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What DAP’s Ramasamy and Zakir Naik have in common

Ramasamy s/o Palanisamy is the enduring poster boy who best illustrates his racist party’s concept of an unbreakable glass ceiling.

Ramasamy was made deputy chief minister Two (II) when DAP first headed the Penang state gomen in 2008.

Mohd Fairus Khairuddin was appointed Penang deputy chief minister One. This inaugural DCM (I) for the Pakatan Rakyat administration however resigned a mere year into his job.

ABOVE: Ramasamy with his party boss Guan Eng

Hikayat Sang Rama: Babak Satu

When Fairus quit on 21 March 2009, Ramasamy had by then had 12 months, 12 days working experience as DCM (II) but still he failed to be promoted to become DCM (I) all the same.

Instead Mansor Othman was appointed DCM (I) over Ramasamy’s head; with the latter remaining Indian quota DCM (II). This even though Mansor was only just making his debut as an assemblyman having been parachuted into Penang to occupy the DUN seat vacated by Fairus.

So much for the racist DAP’s claim of meritocracy.

Mansor remained in office until GE13.

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Hikayat Sang Rama: Babak Dua

When the post of DCM (I) fell vacant after 5 May 2013, Ramasamy was again overlooked for promotion.

By this time, the Indian wallah had already accumulated five years-and-two months’ relevant experience in his capacity as a deputy chief minister.

Yet instead it was Johorian Mohd Rashid Hasnon who was appointed DCM (I) to replace Mansor over Ramasamy’s head. Rashid was fast tracked even though a first-time Adun.

So much for the racist DAP saying that Malaysia must be meritocratic.

Rashid remained in office until GE14.

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Hikayat Sang Rama: Babak Tiga

When the post of DCM (I) fell vacant after 8 May 2018, Ramasamy was once more overlooked for promotion … to nobody’s surprise.

By this time, the chagrined DCM (I)-in-waiting had already served ten years-and-two months as deputy chief minister Two. Like Anwar, Ramasamy can wait forever lah to become No.1.

Instead Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman was appointed DCM (I) to replace Rashid over Ramasamy’s head. This even though Zakiyuddin was only a first-time Adun.

Was an Indian not qualified to be Penang chief minister despite Ramasamy’s full decade of experience as DCM under his belt?

Now, apologists for the racist DAP might give the excuse that the Penang DCM (I) position is reserved for PKR.

Well then, how about this simple solution — Why not Ramasamy be promoted to chief minister after Guan Eng’s departure since the CM post is allotted to their party DAP?

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In the logical order of things, the deputy is promoted to his boss’ chair, e.g. Tun Razak replacing Tunku, Hussein Onn stepping to fill Razak’s shoes, Mahathir succeeding Tun Hussein.

Yet the Indian is kept under a glass ceiling because DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party, why else.

And furthermore, Harapan is as much race-based as the BN’s ‘Umno for Malays, MIC for Indians’. That is also the reason for the  series of four Penang Malay DCMs (I) who hindered Ramasamy’s climb up the ladder.

Racist DAP! Only Dapsters are deluded enough to spread the Fake News that your party is colour blind and beyond race.

ABOVE: A Peace TV event with Zakir Naik 

DAP Indian cabinet ministers as ineffectual as paper straws

Sorry but I have digressed. Back to the post title: So what do DAP’s Ramasamy and Zakir Naik have in common?

Answer: Both claim to be men of peace.

Zakir Naik (below) declares that he’s “always been a man of peace”.

Ramasamy declared yesterday that he did not agree armed struggle was the best way for the Tamil Tigers to go about pursuing their objectives. He’s a peacenik too.

DAP’s Human Resources Minister Kulasegaran Murugeson was reportedly angered by Zakir Naik’s remarks that Malaysian Indians were more loyal to India prime minister Narendra Modi than to the Malaysian PM.

Kula had said he was bringing up his manifold objections about Zakir Naik when he met boss Mahathir during the weekly Wednesday cabinet meeting.

Only DAP running dogs are required to be loyal to their racist master Mahathir as they wait to be thrown crumbs from his table.

Malaysians need not be loyal to the PM. Malaysians need only be loyal to our king and country.


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