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How urgently do Umno-PAS desire regime change?

What’s there to indicate the rapidly increasing discontent on the Malay ground?

For one, opposition leader Ismail Sabri Yaakob only yesterday urged police to investigate the DAP, and for ROS to ban the racist party if any wrongdoing were to be determined (see video below). Continue reading “How urgently do Umno-PAS desire regime change?”

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The Chinese dilemma of Kuik Cheng Kang

The recent Amanat Mahathir congress predictably triggered an avalanche of existential angst at Sin Chew, the largest circulation Chinese-language newspaper outside of greater China, and Malaysia’s most influential Chinese media.

Sin Chew Daily deputy executive editor Ho Lee Peing clutched at her pearls, lamenting “Should we leave this land out of sheer despair?” Continue reading “The Chinese dilemma of Kuik Cheng Kang”

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Pribumi silat master, DAP taichi sifu circling each other

It’s hypocritical to protest Universiti Malaya vice chancellor Abdul Rahim Hashim as “racist” while still embracing Mahathir as chairman of the new Hope.

There was nothing of the content of Rahim’s speech (video below, in full) at the Malay Dignity Congress that did not come from the Mahathir playbook. Rahim said nothing that Mahathir had not already mouthed many times before in recent years, or that Mahathir had not reiterated even just lately. Continue reading “Pribumi silat master, DAP taichi sifu circling each other”

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Guan Eng wants MCA to let go TAR College … (into Maszlee’s hands)?

Four public universities recently co-organized the Amanat Mahathir congress which in turn prompted charges of anti-Chinese racism and religious bigotry from the ethnic minorities.

Beloved Tun, you’re truly our Bapa Malaysia Baru and we really, really cherish your all amanuts

Continue reading “Guan Eng wants MCA to let go TAR College … (into Maszlee’s hands)?”

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If DAP not racist, then why its Chinese YBs quiet over ‘LTTE’ arrests?

Penang’s forever bridesmaid-chief minister Ramasamy is as much disliked by some rival factions within the DAP as he is by the Malay right wing.

The police arrest of Ramasamy‘s two DAP Indian Yang Berhormat party colleagues yesterday on suspicion of possible terrorism activities has been likened to the Chinese saying that you must kill the chicken to scare the monkey. Its peribahasa Melayu equivalent is ‘pukul anak sindir menantu’. Continue reading “If DAP not racist, then why its Chinese YBs quiet over ‘LTTE’ arrests?”

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FM MIA @ SPV / WKB 2030 launch

Prof. Terence Gomez has questioned whether the Hope Coalition’s Shared Prosperity Vision (SPV) 2030 unveiled yesterday by the PM was drafted with all Malaysians in mind — ref. Malaysiakini news story below.

According to the mastermind of SPV 2030 or its name in bahasa Melayu, Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama (WKB 2030), his 10-year socio-economic policy is “a gift for the current generation and generations to come”. Continue reading “FM MIA @ SPV / WKB 2030 launch”

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Hongkong hooligans can come and buy Penang luxury condos

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the founding of modern China as a communist republic.

Hong Kong protesters – who had been terrorizing the island’s streets for months singing ‘Hallelujah’ to the Lord – also stepped up their thuggery yesterday, metaphorically, to stick up their middle finger to China’s National Day. Continue reading “Hongkong hooligans can come and buy Penang luxury condos”

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Will DAP gomen uphold Christian freedom in multi-religious Penang?

The Methodist Girls School in DAP-ruled Penang is being investigated by police over its Christian prayer at a recent awards event for pupils and parents.

MGS is a 128-year-old mission school with a Christian heritage (obviously) where they’ve always recited Christian prayers within its premises and hosted Christian fellowship — see video below. Continue reading “Will DAP gomen uphold Christian freedom in multi-religious Penang?”