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Umno-PAS get 95% Malay support okay what

DIVERSITY, like ‘pluralism’, is a virtue-signaling word beloved of Harapan that they preach but don’t practice.

There is little diversity of political thought among Chinese voters because 95 percent of them support only one party — the DAP.

Where is there any plurality (having many options) when the Chinese electorate already obliterated MCA and other Chinese-based BN parties? How can the Hope people claim they love diversity when they had so fervently carried out the DAP command to annihilate MCA in the last election?

BELOW: Asyraf (seen on screen) speaking in PWTC last weekend at #HPU914

Harapan hypocrisy and their double standard

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki spoke too about inclusivity and embracing his MCA and MIC brothers when he gave his speech at the Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah #HPU914 townhall last Friday.

Asyraf however was being more truthful. He also said that the Malays would necessarily be the “bangsa tunjang” and their Melayu culture and customs forming our “budaya teras”.

The Cina DAP Aduns (below) in Selangor apparently agree with Asyraf as they’re very gung ho about wearing tudung.

There is admittedly less racial and religious diversity in the opposition whose twin pillars are Umno (38 MPs) and PAS (18 MPs). Opposition parties MCA and MIC have a mere one MP each, i.e. Wee Ka Siong in Ayer Hitam, Johor and Saravanan Murugan in Tapah, Perak who are represented in our 222-seat Dewan Rakyat.

But what’s there to complain when pluralism is only something Harapan talk nicely but do indifferently? After all, Harapan is as much a race and religion-based coalition as ever BN was.

Pribumi is for one race only and PAN is for one religion only. These two Harapan parties are moreover splinters from Umno and PAS respectively. If it is alright for Pribumi and PAN to band together under one roof alongside DAP and PKR, then it should be equally okay for Umno and PAS to band together under one roof alongside MCA and MIC.

Don’t be hypocrites, Dapsters!

And if it’s fine and dandy for DAP to receive 95% support from Chinese voters, then there’s nothing amiss either when Umno-PAS aspire for 95% support from Malay voters.

Umno and PAS fit together like hand and glove

The area graph above shows how Malays voted in the heartland states of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu as well as cosmopolitan Perak and Selangor in 2013.

Red in the chart indicates the percentage of support obtained by BN (read: Umno) from Malay voters in GE13 while green indicates the support obtained by PAS. The distribution of Malay votes between just these two parties alone is a perfect fit as you can see from the merged red and green jigsaw pieces.

Separately the BN red and PAS green graphs look like this — refer below. They’re two matching halves, bagai pinang dibelah dua.

Special thanks to Dah Ikhwan from whose Dahalmi website I sourced the data sets

Election results 2013:

  In Kedah, Malays voted 56.7% for BN and 44.5% for PAS

  In Kelantan, they voted 46.7% for BN and 52.7% for PAS

  In Terengganu, they voted 53.2% for BN and 46.1% for PAS

The above three pairs of voter percentages in the green crescent all add up to around 100%.

In Perak and Selangor, the multiracial dimension of their constituencies introduced a small overlap to the round 100 figure as the stats quoted represent the Malay vote for BN candidates and not for Umno’s per se.

GE14 was a slightly different ballgame however as enter new parties Pribumi and PAN to siphon Malay votes away from the mothership.

Pribumi and PAN nevertheless failed to make a dent in Kelantan and Terengganu where the two Harapan parties were completely wiped out. The 2018 election result tabled above show zero seats for Harapan in both the east coast’s DUN and federal legislative assemblies.

Pribumi and PAN however performed better in Perak where together the Harapan Malay-Muslim duo obtained seven DUN seats. In Selangor, Pribumi and PAN collectively won nine DUN seats.

In Kedah, Pribumi had five Aduns in the state’s 36-seat DUN but party topliner Mukhriz Mahathir still scooped up the Menteri Besar post anyway.

Diversity of political ideology, religious philosophy — not!

‘Multiculturism’ is a bromide only swallowed by stupid Dapsters. Today these sheeple have been badly betrayed by the shepherds of their Harapan flock.

Multikulti Kit Siang previously condemned the then premier Mahathir (serving as prime minister Round One) for affirming Malaysia to be an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Mahathir’s religious fundamentalism was dubbed by Kit Siang as the “929 Declaration” and “617 Announcement” — the date ‘929’ referring to 29th September 2001 when Mahathir made a speech at the Gerakan delegates conference, and ‘617’ referring 17th June 2002 when Mahathir speaking in parliament had doubled down on his earlier ‘Islamic State’ stance.

DAP, in fact, was so hyped up about the Mahathir unilateral ‘Islamic State’ pronouncements that its central committee once threatened to take the PM to court (see url link above). 

But what has become of our forked-tongued DAP’s supposed secular convictions post 509 — this date referring to the regime change that occurred on 9th May 2018.

Nowadays the DAP can only bob its two-faced head, nodding ‘Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full’ in response to Mahathir’s current procession of prime ministerial fiat.

BELOW: Zakir Naik drew a crowd in the tens of thousands recently in Kota Bharu

DAP are despicable running dogs and race traitors 

Father Lim Kit Siang and his Son pay obsessive lip service to Malaysia as a multiracial and multi religious country … for now at least.

Ethnic diversity in our country, however, is in reality evolving in quite a different direction.

Malaysia’s Chinese for example has been shrinking inexorably as a racial group — see century timescale graph below.

At Independence, Chinese made up 37.2 percent of the population. Then some 20-30 years ago, Chinese dropped to being a quarter of the population.

Today Chinese represent one-in-five out of every Malaysian. In another decade or so (year 2030), Malaysia’s Chinese minority will fall under the twenty percent threshold.

It is instead Malaysia’s foreign residents that have ballooned sharply in number.

BELOW: How to wave your hand ‘Abracadabra’ to cast a magic spell

There are currently 3.2 million foreigners residing in Malaysia. They cluster in the Klang Valley, Johor and Penang but it is Sabah that hosts the biggest colony of more than one million PATI (pendatang asing tanpa izin).

In 1970, Sabah had a population of 636,431. At present four million (3,903,400) people live in Sabah. Of these, 1.1 million (1,129,800) are non-Malaysians.

For comparison, Sarawak had a population of 976,269 in 1970 which was more than Sabah’s. Yet today Sarawak has only close to three million (2,812,800) people. Of these, a mere 180,200 – a rather small number – are non citizens.

BELOW: M for Magick Numbers of non citizens

So even though Sarawak possesses a far bigger territory, it has a smaller population than Sabah. That’s because Sarawak unlike Sabah was not gifted ‘Project M’ — a lavish present from the Forever Emperor.

The Department of Statistics Malaysia also informs us that the annual population growth rate of non citizens is treble that of Malaysian citizens — see table above.

If all these non citizens in Sabah, the Klang Valley and elsewhere are granted Malaysian citizenship, our country will certainly be able to retain its racial diversity. But at the same time, Malaysia will also be become less diverse religiously as the new “guests” – to borrow Zakir Naik’s terminology – are mostly Muslim.

BELOW: More magic … Anyone remember the 70 million population target set by Mahathir when he first assumed his premiership 1.0?

Honey, I shrunk our religious diversity

Malay women are having more babies. Therefore it follows that the Muslims will continue to outstrip non Muslims in Malaysia’s population ratio by faith.

The chart below produced by the Department of Statistics Malaysia shows the crude rate of natural increase for each ethnic group. In this foot race, Bumiputera are triply swifter than the Chinese who are Malaysia’s least productive people.

Apart from natural growth, the Muslim population is increasing apace thanks also to the active proselytizing movement led by Zakir Naik and his fellow intrepid preachers the likes of Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu and Firdaus Wong Wai Hung who have reverted many Indians and Chinese to Islam.

And we really must not overlook the DAP’s pool of pious people who relish dressing up in tudung to visit the mosque and break Ramadan fast. They’re a veritable blue ocean for conversion to Islam.

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh gets even more mileage from her tudung than her compatriots, often displaying it at the pasar ramadan where she distributes buah kurma during puasa month.

Semoga Yang Berhormat DAP ini (gambar di bawah) ini akan segera dikurniakan cahaya hidayah. Kami sudah pun lebih 10 tahun sabar menunggu.

Muslim countries are religiously homogenous 

As Kit Siang and his party keep insisting, Malaysia’s multiculturalism encompasses diversity of religion. This aspect is essentially true of Malaysia but rare elsewhere.

In a vast majority of Muslim countries, Islam predominates among 80-90 percent and above of the population. The bar charts below list, in declining order, the prevalence of the Muslim-majority across the Islamic world.

The following countries are 99 percent Muslim:

  • Morocco — 99.9%
  • Afghanistan — 99.7%
  • Somalia — 99.7%
  • Iran — 99.5%
  • Tunisia — 99.5%
  • Western Sahara — 99.4%
  • Iraq — 99.1%
  • Yemen — 99.1%
  • Mauritania — 99.1%

A total of 32 Muslim countries are religiously monolithic.

In other words, more than 70 percent of all Muslim-majority countries are homogeneous, meaning fewer than one inhabitant out of every ten there belongs to a religion other than Islam.

In fact, 25 countries or half of the world’s 49 Muslim-majority countries have a Muslim population of 95 percent and above.

In another 30 years (2050), Muslims will comprise 30 percent of the world population.

After #HPU914, DAP’s Islamophobia is showing 

Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah is hashtagged #HPU914 with the numerals referring to September 14th, the date that Umno and PAS inked their take on the Medina Charter.

This coming together of the two Malay-Muslim and Muslim-Malay parties sent fire ants crawling up the DAP’s pants.

Previously DAP taiko Lim Guan Eng had screamed that the PAS-Umno pact was tantamount to “a declaration of war” against non Malays.

The party Sarawak chief Chong Chieng Jen fears Malaysia will become a Taliban state (video below).

Likewise hammering on the ‘Taliban’ trope, DAP Deputy House Speaker Nga Kor Ming earlier told Chinese reporters that Malaysia will soon become a replica of Afghanistan once the PAS-Umno combo puts an end to Harapan’s one-term government.

These rants from spooked DAP leaders telegraph either their duplicity or their stupidity. Which is it?

Afghanistan is a failed state where the population is homogeneously Muslim (99.7%). It’s fair to say there is no diversity in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the same can’t be said about our country which is multiracial and multi religious … as the DAP’s confused Bangsa Malaysians keep insisting.

BELOW: Kit Siang is blowing a gasket every day

Why this intense hysteria from DAP at the PAS-Umno hookup? Have they forgotten their own vehement insistence on Malaysia’s multiculturalism and religious pluralism?

Four out of every 10 Malaysians are non Muslim and what more represented by DAP parliamentarians and Aduns. Now, what’s missing is only diversity of political representation.

The 60 percent Muslims are being represented by Umno and PAS in Dewan Rakyat while the 40 percent non Muslims are being represented by DAP who gobbled up all votes belonging to the Nons.

DAP and Pribumi jumping into bed together is politics as usual.

PAS and Umno doing the same is no harbinger of Armageddon. DAP must stop spreading lies, fake news and hate speech.


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9 thoughts on “Umno-PAS get 95% Malay support okay what

  1. Interesting. There’s hardly any news about Morocco, which is 99.9% Muslim, which suggests that it a pretty peaceful place.

    Many of the Muslim majority countries where there is or has been trouble are so due to foreign imperialist intervention and meddling.

  2. Helen, such a long article. Quite hard to digest. Nevertheless, I try to comment on some of your points:

    re: Pribumi is for one race only and PAN is for one religion only. These two Harapan parties are moreover splinters from Umno and PAS respectively. If it is alright for Pribumi and PAN to band together under one roof alongside DAP and PKR, then it should be equally okay for Umno and PAS to band together under one roof alongside MCA and MIC.

    Don’t look at individual party. Look at the coalition. BN (assume Pas is inside) have a total of 38 + 18 + 1 + 1 = 58 MPs. Only 2 are non-Muslims (from MCA and MIC). This is insignificant at 3.4% only.

    Compare to PH. I don’t have the numbers of non-muslim MPs vs total PH MPs. But I would guess about 35% – 40%?

    re: And if it’s fine and dandy for DAP to receive 95% support from Chinese voters, then there’s nothing amiss either when Umno-PAS aspire for 95% support from Malay voters.

    DAP’s success in securing 95% Chinese support must be seen from the context of MCA/Gerakan/SUPP’s influences within BN. These parties were weak and powerless, ie. a weak competitor to DAP.

    Similarly to gauge if Umno + Pas can secure 95% Malay votes (from the current 75%), you need to look at the influence of PKR, PPBM and PAN in PH. Are these parties in the same weak position like MCA/Gerakan/SUPP?

    re: The 60 percent Muslims are being represented by Umno and PAS in Dewan Rakyat while the 40 percent non Muslims are being represented by DAP who gobbled up all votes belonging to the Nons.

    If we transpose the 60% Muslims / 40% non-Muslims stats above into voting pattern:

    a) Why would the 40% non-Muslims vote for BN, considering the over dominance of Umno + Pas, zero presence of MCA and MIC and zero representation of Sabah/Sarawak naives?

    b) For the 60% Muslims, Umno + Pas already secured 75% votes. Let us assume they can secure 95% feat just like DAP. But will this 95% come in time for GE2023? It took DAP 3 GEs to achieve 95% votes (from 2008, 2013, 2018).

    1. The Stats Dept hides data. When they provide the public with demographic & economic performance info, they ALWAYS subsume Malay numbers within the ‘Bumiputera’ rubric — conflating Melayu with Iban, Dayak, Melanau, Kadazan, Dusun, Orang Asli, etc.

      Bumiputera in population is usually pegged at the 60s (62.5%) percentage but I suspect Malays alone number only around 54-55% of our total population. It is not that imposing a majority.

      The Sarawak bumiputera don’t vote Umno (no Umno in the state) and won’t vote PAS. The Sabah Christian natives don’t vote Umno or PAS either.

      Therefore the Malay unity voting bloc is not the End of the World as how the DAP headless chickens are reacting.

      Umno-PAS have already got 95% or more of the Malay vote in Terengganu and Kelantan.

      As for the rest of the peninsula states, it’s like you say: Moving up from 70-75% to upper reaches.

      Don’t reckon Umno-PAS to be bidding for non-Malay votes but just scraping up the 5% hardcore and anything more is a bonus.

      GE15 will be Malay-Muslim votes vs non-Malay, non-Muslim votes and it will be close in the peninsula. I’m betting on Sabah & Sarawak casting their lot with the peninsula winner whichever side it turns out to be. Look at how quick they jumped ship post-GE14. No loyalty.

      The deal breaker will be the Undi-18 voters. Too early to tell. But my hunch – for now – is that sentiments favour Umno-PAS.

      2023 is still a long way to go and anything can happen. My personal wish is Snap Election … that’s obvious enough.

      1. “The Stats Dept hides data.”

        Absolutely true!

        There are more gomen so-called stats people massaging figures than there are “China dolls” massaging our deviant political figures who don’t recognise themselves in videos exposing them being exposed, and who leave behind their watches.

        Apart from hiding data, the state stats massage operators have very questionable data-gathering ability, and very questionable ability to sort out the garbage they gather – even when we are one of the world’s biggest garbage recycling dumps.

        When asked for data, the state stats masseurs and masseuses would tell you they don’t give out information – in fact they are told not to. The other non-responses you get is they don’t even bother reply to queries (even within their own departments!), or they tell you they don’t collect any data quite normal for everybody else (relevant and useful data).

        Recently we had that UN special rapporteur (no professor kankung him!) pissed on Malaysia for being appallingly backward when it came to massaging figures on poverty. Like everything else Malaysia does, it used utterly unreliable methods to arrive at the grand nonsense (actually gigantic lie!) that we have nearly no poverty. The distinguished figure was very polite about his findings (that Malaysia does one big bullsh*t lie about poverty), but our longkang variety “experts” have to make their obligatory noises disagreeing all like we have anyone with any real ability to throw at the UN.

        The same goes for our strange belief that by our own crass inkling (our methods of assessment) we are among the “Asian Tigers” so the grand delusion goes..!

        Many countries do manipulate statistics, go economical with the truth, the US and the UK, among others, lie about their employment figures all the time. But when a country with wonderfully useless politicians (like Malaysia) lies, it exposes itself for being fcuking useless when it tries to argue its way out into even greater stupidity!

        Btw, the statistics for DAP support among the Chinese have gone down by a massive amount just this recent half a year. I go round chatting up all sorts of folks get questions answered. I ask friends all over the country to do same, and what we find should be shiite alarming for the DAP. When asked questions requiring simple brief answers, we get the uncles and aunties and everybody else shafting the DAP, many condemning the Lim Lynasty specifically, and many saying they would not vote the DAP again.

        It is a myth that the DAP has that much support among the Chinese as they make it out to be. Still, I have nothing against UMNO-PAS lovefest, Taiko Great Leader Lim Il Siang goes to bed with a little dark brown twig stuck up his behind, the DAP has its own dark affair with the apartheid party, so I am happy to wish the UMNO-PAS lovefest great success, they couldn’t have done it without the favour done them by the lying tokongs of the Lim Lynasty, driving them together.

        It is not “lies, damned lies, and statistics”, it is that AND the Lying Lims and their DAP Lies-R-Us Machine.

        1. And ain’t it simply amazing?!

          Today, Malaysia got into world news for having the world’s worst (number one position!) on the air pollution index.

          While it massaged the figure using, as usual, a sistem nobody uses, the more reliable AQI system put Malaysia’s Air Poisoning Indicator to shame at a reading of 260.

          Malaysia’s own reading was 248 on its own fishy scale (clever pun!). Fake Data!

          When caught with their pants down on its usual M for Method of M for Massage (manipulation and falsification of data), our wonderful stats people claimed “technical difficulty” prevented them from being truthful.

          By any reckoning (whether you measure by the hour or whatever), the news and even the fake news are high figures.

          “Technical difficulty” simply meant for Malaysia, the people going out to collect a bit of our seriously poisonous air couldn’t get out of bed to do their job (as usual). Or they were too kiasi terrified of going out at all because of the knockout gas in our “air” meant they couldn’t even collect important stuff in life like free gifts and promotion gifts.

          Remember in one of the world’s worst air disaster (ours) where there is still no answer to this day, our radar guys had their boss demanding not to be disturbed while he slept on the job?

          So there you go! Any country else would not fool itself with blatant bullsh*t like blazing lies, unreliable data, and no data, while Malaysiaboleh does it as routine and way of life.

          Just how are we going to manufacture safe and reliable flying cars when we can only generate and work with bullsh*t data? No wonder Protons don’t work properly at all, the rest of the world does not certify the Snake Pharaoh’s “child” as road worthy. A Proton, after all, is a coffin on four cheap tyres.

          What happens when our Stone Age futuristic flying cars fall off the radar manned by our radar operators?

          And how can we expect the worst vehicle users (not drivers) in the world to operate a flying Proton when they can’t read signboards while they behave dangerously and are already famous M for Menace on the roads?

          Thankfully, we have seriously retarded politicians convincing our M for Morons population they are so uniquely B for blessed in our B for Bullsh*t country with their leadership!

          Malaysia runs on unadulterated bullsh*t. So long as we can generate false data to give us our sense of security and well-being, most Malaysians are happy in their delusion.

          And that is how conmen like Taiko Great Leader Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty can thrive.

          And that is why when Malaysians got fed up with Najib’s bullsh*t, they longed for the famous comforting bullsh*t from the familiar old bullsh*t of M for Mugathir, the most talented bullsh*t generator this side of Kerala!

          Malaysians, M for Mugs, couldn’t get enough of the Snake Pharaoh and his good old lies and bullock sh*t, so they voted him in for a second round of fresh old lies and bullock sh*t. All our mugs needed do was to fantasise the old Snake Pharaoh has “changed” and is “forgiven”!

          Through the lies and bullsh*t of Taiko Lim of the Lim Lynasty, the Chinese even saw the Snake Pharaoh return as a saint to “save Malaysia”!

          All Uncle Lim needed do was to falsify and flip his most reliable data collected over several decades of the Snake Pharaoh as the “most corrupt PM of Malaysia”.

          And as for our Chinese DAP voters, they now live in denial they have been thoroughly butt shafted by their favourite uncle, they are now grossly humiliated not only they are having it worse with the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine’s “use the Malays to screw the Malays” genius, they are going to get it (hopefully) worse with the coup Taiko Uncle has won for them – the UMNO-PAS lovefest!

          Well, M for Moral of the story is, if you love the massive bullsh*t “data” fodder Uncle Lim feeds you, you’ve got to live with the massive indigestion.

          And that will be made worse by that UMNO-PAS lovefest.


          1. After my rant, or rather, slag, about our state air stats M for Masseurs and M for Manipulators, they did get into action and “right” their wrong – or to be precise, made things worse with their further M for Massage of their “data”.

            It is heartwarming – or rather, lungs inflaming, to know our airmen do try get out of bed once in a while to get something half done into another disaster. Or it may simply be a case of their friends got on this blog, saw my asthmatic-glowing account of their accomplishments, told them to tweak the odd joint here the odd joint there… sort out the body of lies furnished in their Atmospheric Poisoning Indicator.

            I took issue that, even allowing for the differences between a widely and internationally-accepted method of the AQI, our home-grown bomoh method of holding two coconuts up the sky to assess air quality reveals a huge discrepancy in the results.

            For one, the reading right now is AQI 168 v API 246. The recent readings showed the API as consistently vastly higher than that of the AQI.

            While I accept that there is bound to be a difference in the figures, the difference is nevertheless huge.

            Worst still, when the AQI was high when Malaysia got on the world map for being the world’s worst in air pollution, our masseurs came up with a vastly different – and much much lower figure, albeit a still very unhealthy one (as opposed to the AQI’s “lethal”).

            Yesterday’s our voodoo stats was continuously vastly higher than that of the AQI.

            It has become the exact opposite of what the AQI came up with!

            Why so?!

            And how so?!

            Is it because our coconut handlers all come from the same backalley hole in the wall accountancy school as half-accountant voodoo bomoh Baby Doc Josef StaLim, son of voodoo priest Papa Doc Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty?

            It is known in some accounting practices, figures can be “carried forward”, and, obviously, what’s missing from their previous readings are now added to their vastly-inflated new ones, nothing is missed. “one trillion” is still “lost” and “found” (and “lost”!).

            Cooking their data by a great big fry-up, our data witch-doctors are now covering their gross deficiencies by showing not only were they aware of the AQI, our masseurs’ show their bomoh craft is not only as good as the next person’s – but, with their bigger numbers, even better!

            I do know we need show beautiful data to entice the gullible to invest in our country and not pay for medical fees for our gassed workers – or watch them die from our poisonous air.

            We also need legions of tourists to come all the time to enjoy the oxygen produced by our oil palm plantations, and breathe in the carbon dioxide produced by our decaying rainforests.

            If so, rather than producing figures that flip flop to our detriment and highlight our gross stupidity, we should come up with a sistem that can only show how great our air is – and all the time too.

            Our longkang variety “experts” and our gas bag politicians can then, like usual, argue their oxygen-starved dark blue faces to dark grey over the quality of our half-accountant stats wonders and for M for Malaysiaboleh!

            Just fancy that, like Indian squaw Hippo Hannah who squeezed into a Muslim outfit to do her con job as “wan with” the Muslims, old ccok Teresa appeared in India in a sari to entice the Indians to drink a few spoonfuls of palm oil each day.

            Like for the usual DAP fraud, it didn’t work Hippo, neither did it for Sorry Teresari Kok.

            Fancy, having even to dress and looking like some kind of Freddy for some kind of Halloween party, old Kok looked a shriveled copy of Freddy Mercuric poisoning. It was Sorrywood for Moda Teresari in India, old Kok even looked dying sickly in bight colourful onederful sorry sari. Poor old soul, someone should have warned her about not ordering any food in India, even though you get a good run for your money.

            And never touch the water, it is an even better run for your money, your stomach will feel like running back to Malaysia.

            Stick to drinking palm oil all the time.

            Just imagine how much forest we destroyed, how much dangerous pollution is generated, how many school children got a good bollocking from elderly auntie for not writing the essays she wanted about good old palm oil, and nobody wants to buy our palm oil!

            Well, that’s classic M for Malaysiaboleh for you!

            Not far down the road, we are sadly going to see the effect of our dangerous atmosphere produce mighty scary figures on the near-long-term health of our present and new generations. Think of the strain it will pose for our health sistem…

            Well, no problem then, just wake up the state stats masseurs and masseuses, cook up some nice figures to say the opposite, eh?

            Why does it matter, we have mentally-retarded, mentally-unhealthy politicians pushing on with the unhealthy ways of destroying our country, the present gomen even has its dark brown twig shafted up it’s running dog’s behind, Voodoo Priest Tokong Lim Il Siang will only bark when its M for Macai, M for Master tells it to, All is Onederful in Bolehland!

  3. Religious fakes do love to put on their costumes to look the part.

    They never miss any opportunity to “blossom” when it comes to that grand display of being wan with the “others”.

    Quite frankly, if the frauds and hypocrites in the pics know anything about someone else’s religion, they should know that “feeding the masses”, charity and all those great acts should all be done quietly, you miss the point if you simply must tell the world and the next Malaysian.

    There is never the need to “go native”, change your Indian outfit and put on the tudung, hijab, whatever.

    There is even less need to tell the world you are “loving thine neighbours” and all that, it is so condescending I-go-down-to-their-level, I don’t mind looking like them..!

    Some just can’t miss a photo op!

    An couple of iman friends make sure I get a few kilos of beef each year for making their lives miserable, they don’t pop round with the meat, accompanied by a couple dozen grinning folks banging away at their gendangs and kompangs. What’s more, nobody makes sure the cameras are there so that pics can go viral. One of the imans has a daughter who keeps dogs, so you can guess the mileage I get out of niggling him over that. But then I have lots of Arab friends who keep dogs, and over here, I have quite a few Malay friends who keep dogs, a couple of them even feed and build shelters for the neighbourhood’s stray dogs, bless them – my friends too!

    A Catholic woman (has to be a bleeding Irish too, sorry!) once said to me “I can accept other people’s religion”. I said to her “Then why aren’t you a Muslim?”

    Funny thing, the woman wafted around all the time feeling what a good Christian she was, her more earthbound priest told me her bunch of fanatical churchgoers were a pain in his backside, said the woman went nuts taking her dying sister to the “Hahaha holy water” of Lourdes, have among her friends, Malaysian Christians who talked “rubbish”, and the holy lot spent their time in church quarreling with other bunches of sad specimen of the religious… yes, I have plenty of stories about the “holy”, but let’s laugh about that another time, Amen!

  4. Remember what I said about the Opposition ?
    1. 1997- If the DPM took a holiday, he would return PM.
    2. 2008 – If the 32 Aduns were sorted out before and not after the 12th GE, the Opposition would have been in Putrajaya since.
    3. 2013 – If the Leadership declared a 100 day fast to death, they would be in Putrajaya too.
    4. 2018 – My advice to win 14th GE was join UMNO. They did, They joined old UMNO and now in Putrajaya. I also labelled them as running dogs. of the Left joining the ultra right which they did.

    1. You can only be using two of those Thai pandan-flavoured coconuts for your bomoh predictions.

      Malaysian palm oil-flavoured coconuts are notoriously unreliable.

      Still, I don’t make it a point to remember anything any Malaysian says.

      Except, maybe when I can have a good laugh and a half over it.

      Or when I can pour dead belacan on it.

      No disrespect, I come across a lot of Malaysians who make all the right predictions – which explains why our country can never be put right at the right time.

      Those folks are called Malaysian politicians, “strategists”, and kopitiam soothsayers.

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