has Lim Kit Siang finally found his vocation as ‘M for Mahathir’ barker?

A barker is “an animal or person that barks”, according to a definition of the word provided by

This barker is “an employee who stands before the entrance to a show, as at a carnival, and solicits customers with a loud sales spiel“ — the Free Dictionary explains in more detail.

And presently ‘barking’ to promote the so-called documentary titled ‘M for Malaysia’ is Lim Kit Siang going full throated as if the political career of his son Guan Eng depended on it. (The Harapan Finance Minister is also interviewed for the “must-see film”.)

All in the Mahathir extended ‘family’

Executive producer of the M-mostly-for-Mahathir documentary is his daughter Marina.

The documentary’s director is Marina Mahathir’s daughter Ineza Roussille.

Holding the title of co-producer/co-director/co-executive producer is Dian Lee. She is the eldest daughter of Lee Kim Yew, the Country Heights Group founder and Mahathir’s longtime bosom buddy.

And the unofficial promoter-in-chief of this ‘documentary’ is Lim Kit Siang. Sit … good boy.


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One thought on “M for ‘My new job’ (Dapsters only need apply)

  1. i watched. its actually quite a good one to most pr supporter, i dun deny i am one, but not to all msian, i think. more like a propaganda documentary for mahathir, his close friend lee kim yew family, n ph. i think the film successfully portray mahathir as a saviour, but a bit cynical to the rest, by looking at how some turn into good dog today.

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