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What do Mahathir’s Pribumi people think of ally DAP?

The Sarawak alliance led by Abang Johari Openg (pix below) is now buddying up to PAS. Johari is a Malay Muslim.

Will we witness a similar high-fiving between native Sarawak leaders and DAP anytime soon? Or would DAP be nudged even further to the fringe and isolated from the indigenous populations in both Malaya and Borneo?

How Umno Malays, PAS Muslims view DAP

PAS’s stand on the racist Christian-dominated party is unequivocal. It follows the Asal Bukan DAP theme; in other words, a mirror image of the ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) campaign that DAP only recently ran with 95 percent success among the Chinese.

The animus that PAS harbours against DAP is not confined to its party president Hadi Awang or his deputy alone — see also Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man’s warning to DAP to desist from pursuing a “Christianization agenda” (article tweet below).

Other PAS leaders – ranging from sec-gen to Dewan Ulama, Dewan Pemuda, Dewan Muslimat and Majlis Syura – are also implacably antagonistic towards the DAP.

In fact, Takiyuddin Hassan nailed it when he described the two-faced, forked-tongued party as gangster-like and merely faking its tolerance for Islam — ref. NST news report below.

Now imagine PAS scoring a similar success with its own ABCD (Asal Bukan Cina/Christian DAP) campaign among Malays.

In Umno’s opinion, DAP is racist, controlled by Chinese chauvinists and the party cannot be trusted (see video below). This is an identical view to PAS’s.

Not to be outdone by PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin, the Umno sec-gen Annuar Musa declared, “Kita tak boleh terima DAP sampai kiamat …”. You can’t get more emphatic than that.

See Utusan news report headlined ‘Umno tolak DAP sampai kiamat’ below.

So far its quite clear what three-quarters of Malay voters represented by Umno and PAS feel about DAP.

Now let’s look at a wedge issue, Zakir Naik, and see where the DAP’s Harapan allies stand on it. A few pictures speak a thousand words.

These photographs show Zakir Naik with Harapan Youth chief Syed Saddiq, Zakir Naik with Harapan religious czar Mujahid and Zakir Naik with Harapan chairman Mahathir. Evidently the firebrand preacher is on excellent terms with DAP’s allies.


There have been popular online polls asking Malays if they sided with Zakir Naik or with Lim Kit Siang. The mamak won hands down.

Doubtless the same survey respondents would respond similarly to a question asking if they sided with Zakir Naik or with DAP/ “bangsa DAP” (an euphemism for ‘Cina DAP’).

These pro Zakir Naik-anti DAP Malays are needless to say PAS people, Umno people, Isma people and Ummah people.

If you asked the Pribumi people whether they’re pro Zakir Naik or pro DAP, what answer do you think you’ll get?

How do the 25 – 30% Malays who voted Harapan feel about the DAP and by extension, the 95% Chinese who backed DAP to the hilt?

Just asking. But DAP’s solid Chinese bloc should reflect on when they will be reaping what they sowed on 9 May 2019. Be prepared to reap the whirlwind soon.


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14 thoughts on “What do Mahathir’s Pribumi people think of ally DAP?

  1. It will be the end of the DAP, Amen, if the Sarawak alliance team up with PAS-UMNO.

    There isn’t all that much love for the Lim Lynasty and the DAP except in just a few urban areas, to begin and end with, and, even among Sarawak’s Chinese there is little loyalty if the promises especially about royalties from what is plundered from Sarawak is not honoured.

    There may be some rubber tapper stock among the Sarawak Chinese, but relatively few are from coolie, mine digger, peasant stock, and they are of a different mentality, don’t take to Malayan Chinese type of backward political antics.

    Forced to choose an Islamic gomen of nutcase clerics and a Christian gomen of nutcase clerics, I would go for the former.

    Would there be any difference between the two? – one is every bit as useless, hopeless, clueless, and Gawd-forsaken as the other.

    And since I am no racist, and nor do I single out any religion for my blessing, the other may be more preferable – if just for the fact that they are not as insufferable as our Christians, hypocrite, “G*d-fearing”, self-righteous, immensely boring, dangerously deluded, and plenty more otherwise.

    I would thank Taiko Tokong Dear Leader Lim Il Siang and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine for pushing any alliance between PAS and UMNO, and they and anybody else.

    And why not?

    Apart from reaping the whirlwind, the alliance of the DAP’s enemies would surely work much better than the Faustian one between the Taiko Tokong and the Snake Pharaoh handler of his short leash.

    And if that alliance comes about with Sarawak lot, there would be plenty for the roti canai flipper’s running dog to bark about once more.

  2. In Malaysia if Malay Muslim rules. Many Chinese become billionaires and businessmen and Indian becoming succesful professional like lawyers, doctors, engineers etc

    If Chinese rules.. many Malays become mules, more drug addicts and Malay institutions broken down to pieces and Malays will be pushed to hard core poor. Chinese are the most racist people in the world together with the Jews. That is why Chinese are known as the ‘Jew of the east’

    1. “If Chinese rules..”

      How can they do that?

      You failed maths at school?

      You can’t work out the percentages that the Chinese are not going to rule, in time to come with rapid breeding by some and little breeding by the Chinese, the Chinese are never going to “rule”, ever.

      Where is that mighty Malaysian Chinese army to make sure they can rule?

      Quit that kiasu Chinese bogey rant, it is unhealthy, betrays a serious lack of ability with basic ability to reason, with sense, with logic, with maths (another reason a Chinese may not employ you!)

      How can what is a big majority ever get threatened by a tiny puny peaceful minority?

      Could it be that that some are just such dumb phcuks that the divide-and-rule racist lines that the old Brit colonialists fed are still faithfully, loyally, and even royally tucked in the dark recess of some simple minds, there’s been no house-cleaning ever since the colonial massahs left?!

      Could it be that some can just feel insecure and inferior all the time, need to conjure up imaginary enemies to feel at ease with themselves?

      Or is it all a kid’s playground mentality, the weak always need to huff and puff and constantly thump their chests, prove they are “big” and remind all others who the boss is?

      Or is it the “strong” who is forever frightened someone small might take a pin prick all the hot air out of him?

      Try not to peddle all those racist crap, they are not going to stop the Chinese from being Chinese, history has proven the Chinese can be anybody and anything else, and still win.

      In some countries, the Chinese have to use only the language dictated they must, submit and kowtow to the powers that be. The Chinese go on to excel in the specified language, do extremely well in it, even write literature in that language. They happily submit and kowtow to anyone hard up to play top dog. At the end of it all, the Chinese still come up very successful, very rich… What’s the point of any exercise to control anybody, eh?

      Has anybody not take heed of what Old Mao said, the more oppression, the more resistance?

      Is not the very recent Chinese National Day parade a statement: for over a century you trampled on us and bullied us, now come do that to us again, and we’ll shove a few good ones up yours!?

      Did not the Chinese laid low, bide its time, quietly worked hard on making itself strong while the West continuously attempted to destroy it?

      The Chinese in Indonesia all speak Indonesian, have brilliant command of the language. Many can’t even speak a word of Chinese. But come the time, they can do so, be what they think they really are (not what you say they should be), they tell you their Chinese names, boast their Chinese ancestry, bring out the lions and dragons for Chinese New Year!

      Chinese schools were closed, the use of Chinese forbidden in many countries. But as soon as they could, the Chinese took back their language with a vengeance and make that blossom overnight, dragging along the non-Chinese to Mandarin classes.

      The same stories go for the Chinese elsewhere. In the Philippines where there are those who tell you Jose Rizal is a “Malay”, all Filipino presidents go to pay homage to him at his ancestral hometown in China. We have sultans with Chinese blood or are married to Chinese, didn’t a royalty tell us recently she was Chinese – and even Cantonese – what are you guys going to do about that, disrespect the Chinese?!

      And when are you true blues going to stop using Chinese words? Stop putting on the tekor, stop eating mee, bihun, tauhu, kway teow..?

      Why stop there? Why not exorcise all the non-true blue words out of our vocabulary, take all the English, Dutch, Persian, Arab, Indian, Indonesian, what-you-may words out of our pirated rojak language with bastardised spelling, keep just the two or three hundred words of our true-blue guttural?

      So let’s not make any act of exorcism half-baked, botched, do a nice thorough job, when I learn Malay one day, I don’t want to see any Chinese, or any foreign word. I want to be proud Malay stands out on its own, it is a supreme language of a errr supreme civilisation, it gave birth to itself, others copy it, it is not a child of many parents, it is not a child of even unknown parents.

      We should drop batek, that’s pirated from the Indonesians. We should stop doing our horrible “gamelan”, that’s a cheap pirate copy of Indonesian stuff. We should come up with our own minimal number of true-blue dishes. What we have now are mostly Chinese, Indian, etc food, and the anjing panas is still the foreign hot dog! Mind you we even have these days a non-pork version of the Bah Kut Teh, such ingenuity, wtf!

      And we just can’t get enough of McDo, Burger King, Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut! Every pay day, the mugs all spend their fortune pigging in those joints, what a bleeding disgrace, no true-blue national pride!… when is Ahmad Ali’s Nasi Lemak going to branch out big time into a world brand?! I think you need the Chinese to help with this one – In China, Taiwan, whatever there is that the big-time foreign brands do, the Chinese have come up with just as successful answers!

      We should chuck away the kompang, the gendang, they are foreign musical instruments. We should stop stealing Indonesian songs, our nawbat is foreign, our favourite songs even Chinese! And our little darlings go hug the Koreans and the nation tears out its hair – not because there’s such affection for the Koreans but such devotion to foreign music, even when they are junk!

      What’s so wrong with our junk? I once went in a music store asked for a CD by a Malay traditional singer. The shop was deeply embarrassed told me their Malay customers don’t go for such music. It was the same all over the city, I couldn’t get a present for an ethnomusicologist friend. (I avoided Chinese stuff, I would be buried under a couple mountains of that!)

      While we are at it, we should drop our national anthem, do something genuinely original. Our anthem is an unashamed pirate copy of a Hawaiian hula hula number… It was known years and years ago, but our lazy sods were too lazy to come up with our own work”

      We are so fcuking true-blue we pirate everything from everybody else!

      And, don’t forget to drop your sarongs – that’s Indian!

      Don’t try be cheap pirated copies of Arabs, either!

  3. “Chinese are the most racist people in the world together with the Jews. That is why Chinese are known as the ‘Jew of the east’ ”

    Utter tosh!

    You are being very ignorant – and rather emotional!

    Chinese are not particularly known as “the most racist people in the world”, “together with the Jews” or anybody else.

    “The Jews” are not known as “most racist people in the world” either. There is no evidence for that.

    That “Chinese are known as the ‘Jew of the east’ ” is some serious nonsense, it is just that some racists find fault with their business acumen, chose to use racist label lumping them with “the Jews” as a convenient way the pot can call the kettle black.

    I celebrate business acumen, I respect hard work and enterprise in any race. I celebrate such success – not just that of the Chinese or the “Jews”.

    If I cannot beat the Chinese or “the Jews” for their ability to generate and accumulate capital, I would at least not get uptight or jealous or hostile about their qualities (if you are a capitalist or a wannabe capitalist). I would admire them, say good luck to them. wish them well.

    I won’t turn into a racist, in any case, in order to attack anyone else for being “racist”, there are just too many Chinese and too many “Jews” whose capital or service, and whose philanthropic activities serve and benefit people who are neither Chinese nor “Jewish”.

    There is plenty I can learn from both the Chinese – and the “Jews”.

    That is much better than get permanently pissed off about others, I would rather use the energy and time to better myself, challenge the ability and success of others, outdo others – maybe turn myself into a success story just like that of the Chinese and the “Jews”.

    Labeling others “racist” may not necessarily turn me into a better person.

    Nor put cash in my pockets.

    It just turns me into a very bitter and poor loser.

    Now, why would I want that?!

    1. Chinese not the racist people, Wolfobitch?
      If you dont believe Mr. Razako then ask PM Mahathir. Mahathir have live long enough (94 yrs ) to know how racist are the Chinese in Malaysia thru their mentor.. the Dong zong .
      Is Mahathir wrong? Why your DAP guys never demonstrates on this statement. I mean real big demonstration like the Hong Kongees.

      1. “Is Mahathir wrong? Why your DAP guys…”

        Mahathir is wrong.

        Most of the time too.

        Not all “Chinese” are “your DAP guys”.

        It is childish and convenient, lazy, black and white “thinking” to lump all Chinese who do not worship the freaking Snake Pharaoh as “your DAP guys”.

        Further, to have negative and low opinion of Mahathir very definitely does not mean a “Chinese” is a supporter of the DAP – the DAP is in clear fact, a big fan of the Snake Pharaoh, and because of its worship of the Macaivillain roti canai flipper “forked tongued man”, the DAP has lost itself not too few of its “Chinese” supporters.

        “Mahathir have live long enough (94 yrs )” does not mean he is any wiser than the next guy. it just means he’s filled up his guts more than others younger than he is.

        Mahathir thrives on racial and racist politics and dirty divisive ways (has he no real ability?!) which can sway those retards incapable of thinking just a little bit deep about just about anything. Mahathir does not win people over for making coffins on four cheap tyres called his “child”, at least not capable thinking people.

        Nor does being most able to win in a continuous losing streak of massively expensive loss makers crippling the nation – everything Mahathir touches turns into gigantic loss-makers! – but, just fancy this – all this occurs while his family and cronies can become fabulously wealthy! How come?!

        The Snake Pharaoh can be as racist as he likes, but I, for one, go for real ability – and a person’s true worth for humanity – not just for a dark corner of the kampong! Not the orator’s corner of a sarabat stall!

        In spite of the fact that he is a loser on every front, Mahathir continues to survive in politics – through his dirty racist and racially divisive politics. He is able to do so only because he’s nurtured some rather thick people in racist views about other races. This enormously sad bunch forevers crows and whines about other races and how tough it is to be “supremacist”!

        Just how can a majority in any country be so bullied and affected by any minority, fer crying out loud!? You don’t need advanced mathematics to work this out.

        We can all crow until the cows come home, but does any view about another race make one better off? You can stand on a rooftop and cry out loud five times a day anything racist about the next person – but would that make you better off? Would you become a better person? Nicer? Richer?

        “know how racist are the Chinese in Malaysia thru their mentor.. the Dong zong .”

        The “Dong Zong” is not racist at all – just because the Snake God says so does not make it so, the Snake Pharaoh lies and bullshits and talks shifty all the time. There is absolutely nothing the Dong Zong does that gives me the slightest indication they are “racist”

        Rather than treating what Mahathir says as gospel, go visit Dong Zong yourself (like I do, like education experts do) and study what they do and say, please don’t be lazy and simply put into your head another person’s warped view, or any view. Seek truth yourself! If you are not up to the job, then, improve yourself, that’s the hallmark of any great civilisation.

        Dong Zong has done wonderful work for Malaysia – and that’s not just for the “Chinese”. Dong Zong schools have excellent academic standard (extremely important considering our public education is diabolical!), its schools are well-attended by Malays and other non-Chinese. There may be other institution exclusively for other races and no others, but Dong Zong schools are open to all. From what I know, its students of non-Chinese origins do well, and are well-loved.

        It may be healthy to note, a lot of Malays make it a special point to send their children to Chinese schools. When one doesn’t have to go “as far as China” to learn, Dong Zong is the “next best”.

        As for “integration”, all I can say is the biggest percentage in the USA speak English. But that never explained to me the riots by “the blacks” nor “white racism”. Using one single language because somehow it makes for “integration” is a load of tosh!

        I am not here to sell Dong Zong, but I would add further that because of its world-view, Dong Zong contributes a great deal toward integration of all the races, contributes toward nation building. I won’t knock the Dong Zong, I respect all educational establishments that are of high standard, delivers the goods – to all. If Malay, Indian, Arab or African schools can do that, I have absolutely no problem sending my children there. Of course, providing my children do not come home each day with “funny” stories about other races.

        “Why your DAP guys never demonstrates on this statement. I mean real big demonstration like the Hong Kongees.”

        I don’t know what your drift is with your pearl of wisdom(?), but I am not given to snapping to attention and following any idea just because someone else says so! The “real big demonstration like the Hong Kongees” is just a better looking, well-dressed, well-fed “jihadee” enterprise getting nowhere very loudly and violently, and on a cheap copy suicide mission, begging to be properly whacked.

        If I were you, I would not lump “the Chinese” with the “DAP” as if “the Chinese” can only be DAP supporters. Nor would I use the word “racist” as if the “Chinese” can only be “racist” – and everything else being “Chinese” therefore being “DAP” is “racist” – What a bleeding pile of racist ignorant rotting bollocks!!!!

        Is there nothing else to shag off about than playing pot calling kettle, there nothing else to look at in Malaysia?!

        What about the broken promises of PH? What about getting utterly pissed off at that arrogant dismissive attitude that promises need not be kept because it is not “Bible”? What about the poor living standard of the rakyat? I am so embarrassed we keep doctored statistics pretending we’ve ever done anything about poverty in our country? – Just how are we going to help any poor in our country if we work on bullsh*t statistics?! Must this – and everything else in Malaysia be delusional fake news?!!!

        How is it that a very small minority of Malays can become immensely rich while the vast number of Malays remain below poverty line (not that line from our fake news!), never mind other races, “Chinese” included?!

        What about having to die in another horrible round of curse now that the Devil is back to wreak even more guaranteed damage to the country? Must we all be freaking sadists?!

        What about being honourable, being honest, being decent, being upright, being noble in word and deed? What we are having of the “New” gomen is one big fat lie after another, non-stop!

        What about pissing on that futuristic flying coffin, and the new coffin on four cheap tyres, the Turd Car? Mahathir has a worse than terrible record of producing a trustworthy coffin, his “child” has over 400 defects that not a single one any sane country passed in their tests. If Malaysians have their heads screwed on properly, they should have aborted the Proton long long before it made the Mahathir trademark colossal loss!

        So there you go! There’s more of Mahathir grand stupidity, I’d be happy to reel that off another blessed occasion!

        Nothing “racist” about that.

        A useless guy is a useless guy. A useless Chinese is a useless Chinese… a useless Mamak is a useless Mamak!

        It’s fine as long so long as the snake clown doesn’t run the country.

        It’s fine as long as the devious snake does not keep power by playing the only game he knows – racist politics!

        “If you dont believe Mr. Razako then ask PM Mahathir.”

        There is nothing to “believe” or “not believe”, who is “Mr Razako”? – a wise bomoh?!

        Now, just why should I “then ask PM Mahathir”?!

        I read about that “talking snake” in the “Garden of Eden”, I am not given to trusting a snake even the first time..!!!!

        1. Ha ha Wolfobitch long statement from a weaken point of defence. Not all Chinese are DAP supporters but 95% of them voted for DAP.

          Dong Zong students and ex student dont mixed with Malay at large and it is a well known facts the Chinese owned firms despised Malay and give priority to Chinese applicants only. That is a racist mentality.

          1. “95% of them voted for DAP”

            “Dong Zong students and ex student dont mixed with Malay at large”

            Both statement baseless and untrue.

            Though very typical of those with desperate racist need to demonise other races.

            I don’t do that usually with any race, so what’s so important that anyone should “mixed with Malay at large”? Would you feel “left out”? Would “mixing” prove anything? Would you become “more Chinese” or “Indian” or whatever if you “mix”?

            I hang out with Malays when I play gasing, I go out to the sea to fish with Malays, interestingly, none of the Malays have become “Chinese”, and my command of Malay is still pretty non-existent, and nobody notices… You don’t go home with the Malays or whoever, you’ll never know the biggest part of their lives.

            We usually “mix” when we eat out, Malays are frightened I might not be vegan, Indians get pissed off if I tuck in any beef… Still, I often get bought (expensive) drinks at a bar by Malay folks (many I don’t even half know), I accept them if they are not mixed into a cocktail.

            I don’t run away from any place where I see more Malays, more Indians or more anybody else. I avoid places where there are certain kinds of Chinese, so maybe I am the “right” kind of “racist”… I can’t stand any Chinese who reminds me of the Lim Lynasty, Tony “Bucktooth” Pua, Hippo Hannah, that fatty “Superman” thing, well… most of those running dogs and puppies of the Snake Pharaoh-worshipping DAP doghouse.

            “Ketuanan Cina” is as sick and as stupid as any other “ketuanan”, though China’s Chinese have done amazingly well, compared to them, our Chinese are still “kampong”, but that’s another story for another time..!

            For now, any “ketuanan” stinks horribly of weakness, Old Lao Tzu says it’s all false, fake news, it is one “good” smell to cover one bad one.

            “well known facts the Chinese owned firms despised Malay and give priority to Chinese applicants only”

            More like another “well known” racist smear.

            It is “well known” fact all employers are choosy, they would reject ALL applicants, Chinese included, that don’t satisfy their requirements.

            Thus, those who do not fit the bill, and those useless, witless, lazy, clueless, dumb, thick etc etc would not be employed, Chinese included – and rightly so, too!

            There is no difference between a stupid and lazy Chinese – and a stupid and lazy Malay. Stupid is stupid, lazy is lazy. A person is never put on a payroll because he is from a particular race – money is money.

            Money to a smart employer is more lovely than any racial attribute.

            I have Chinese friends who employ Malay women over Chinese. They tell me their employees are “more shapely”, better-endowed than Chinese. Some may call that “racist”, “discrimination”, “sexist” and all that… Sadly, employers are the ones who pay salaries, they can pick and choose, so any wrongly-shaped mug can scream at the wind, they can’t do anything about that just because they are “Chinese”, etc.

            There are plenty of Chinese who would employ Malays for another reason that their physical attributes. Chinese find Malays who can speak Chinese rather “cute”. Many are employed even as a novelty. Malays (and others, learning properly at schools) do tend to speak better Mandarin than our Chinese who tend to pick up their longkang “Mandarin” from family and friends who cannot handle grammar and have atrocious accents!

            It is hilarious to hear our Chinese massacre Mandarin when they converse – but then belt out some good Mandarin numbers they studiously copied from some foreign soundtracks!

            But you seem to be interested only in one particular race. There are plenty of well-qualified unemployed Chinese, Indians, and others too. Why aren’t you talking about them?

            Are they of the “wrong” races?

            Are the other races not sidelined for university places, scholarships, jobs (even if it’s the now utterly sick rubbishy civil service), grants, promotion, etc etc.?

            But yet real and great fruits cannot be produced off a ground that is deliberately uneven.

            And, in spite of the sad fact that some are deliberately handicapped all-round in life, they go on to become good students, graduates, professionals… successful in nearly everything in a tough and unfair life.

            When I pick workers, I am heavily biased in favour of those who can surmount all odds, all obstructions, all difficulties put in front of them, go on to make a success of themselves. I like those too, who, in spite of having to work all day – and, maybe even have to run a household, can diligently attend night school, struggle and get a qualification.

            Fancy this, if you sit in front of, say, a Chinese who had to struggle against everything in order to get to become your prospective employer, and you let off a torrent of bitterness, hard-done-by-life (don’t say “Chinese”) stories, etc etc and you reveal how you can’t get off your backside to make a difference, how would you expect him to be impressed by your lack of drive, let alone fighting spirit?

            Rather than outright losing to me in an argument, why don’t you look at the magic of doing better than others instead of forever leaning on the crutch excuse, the “demise” of some might be their very own fault?

            Would sawing off the legs of the Chinese – or anybody else, necessarily make you any taller?

            Vietnam got rid of its Chinese but then had to invite them back to revive their economy. Meanwhile those Chinese who balik everywhere else in the West, went on to become leading business folks and professionals in all the countries that would take them in. Plenty to learn from that!

            What is there for me to moan about if, say, the Chinese can tighten their belts and starve, postpone till forever gratification, scrimp and save, bear being disadvantaged, being victimised, work all hours, suffer all round, and be immensely successful in life?

            Should I be envious if such a successful Chinese can have “all” the money to enjoy life with, goes around in dream cars, his family goes on holiday all the time, and to far and fabulous destinations, his children all have plenty of money to splash on everything?

            I would wish them all well, certainly, I wouldn’t blame them for my being out of pocket every weekend, borrowing way beyond my means, and pushing my clapped out fcukin’ Proton all over town all the time!

            I can still moan like freaking stupid, blame others, but I’ll still be penniless, still flashing fake Made-in-China brands – and still pushing my clapped out fcuked-up Proton all over town – while all the flashy cars (driven by Chinese) honk and order me out of their way!

            Like I say before, you can get on a rooftop and cry and crow eight times a day about how you are hard done by others, but at the end of it all (would that crutch ever be discarded?), all you’ve done is cry and crow, and cry and crow – even when, in a few cases, the “Chinese” may actually be racist!

            You don’t get your rice cooked doing that permanent crying and crowing, whining and bitching.

            You can blame others endlessly. Unfortunately, even if two percent of the moans were true, you still don’t get the rice cooked.

            If one race were to cut off the legs of all the others in order there is a level playing field, your rice would still not be cooked. You still need to get out of bed, go out to work, struggle, tough it out, make the money, save the money, get (buy) the rice, clean the rice, attend to and cook the rice, have that with just a few ikan bilis for a damn long time.

            Spoonfeeding as some would call it is totally out of the question. Even the Snake Pharaoh is (hypocritically) against that. So those who worship him should desist being spoonfed, pampered.

            And as I said before, there’s nothing preventing anyone from going out to outdo the Chinese – or anybody else. the Chinese are showing us they can outdo the Angmohs, we sure can outdo everybody, can’t we? For a start, we can do 7G to beat the Chinese 5G.

            And why not?

            We are being successfully delusional about a flying coffin, another Turd Car to out-perform our famous origami Proton coffins on four cheap tyres. We are on our way to leaving the Chinese behind in everything, we should all stop moaning, whining, bitching… why do any of those petty stuff when we are from the “chosen”, eh?!

            Oh! Don’t forget the “Jews”, we still have to beat the Chosen who feel and behave every bit chosen! Even their “hooked noses” can mortally humiliate the Snake Pharaoh, even the bloodthirsty murderers of ISIS are terrified of them Yahudis, never dared touch one single one of them… we also need outdo the “Jews”, make a lot of noise, bitch them… throw our instant ketupat (pirated from Indon recipe) at them! (Hahaha..!)

            Btw, I have absolutely nothing against other races. I love Malays, I have just too many Malay girlfriends. I love Indians too. And the “Kadazandusuns” (weird lumping of racial groups)… even the Chinese are fine for me, so long as they are not DAP-contaminated.

            I have nothing against that “ketuanan Melayu” stuff, I acknowledge those Malays who want me to acknowledge they are of the “master race” as my lords and masters. A lot of my Muslim friends (well, Arab ones…) already say they feel I am like a “good Muslim”, I do fasting (well, for health), I prefer halal (and kosher) restaurants, I very rarely touch pork, I don’t gamble… I have nothing against Muslims – even the Shias and the Sufis, I have lots of relatives who are (errr Chinese) Muslims and from pedigree from even before Islam reached our shores… I might even become a Rizduan Tee for a day…

            That said, what would all that do for you, eh?

            You still have to get out of bed, chuck away any yoke of “positive discrimination”, struggle, eat bitterness, hardship… maybe temper yourself further through understanding what other races have to go through and not get out of (the lives of poor Chinese, Indians, etc are as rotten as that of the poor Malays), in order to get your rice cooked.

            Making meaning of life into who is and who is not “racist” won’t get your rice cooked. If the “Chinese” are “racist”, there isn’t that much you can do about it if all you do is point finger. You should mix with the Chinese at large more, educate them. Believe and trust yourself you can do that, save the Chinese. Hate their “sins” and “crimes” but love them!

            And, where I am not racist, your grand and glorious moaning and bitching and finger pointing at any race would be a sad waste of energy and time. It would only get me to laugh at you!

            Remember, it is all about getting the rice, maybe loads of it -and getting it cooked.

            Torturing your poor little head about the “bad” about other races won’t do the trick.

            But going out, and going all out to outdo others would.

            (Unlike other “Chinese”, my advice is free, you won’t be charged for that. A word or two expressing gratitude may be useful, though I won’t be able to convert that into cash or even rice)

              1. “Wow full of self praising”

                Wow! Where?

                And Wow! Why not?!

                I should “replace” our dumb phcuk PM to “Save Malaysia”.

                The Snake Pharaoh is one Jack of all talk, master of nothing (big time losses in wild massive loss-making projects don’t count!)!

                Master of fantastic lying, bullsh*t, and denials.

                M for Memali!

                Hero of those thick, wide between ears great unwashed small-time chickensh*t racists…

                And totally spastically incapable to dealing with what I write than cheap kiasu ad hominem!

                Seen any nearby?

  4. Helen,

    By now even those Malays who support Tun or PH( and by extension DAP) can not deny that many DAP politicians are simply rude and provocative.

    Take the example of Perak “komunis” politician from DAP( expected) who incite The Chinese to go against the Sultan Of Selangor on the Highness insistence that only Malay language to be used on road signs.

    He referred the Sultan as “this malay”.

    I told off one Chinese friend who defended this “kurang ajar” DAP politician. “this Malay” whom he offended is the sovereign of the state. Literally translated, “this malay” is “lord of the house” in Selangor.

    As a parting remark, I told my friend I feel this is maybe the reason Sultan of Brunei refuses to grant citizenships to Chinese.

    And for any malay politician who is IN PH, he/she must accept reality that most Malays view them as nothing more than barking dogs for DAP.

    1. “maybe the reason Sultan of Brunei refuses to grant citizenships to Chinese”

      Don’t think citizenship matters all that much to the Chinese in Brunei…

      The Chinese in Brunei enjoy rights more or less like citizens, they are well-loved, they don’t get hassled at all by anyone desperate to lord it over them.

      How often do you hear the Bruneians tear there hair out in rage against their Chinese. threaten holocaust on their Chinese?

      How often do you hear the Bruneians scream about “balik Cina”?

      To make you happy, Chinese in Brunei are very happy and feel secure there, I know quite many Chinese there. There are many Chinese who are fabulously well-off. The rest get nearly everything free. nobody ask their racial credentials, or ask if they are “circumcised”…

      And you should be even more happy for the Chinese from China, they all love the little kingdom, they are well-loved, they are big-time and also small-time investors – many many of them. China Inc invests very heavily (big money!) in Brunei, there is mutual love between the two country.

      That’s good enough for most Chinese – make tons of money, bugger the “citizenship”. Nobody do the scare stuff on the Chinese – unlike some places; nobody tells them to “balik Cina” every other day.

      The survival of Brunei when the oil runs out depends entirely on Chinese investment – and the Chinese and not anyone else want to invest in Brunei – and in such huge way.

      Can’t say the same for M for Malaysiaboleh, can’t even stop the foreign investors from buggering off soon as the Snake Pharaoh replaced Najib!

      Can’t get the rest of the world to drink palm oil five times a day.

      And can’t fcuking manage everything else either!

      The Brunei sultanate has ancestral connection to China. The ties with China goes back many centuries. The tombs of Bruneian dignitaries have been maintained by the Chinese for centuries, ditto for those of the old Sulu kingdom.

      Just because some Chinese – or maybe just one Chinese is disrespectful to our sultan does not mean all of the Chinese in Malaysia behave or think the same, no need to go into any anti-Chinese mode against the whole race – all the fcuking way to China!

      Good job the power in Brunei does not think like some in Malaysia, get touchy about just about anything – and blame the whole Chinese race for that!

      Maybe like from every country else, we have plenty to learn from Brunei to be more civilised, grow up and stop crying out loud each time it is perceived someone or something has (again) make one unhappy, worse still, to be forever at the ready to attack and to blame someone for any slight, mostly imagined, invented, than real.

      Isn’t it plain freaking daft and really tiring to conjure up the Chinese bogey every other day.

      Just how can any puny peaceful minority pose any real, present and even future danger to a majority of warring braves is already a big bunch of bollocks, if not a seriously funny joke to any sane person!

      Btw, if I were that “one Chinese friend” of yours, I would be the first to tell you politely to fcuk off, not just for your “friendship” but for your nonsense about Brunei! You can only have a “friend” so long as he only agrees with you, sorry, you want a yes man, not a friend!

  5. “Whatever it is, the DAP replaced MCA.”

    Whatever it is, it hasn’t.

    “Actions speak louder than words.”

    The DAP is all inaction about anything Chinese.

    And it is no longer “loud” either.

    Still, any party that comes anywhere near the Snake Pharaoh becomes corrupt, MCA, DAP or even the Green Cheese Eaters Party..!

    You love quotes, how about Absolute Pharaoh corrupts Absolutely?

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