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Will DAP gomen uphold Christian freedom in multi-religious Penang?

The Methodist Girls School in DAP-ruled Penang is being investigated by police over its Christian prayer at a recent awards event for pupils and parents.

MGS is a 128-year-old mission school with a Christian heritage (obviously) where they’ve always recited Christian prayers within its premises and hosted Christian fellowship — see video below.

In the DAP’s New Malaysia, however, its customary traditional practice is now suddenly a police problem and the girls’ school even probed for possible incitement offence. 

Boo! Hiss! Shame on DAP’s Christian Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow for this happening under his watch. Chow was himself even the VIP present at the dedicating of a new MGS building block on 29 March 2014!

So much for the DAP as defender of diversity, multiculturalism and the plural society.

The DAP regime ruling Penang the past decade touts ‘Competency, Accountability & Transparency’ as its state motto.

The DAP also touts constantly its multiracial and “multi religious” agenda.

However expect only opaqueness, the usual DAP flip-flop as well as the typical Harapan U-Turns in the latest controversy involving a “thanksgiving verse” – that, err, might sound like a Christian prayer – recently recited at MGS Penang.

And wait for it — Lim Kit Siang licking back and swallowing decades worth of his own spit.

BELOW: If Kit Siang does not speak now to defend MGS, he should forever hold his peace and spare our country the DAP’s verbal diarrhoea

Ten-year timeline of DAP promoting multi-religious freedom

From the track record (see below) of the DAP over many decades, we can see that the party is consistently bashing Umno for causing Malaysia’s religious intolerance.

But the DAP is itself today enthroned in Putrajaya and moreover ruling Penang for the third consecutive term. The party is holding power at both federal and state level.

So is DAP willing to walk its always plentiful talk and really uphold Malaysia as a multi-religious country where a missionary school in Penang ought to be allowed the freedom to recite a Christian or Thanksgiving prayer?

BELOW: In 2010, DAP Father Lim Kit Siang said Najib must condemn religious intolerance in Old Malaysia

BELOW: In 2011, DAP Father LKS said Najib’s Old Malaysia was religiously intolerant and furthermore violated the religious freedom guaranteed to Christians under our federal constitution because the Umno-led old gomen were nasty religious bigots

BELOW: In 2012, DAP Father LKS said Umno’s Old Malaysia bad, DAP’s multi-religious New Malaysia will definitely be better (and that’s why Penangites must vote to change the religiously intolerant old gomen in Putrajaya)

BELOW: In 2013, DAP Father LKS challenged Najib to guarantee freedom of religion in the peninsula

BELOW: In 2014, DAP Father LKS promoted the Peace & Harmony religious tolerance movement led by Mahathir’s wife and social activist daughter 

BELOW: In 2015, DAP Father LKS said Malaysia a ticking time bomb if religious tolerance was not resolved urgently

BELOW: In 2016, DAP Father LKS chided the Najib gomen for its insensitivity to Malaysia‘s status as a multi-religious nation

BELOW: In 2017, DAP Father LKS blamed Umno propaganda for the upsurge in controversial religious issues

BELOW: In 2018, DAP Father LKS slammed the BTN as feeding Umno’s “desperado politics” of religious intolerance

BELOW: In 2019, DAP Father LKS chided the Umno-PAS unity charter for polarizing religious relations in Malaysia


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One thought on “Will DAP gomen uphold Christian freedom in multi-religious Penang?

  1. “And wait for it — Lim Kit Siang licking back and swallowing decades worth of his own spit.”

    That’s a bit of fake news, I must say.

    But, indeed you have to wait for it – Lim Kit Siang is just too busy licking back side of his master and handler, the Snake Pharaoh, to do anything else.

    Running Dog is busy swallowing, all the same – and forever holding the piss – all and more of whatever is left of that Dei of the almost-Living Dread!

    Must say it is not unusual of our Christians to be totally gutless when “facing the lions”.

    We keep hearing that self-serving “I am G*d-fearing” line from the DAP Christians, but when it comes to fight the good fight, our “servants of the Lord” are weirdly voiceless!

    These days, the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine are so quiet as a church mouse that we aren’t sure they still exist before they surely ceased to!

    After selling out the Chinese, Papa Doc Taiko Tokong Great Leader Lim Il Siang seems to have nothing else to do. Well, apart from being a qualified running dog.

    Should we bother continue with singing “Onward, Christian Soldiers”, then, our “general” spends his time hiding from the barrages from those eggs-DAP-supporters’ free range rotten egg artillery, too fearful of leading the charge, Amen?!

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