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Mahathir stretching his term like the world’s longest rubber band

BELOW: The Harapan manifesto says that the PM cannot hold an additional and separate ministerial portfolio, for example, Finance Ministry (or something else)

Three more years … of endless possibilities:

~ 36 months

~ 1,095 days

~ 26,280 hours

~ 1,576,800 minutes

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is asking the same question again and again, each time hoping to get a straight answer from Beloved Tun on when he is planning to step down.

Don’t you love it that the Harapan chairman is stretching his term like the world’s longest rubber band?

The suspense is clearly aggravating the cerebral aneurysm of the Dapsters (who are looking like Greta Thunberg below) fit to burst.


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3 thoughts on “Mahathir stretching his term like the world’s longest rubber band

  1. Thunberg?

    Took me a long while to realise that square head didn’t belong to our beloved Indian squaw Hippo Hannah.

    It was Hypocrite Hippo’s shifty eyes wot differentiated our part-time hijabee hypocrite coolie kway teow tosser from that death stare.

    Btw, what is the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine doing about our most foul world’s worst killer smog?

    And about the Lynas “radiation”?

    And about shipping back the rubbish from those affluent polluting countries that have made Malaysia a freaking garbage dump that matches the rubbish that our politicians are?!

    How is it that a sixteen year old can command such international media attention when nothing our politicians say or do is of the least bit of interest to anybody?

    Even our futuristic flying coffins and our Turd Car are of no interest to anyone else!

    Is the simple truth that none of our politicians is worth a few ringgit of corporate sponsorship – or even a tiny bit of attention?

    And I am the least bit surprised!

  2. Essentially, the strategic alliance or united front which the three-party Pakatan made with Mahathir/PPBM in order to oust Najib and UMNO, succeeded in getting Pakatan elected but later backfired in their faces.

    Shortly before GE14, “Non-governmental individual” (NGI) Hishamuddin Rais who is bitterly against Mahathir and UMNO since the Reformasi days told his supporters that a “Marxist/Maoist style united front” was necessary to defeat Najib/UMNO/BN, against the strong objections of some of his Reformasi-ists alies.

    The #Undirosak people were also against the Pakatan tie up with Mahathir/PPBM.

    As it turned out, Hishamuddin was right, but after some high-profile political shenanigans shortly after GE14, he has been very much off the political and media radar, especially after Pakatan’s many U-turns on promises made, the stagnant economy, rising racian and religious tensions, Pakatan’s losses especially in the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau by-elections and so forth.

    I also see that Prof. Dr. Edmund Terence Gomez who was in the news with his statements about GLCs’ dominance of Malaysia’s economy and the need for there to be no political appointments to head of these GLCs before and shortly after GE14, has gone off the radar too.

    And, Tian Chua, oh Tian Chua! PKR MP for Batu and PKR vice-president – oh where have you been below the political and media radar?

    OK! To be fair, I spotted him amongst VIPs at an art exhibition at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on 27 May 2019, commemorating 45 years of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations.

    However, Tian Chua has been below the political and media radar for many years and I wonder why.

  3. “…Tian Chua has been below the political and media radar for many years and I wonder why”

    Shouldn’t be an issue, our radar operators sleep on the job.

    Or rather, their job is sleeping.

    The answer may be the DAP running dogs of the Top Dog keeps the PKR redneck on a short rope.

    Lest he goes on a biting spree when he sees a policeman.

    I give old Tian credit though. He is the most interesting politician since Old Fanny Fan, the Made-in-Malaysia Japanese Madam Butterfly appointed Butt Fly “G*d’s Gift to Malaysia”.

    Old Tian used to shoot off his hips at just about anything, he was the bullsh*t in the china shop, or, at least, the Baba shop, firing off endless torrents of nonsense at just about anything.

    Old Tian never stopped barking at any passing car.

    Or at conked out Protons that never passed any test.

    Put it one way, Old Tian was the Hound from Hell for anyone who was also blessed with stepping on his business on a pavement.

    Now he’s caught the same contagious disease passed on by the once-noisy and loud circus performers of the DAP, now turned extremely quiet – except, I hope, he is not a backside smooching dog that our DAP leaders have appointed themselves to be just below the behind of the Snake Pharaoh.

    I hope when Assman Ali takes over the PKR (as he should, why not?), Old Tian would get his bark – and his bite back. When Assman becomes PM, I hope Tian takes on role of the defence minister, just think when the urge bites, what our biting minister can do to the nation’s enemies with our fighter aircrafts with no engines.

    Tian’s absence from politics is a crying shame, it is Malaysia’s loss, this Tua Pek Kong’s gift to Malaysia.

    Old Tian is more interesting and even more photogenic than the greasehead Baby Doc Tokong Josef StaLim of the Lim Lynasty. Just look at how Josef StaLim looks through his glasses made from the bottom of old Coke bottles, staring funny-eyed like a schizo who’s just half-woken from a trance.

    As a Baba, Tian is more a Chinese than the longkang coolie Baby Doc. Tian speaks better Mandarin than that poor old coolie thug whose “Mandarin” is every bit as unpolished as his thuggish longkang lack of refinement.

    So come back, Tian, Malaysia, or the Pakatan circus, certainly the PKR, needs you! Bring back some life to politics at least for the Chinese, who the DAP is trying to kill off in a slow painful sure death.

    Hope this helps toward solving the mystery of the dog that didn’t bark at midnight…

    Or at anything, anymore.

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