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Hongkong hooligans can come and buy Penang luxury condos

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the founding of modern China as a communist republic.

Hong Kong protesters – who had been terrorizing the island’s streets for months singing ‘Hallelujah’ to the Lord – also stepped up their thuggery yesterday, metaphorically, to stick up their middle finger to China’s National Day.

These so-called pro-democracy HK Chinese labelled motherland China a “Nazi” country (pix below). This surely reminds one of the Dapsters and their DAP leaders who are convinced that Malaysia will soon become “Taliban” Land should Umno-PAS win GE15.

BELOW: At Causeway Bay yesterday holding a poster of the American flag … does this Christian chap believe that the God of the MAGA evangelicals will descend from heaven to “free H.K. from Nazi China”?

ABOVE: HK protester yesterday insulted China’s National Day by parodying the yellow stars of the Chinese national flag as a Nazi swastika

Hongkongers who believe themselves British 

Other protesters rallied too yesterday outside the island’s British consulate to sing the British national anthem ‘God save the Queen’. 

These remnants of the colonial era, though still living in Hong Kong, nonetheless declared that their loyalty belonged to the UK and thus they do not recognize the Chinese October 1st National Day.

They are holders of the British National Overseas or BN(O) passport. There are some 60,000 of them in Hong Kong. Holding the said passport however does not confer on the said Hongkongers a right to reside in the UK.

BELOW: BN(O) Hongkonger holds handwritten placard proclaiming “The national day of People’s Republic of China is Nothing to us!”

ABOVE: Another BN(O) Hongkonger assembled outside the British consulate yesterday displayed a note pleading “Please save Hongkongers. We are living in HELL now”

The Brits wannabes in Hong Kong are spiritual cousins of our own Queen Elizabeth-loving Penangites. Certain Chinese from Penang had once similarly possessed the status of British Overseas Citizens (BOC).

Ten years ago, they caused a stir when they were inadvertently left stateless after they tore up their Malaysian passport but failed to gain the desired first-class citizenship that encompassed a right of residency in the British isles. Refer The Telegraph news report ‘Malaysians left “stateless” in UK after passport gamble backfires’ (13 Oct 2009).

Also read ‘The former Penangites who believed they were British overseas citizens’ (click HERE) to learn the historical background to their misplaced hopes and dreams.

Hongkongers feel oppressed in the ‘hell’ where they live

Violent protestors taking to the Hong Kong streets behave like Antifa thugs and vandals. Like Antifa, they wear black, are masked and carry around weapons such as batons and clubs/bats.

In the photograph above, the anti-China “pro-democracy” demonstrator at the head of the march is holding a photoshopped poster based on the painting titled ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by French artist Eugene Delacroix.

The original rebel imagery commemorated France‘s July 1830 Revolution which toppled the king and restored rule of the people.

ABOVE: The Delacroix French Revolution painting and its Hong Kong 2019 derivative 

Hong Kong is a part of China – “one country” albeit “two systems” of governance … at least for the time being until 2047 (less than 28 years away) when China will finally regain full control over the former British territory.

Chinese pro-democracy protesters are foolishly indoctrinated by Western political gimmicks like “universal suffrage” for Hongkongers (while in Malaysia, it’s the “two-party system” holy grail).

They’re in denial that democracy is only really the tyranny of the majority. China has a population of 1.4 billion compared to Hong Kong’s seven million. It is the mainland which has the majority voice compared to the small overcrowded island that is no more than a pimple on China’s butt.

Therefore Hongkong islanders will any time be outvoted by China mainlanders – and this is how basic democracy functions. The will of the majority will prevail.

ABOVE: On China’s National Day, agitators pasted Xi Jinping pictures on Hong Kong roads to be stepped on 

Hong Kong protesters a lot like Dapsters

During the island-wide day of protest in Hong Kong yesterday, some demonstrators ground their heel on the photograph of China president Xi Jinping.

Their biaDAP act is reminiscent of the Bersih protestors who had stepped on a photogrqph of Najib Razak — below.

The demented behaviour of Hongkong Chinese and Cina DAP both do not reflect the worldview and ethos of the larger Chinese polity. On the contrary, China’s Han people find the behaviour of the Union Jack-waving Christian Hongkongers most objectionable.

As with our own Bersih demos, the Church in Hong Kong too played a role in shepherding their flock out into the streets.

Freelance journalist Anil Netto yesterday blogged about the land reclamation project covering 4,500 acres or seven square miles of sea in the southern part of Penang.

This planned reclamation greenlighted by the DAP state government will create three artificial islands the size of Johor’s Forest City, with the combined area large enough to eventually accommodate 446,300 persons to live on it.

“Expensive sea-view condos and luxury waterfront houses” built on those three islands would likely be 80 percent unaffordable to locals, Anil wrote.

One out of every three Hongkongers would emigrate if they could, a survey (see above) this year by the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed.

The black-clad, masked street demonstrators especially are desperate to leave Hong Kong. They should come to Penang where their kindred spirits live.

Old mission schools in Penang might even be converted into private education centres. Some online commenters have proposed this idea in wake of the controversy recently surrounding MGS’s Christian “thanksgiving” prayer recital.

If the ‘rescue’ of Penang’s mission school tradition is possible on the back of foreign capital to fund their reestablishment, then these can cater to a future international student enrolment. Such a facility would be an added draw for those Christian Hongkongers considering to buy Penang’s property glut of new luxury condos.

The Hongkong hooligans would, in fact, feel right at home in the small, crowded island state run by that “gangster-like party” — which is how the ruling DAP is described by PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin Hassan.

BELOW: Foul-mouthed Hongkong protesters and their many ways of biadab … so like Dapsters 




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41 thoughts on “Hongkong hooligans can come and buy Penang luxury condos

  1. i dun see any problem with universal suffrage, n i believe 2 party system is much better than umno/bn rule. hker is daring, determine n could endure more difficulty as compare to us msian. i salute hker.

  2. Well it is about time the mainland China government deals swiftly with their insolent Hong Kongees so the ‘cancer’ could be rid off early before it spread.

    Here in Malaysia, we have to wait a bit longer until PRU15 for the new Ummah government to get rid of the DAPigs and their consorts. More comfortable to work with MCA n Gerakan Chinese as they understand what the word diversity/ muhibah is all about.

  3. It is cowardly the Christian Talibananas of the DAP have not extended a welcome to their Hong Kong NED etc-funded useful idiot rentamob buddies in the name of Christian Brotherhood.

    In their hour of desperate need, the Hong Kong ISIS-wannabees rabble has not found its saviour in the form of Uncle Papa Doc Lim Il Siang or Uncle Baby Doc Josef StaLim, came out to do their net worth of white noise in the defence of freedom, democracy, and free lunches of McDo, Burger King, Starbucks, Dunkin’…

    In other words, the Lims of the Lim Lynasty or the DAP Christian Talibananas have not answered the prayers of the very well-dressed, smart, slick (nice haircut, nice hair) winners of this year and the next’s “Best Dressed Thugs of the Year” awards.

    It is clear that the Hus, the Lis, and the Gans were dressed for a brands’ dinner party, they were promised by their foreign handlers the revolution would be over in one weekend, the commie baddies would fall, Hong Kong would be liberated… at least that’s how long the foreign funds would last, it costs plenty to keep these well-fed weekend revolutionaries happy, they were seen forever running in and out of Starbucks, McDo etc to buy their constant fixes, and to look at the mirrors, it is about lookin’ good to a western audience…

    Alas (for some), the Chinese commies appeared to have a good grasp of the situation, outwitted the rabble by quietly being one step ahead each time. No doubt the Chinese have learned well the noble art of surveillance and intelligence gathering from the West. Not just that, the Chinese are far far ahead in face recognition technology, they were able to pick up the foreign facilitators in the crowds lending a hand – or have their hands stuck up the puppet backsides of their useful idiots. The wily commies have even published a few pictures showing the foreign uncle and auntie donkeys leading the local dumb “lions” to their suicide doom.

    It was heartbreaking seeing those arrested (and thumped) agitators weeping helplessly when they were isolated from their mobs. A couple of the thugs got panicky when their pretty outfit were sprayed with the blue (or sometimes black) dyes from the water cannons, “Look! I am all blue!” one said!

    The pretty babies all think a revolution is a dim sum dinner party, dress sense is key!

    As far as it can go, the red-faced foreign agitators are now cautious about any major sh*t-stirring on the ground, their energy and time is now more invested in media propaganda in the background – which is not going all that well, either. China is responding like for like, it seems the Chinese have caught up with the Angmoh tricks.

    At the time we would have expected the one greatest unrest, the Chinese National Day came and went, all without any incident the commies would write home about – Ooops! – Hong Kong is home too, something Western “powers” had to grudgingly agree with!

    And what grand occasions they were, the well-staged celebrations in China and in Hong Kong! So, Happy belated birthday, China! The sight of those uniformed luvvies (I mean the female ones) is stirring, turns one on, as some would say..! Then there were those superduper military hardware that make the West envious (and nervous), there were many goodies the West cannot match in capability, there was even that hypersonic missile that can reach the US in 30 minutes, I cannot wait for an accident to happen, the Chinese are just amazing with firework… imagine Yank radar operators sleeping through an attack of missiles they cannot detect..!

    You have to hand it to China – no, not the palm oil, I mean any country that successfully managed to fix a serious long-standing poverty problem by lifting in a short time 600M out of it, deserves mountains of praises heaped on it. Malaysia has only managed to lift its poverty statistics out of the hazy skies, but, unfortunately got caught for its fake news Lim Guan Eng half-accountant style false accounting tricks.

    It’s “fine” if you can get away with it, but Malaysia always get caught, and all we can do is wheel out some dumb officials to challenge expert opinions by doggedly insisting wrong is right until Malaysia’s victims get blue in their faces and surrender.

    It would be fine if Penang can import the “lien chyes” (“luvely laddies/ fairies/poofters/dikes”) from Hong Kong, and even sell them citizenships, on top of selling them expensive condos. The baying and destructive mobs can liven up all the Penang festivals and all weekends by staging all sorts of rabble. Penang can also subcontract the mobs to mainland Malaysia, liven up a permanently boring country. Imagine any rabble a thousand times more lively than anything Bersih can come up with spending NED etc funds!

    Unfortunately for the luvvies, it is the Chinese on their mainland who have the money, and lots of it, to buy expensive pads all over the world. As nobody else either have the money or the wish to park their money in Malaysia, it would, as usual, be left to our dear Chinese uncles and aunties to run their laundries here – and to irk and irritate us as best as the Hong Kong rabble can.

    To be fair, not too long ago, the bulk of the Chinese were just bunch of poor, unsophisticated, unrefined country bumpkins. Today, they are completely different. They’ve become excessive rich, stopped spitting on “lesser” folks all over the world, only quietly and kindly practise “ketuanan Cina”. Whereas, they were once excessively poor – but still dared spit on all and everything else.

    In a time span of less than half of Malaysia’s grand and glorious history, China has overtaken Malaysia, left it in the Stone Age of civilisation. Ask anyone woken up to the reality, even ask street kids who took to learning Mandarin to peddle their ware, China is da King, the ones with the money, lots of it! The intelligent Indonesians took to learning Mandarin, learn Chinese culture, visit China, everything to help make money out of their Chinese uncles and aunties. Even street kids in Indonesia, Thailand, etc can do Mandarin enough to make delighted chauvinist Chinese part with their money! (Watch them on YouTube) The Indonesians no longer do their “supremacist” stuff or their “ketuanan” junk on the Chinese, I call that wise, very wise!

    Indonesian Muslims are over the moon when they visit mosques, institutions, tombs of prominent Muslims in China, they all speak wonderfully of China (watch them on youTube, too).

    Back to Penang and our favourite taikos, it is very unfortunate for the Chinese, the bananas of Hong Kong, and local DAP supporters, Great Leader Lim Il Siang and Dear Leader Josef StaLim no longer speak for the Chinese – even if that is just for the local Chinese peasantry, mine diggers and coolies.

    The last great act for their Chinese supporters by the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine has been to sell them out, lelong them kiasu cheap to the Snake Pharaoh and his motley crew of nearly no power base – but which is good enough to control the DAP doghouse.

    Since then, the whore of the DAP has become one big silent graveyard when it comes to making even a little squeak for the Chinese!

    So, unfortunately, apart from stingy Penang folks, poor Malays lurking in the background, expensive condos, crap peasant food, dangerous mosquitoes, and resentment meeting their filthy rich mainland compatriots again when they wander out of their exclusive Penang enclaves, our Lien chyes are not going to get much of their khalwat with their DAP think-alike-not-do-alikes.

    The Hong Kong mobs are not going to get another thirty years worth of the fiery brimstone and hellfire stuff out of Uncle Taiko Lim Il Siang, and still have him afterward licking all his spit from all over the ground again. Like the doddling old fart Snake Pharaoh (the Hong Kong luvvies can visit the Penang creepy crawlie temple dedicated to him), Taiko Tokong Lim Il Siang hasn’t got much time left. And life ain’t worth living these days – unless he is desperate to suffer the further wrath of the Chinese, receive plenty of rotten free free range eggs in the kiasu bargain, get a free gift of endless curses too.

    Uncle Taiko Tokong Baby Doc Josef StaLim is really scared the Chinese would spare a Daim but not give two sens to him when it comes to a visa to go on a grovelling begging mission to China to ask their imperial majesties to go back on their word (like the DAP) on agreed contracts Malaysia signed with the Chinese, give some kiasu discounts – and get a free gift, too!

    It is a sad and deeply embarrassing thing the bananas – those “white” on the inside, yellow on the outside, so cravenly depend on their white western saviours to lift them out of the “Hell” they claim they are in. Whenever they are not happy, they go crying for attention to their foreign idols. Our bananas simply cannot do that with their own kind (the bananas cannot see they are actually the same colour!), the locals haven’t got any magical power, the bananas see them as inferior.

    Like their Hong Kong think-alikes, our bananas (and coconuts) simply must run down their own kind in the eye of the foreign master races. The bananas can’t accept China has risen, made itself thunderously heard, the non-whites these days are even more significant than their white number ones on the world stage, China has raised the stature of Asia with it.

    Well, some of Asia, the Snake Pharaoh still posture to the Arab, to the Muslim world – all when both the Arabs and the Muslim world has increasingly looked to China. Fabulously rich Muslim kingdom Qatar even has China train its police in marching, search on YouTube, the Muslim Arabs march to Chinese commie music – and Chinese Red Army command! Qatar never asked Malaysia, just go on youTube and watch how blooming awful is Malaysia’s new “march”, sorry!

    Not to forget, not just “the Jews”, the West looks down on the Snake Pharaoh while our backward unthinking great unwashed still thinks he is not some kind of hilarious kampong bullsh*t soapbox statesman!

    Still, I am waiting to hear their DAP ChristianTalibanana think-alike buddies speak, and speak loudly like all good “G*d-fearing” Christians for our lost-cause Hong Kong Christian luvvies, save the losers, welcome them with open arms to Malaysia’s Hong Kong – Penang, Praise Be!

    End of Sermon, Amen!

  4. I was chatting with a friend today, a Chinese Malaysian whose adult daughter is working in Hong Kong and he told me how these rioters/protestors threatened to beat up his daughter for taking photos of them.

    Hong Kong was forcibly take from China by Britain during the time of the Opium Wars and Hong Kong rightfully is a part of China.

    Right now, there are no similar problems in Macau which was forcibly taken from China by the Portuguese and is now back with China.

    The UK gave these Hong Kongers overseas citizenship without the right of abode in the UK, yet they prefer to be the UK’s coolies, when thr UK did not give them any democracy in Hong Kong, apart from lots of freedom for businesses.

    My friend mentioned that he had learned that school curriculum still teaches a very negative view of China, whilst glorifying western democracy, and this has infected not only the students but the teachers as well, and Hong Kong has done nothing to upgrade the school curriculum.

    This shows that for the better or for the worse, China has honoured the “One country, two systems” agreement, and these rioters screaming “democracy” trash Hong Kong’s democratic institution, the Legislative Council.

    They are garbage.


      “The central government in Beijing keeps pressing the Hong Kong government to implement national education more thoroughly, together with making the singing of national anthem and flag-raising (for both national and Hong Kong SAR flags) ceremony in schools compulsory in order to cultivate among youngsters a stronger sense of national belonging.”

      what honoured r u talking abt? perhaps the only thing yr friend n his daughter did most in hk is partying in lan kwai fong, the center of gossip.

      btw whats yr view pertaining to msia history subject then? better or worst?

      1. “perhaps the only thing yr friend n his daughter did most in hk is partying in lan kwai fong, the center of gossip”

        I can’t grasp that one.

        Can you please elaborate?

          1. “i implied”


            But I am still at a loss as to how that would “connect” to:

            “the only thing… (she) did most..”

            “is partying”

            “in lan kwai fong”

            “the center of gossip” (meaning also, the place has never come across as that to me)

            New questions:

            Is it that you know Scheiss’ friend has a problem with discerning hearsay/anecdotal input, he’s not particularly bright or what?

            Or his daughter is a quality, convincing bullshitter and a liar?

            Or maybe, daughter is pretty genuine, but (dumb) not capable of knowing any truth or lies from whatever “gossip” she was fed at “lan kwai fong”, and she repeats whatever “gossip” “”lan kwai fong” appears famous for?

            And how does one know “the only thing” Scheiss’ friend’s daughter “did most in hk is partying in lan kwai fong..”?

            How does one know it is “lan kwai fong” she was at “most” if daughter person really was a “party” animal, and at “lan kwai fong” where the population appears only to indulge in “gossip”?

            If it indeed correct that it was “lan kwai fong” that the daughter person was “partying…most” and she cannot discern gossip/anecdotal stuff from whatever you know that she doesn’t, her father then must have only heard bullshit and lies from her, would that not be the case?

            And does it also imply that Scheiss is pretty stupid too for accepting the “gossip”/bullshit/lies/whatever gem one can only get from “lan kwai fong” – and via some pretty dumb (and maybe dishonest?) folks?

            I couldn’t detect a damn thing you rebutted in what Scheiss wrote (or maybe didn’t), I am missing quite a few things, sorry… Please enlighten.

            1. so did hk do anything on their school curriculum? beijing involved or no? its a pretty straightforward questions.

              u just ignore whatever u cant grasp.

              1. “I couldn’t detect a damn thing you rebutted in what Scheiss wrote (or maybe didn’t), I am missing quite a few things, sorry… Please enlighten.”

                Appreciate your dealing with my questions first, thanks.

                And, do make an effort at constructing your sentences, at typing, please show a bit of respect for folks who have to read your drivel, it is quite a struggle, thanks!

                1. scheiss wrote hk did nothing on the school curriculum n no interference from beijing n i show him what happened. can we move on if u hv nothing of substance to add?

                  1. “nothing of substance”

                    Is that for you to decide, then?

                    Is “nothing of substance” same as anything you can’t shore up, back up, provide evidence, proof… of?

                    And you want to dodge issue you’ve dug up, “lan kwai fong” and all?

                    I respectfully asked you to reveal your seeming ability to tell Scheiss’ friend’s daughter does the “the only thing… (she) did most..” … “partying”, and “in lan kwai fong”. …“the center of gossip”.

                    I asked if I could know all that – If neither Scheiss, nor his friend, nor his friend’s daughter has revealed that information to you, just how can you “know” – and arrive at the learned conclusion you did?

                    It all look like bomoh psychic science at work at the moment – you hold coconuts up the air, and you can “see”, you can “hear” and you can “know” all the way to “lan kwai fong”, and back!

                    Your bit of revelation somehow also gives the impression all three, Scheiss, his friend, his friend’s daughter are some mighty fine specimen of folks we should not trust. And quite stupid on top of that, too!

                    Your judgement of them do come across (feel free to correct me) as:

                    1. All three are liars, bullshitters, or/and incapable of discerning facts from the “truth” you revealed;

                    2. That the daughter is some kind of creature who:

                    a. spends the bulk of her time “partying” (nothing wrong with that, it’s no crime, does not necessarily affect her in any way – tell us if it does, please)

                    b. she goes to the “wrong” kind of place (to you – why?), ie. “lan kwai fong”. … the center of gossip”.

                    And either she does not know the area like you do, or you do not approve of the place, and you do not approve of her going there “most” of her time (maybe even at all?!)

                    “lan kwai fong” etc is your baby, you should clarify yourself – lest others mistake you for just wanting to slag off Scheiss, his friend, his friend’s daughter, in an unfair, baseless, and nasty manner.

                    And feed us fake news on top of that!

                    That wouldn’t be right at all.

                    Now why would you want to dictate “move on” when you really need clear things up, get your act right, put things in the clear for us and for yourself?

      2. It’s in The Star today:-

        Armed HK protester threatens Malaysian woman

        Friday, 04 Oct 2019
        Compiled by DEREK YONG, C. ARUNO and R. ARAVINTHAN

        A MALAYSIAN woman was threatened by a hammer-wielding protester while holidaying in Hong Kong, Oriental Daily reported.

        “Don’t assume that just because you are a woman, we dare not hit you,” the protester reportedly threatened her when she was taking a photo of the protest.

        The woman recounted her experience on Facebook, claiming that she narrowly escaped injury when her boyfriend pulled her aside.

        “They (the protesters) used a hammer to sweep off my hat.

        “Someone hit my boyfriend’s head with a hard object. We quickly left,” she wrote.

        She added that they even described Malaysians who supported the protests in Hong Kong as “naïve and stupid” as they do not understand the situation.

        The city is currently in the midst of a historic protest for reforms.

        1. 1. is it wise to take photo? is she a reporter?

          2. “a” hammer weilding protester, similarly an encounter from “a” woman.

          3. ccp invested heavily in foreign media to work as their propaganda tool, i am not sure if the star is one, even klscah choose to become a ccp lapdog, thus i guess the possibility is high.

          1. “1. is it wise to take photo? is she a reporter?”

            It does not have to be “wise” or whatever, if “she” is not aware the mob is fascist and violent, it is pretty normal to take photos – and lots of it – even if the outlaws thought they were a law unto themselves, there’s still nothing “wise” or otherwise about taking photos, no normal person would assume “peaceful… freedom loving… democratic” person or crowd would be their own law and be such incredible savages.

            There doesn’t appear to be any current law that a person cannot stick a camera lens at someone’s face in a public place in Hong Kong. A person still has the freedom to do that – even if any fascist thug objects. If the thug objects, he can do so in a civilised manner, there is no law that gives him any right to be abusive, violent…

            There is no law in Hong Kong that says only a “reporter” is permitted to take photos – and, in any case, reporters do get summary “justice” from the feral fascist mobs and get violently beaten up.

            “2. “a” hammer weilding protester, similarly an encounter from “a” woman.”

            Yes, what’s with that? What are you trying to say?

            “3. ccp invested heavily in foreign media to work as their propaganda tool.”

            What “foreign media”, please?

            “… even klscah choose to become a ccp lapdog, thus i guess the possibility is high”

            Just how do you “thus i guess” that?

            Any word on your expertise would be of great interest to me, I like to be able to spot “a ccp lapdog” or any and many as anyone else not as well-endowed as you with your seeming mental ability. Pray, tell your secret/s.

            1. Quick one.

              Check out which angmoh worshipping NGOs in Malaysia have been receiving US-imperialist National Endowment for Democracy grants in 2018, and the International Republican Institute is the biggest recipient.


              Then watch Daniel Twinning of the IRI crow about their “achievement” shortly after GE14.

              Then check out Hong Kong (China) 2018 recipients.

              Then Xinjiang / East Turkestan (China)

              Then Tibet (China)

              Then Mainland China 2018

              You chan click on the tab to see which organisations the NED have been funding in different countries in Asia.

              1. Scheiss, you must be anti-democracy!

                And anti-angmoh!

                Just wait for our very own toothless angmoh-worshiping “democracy” rentamob to attack you with their extra-soft instant tauhu!

                1. I am not anti-angmoh as such, as I am descended from angmoh parentage but I am anti angmoh-imperialism and this is what the NED, created during the time of Ronald Reagan, is doing to advance US-imperialist interests in different parts of the world through local NGOs in the name of “democracy”, “human rights”, “freedom”, “free speech”, “free press” and so forth.

                  Western-style, multi-party, representative democracy is not the only model of democracy in the world and moreover, the western-style democratic culture and tradition, won in the west through hard struggle by western people, is not a culture or tradition which is deeply rooted amongst the people of other parts of the world, especially of Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as of Latin America, which were mostly feudal when they were colonised by the “democratic” western powers.

                  The colonised people fought primarily for independence from their colonial masters and when they won independence, some practiced a form of western-style democracy, whilst others practiced a form of socialism as in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

                  Many people in these post-colonial, western-style, multi-party democracies are what I would call “dyed-in-the-wool” democrats – i.e. where the culture and traditions of western-style democratic culture and traditions are not deeply rooted but are superficial.

                  Instead, most people in Asia place a higher priority on their liivelihood and economic wellbeing, rather than ideals of western-style democracy, and there is nothing wrong with that.

                  For example, most Singaporeans are quite happy with their not-so democratic PAP government and most don’t want to change their system.

                  Likewise, people in China who are enjoying rising prosperity and quality of life, despite the inequalities which still persist between the coastal urban and inner-rural parts of China, which the China government is trying to resolve.

                  Look at he mess our “more democratic and free” “New Malaysia” is in today, where our imports and exports are falling, graduate unemployment is high, the government is re-considering reversion to the GST, where prices and cost of living are still high, racial and religious tensions are rising, whilst leaders and politicians at the top are jostling for power like Neros fiddling whilst Rome burns.

                  “Malaysia Baru” is a dysfunctional democracy, similar to Weimar Germany and we all know what came after Weimar Germany.

                  1. ““Malaysia Baru” is a dysfunctional democracy”

                    I have only come across the “dysfunctional” part.

                  2. so is democracy, human rights, freedom, free press n free speech good or bad, if given a choice, would u prefer otherwise? so called new msia problem is due to ned or rather, the loss of democracy rights? is good life n democracy mutually exclusive? is it not up to the people to tell whether they prefer democracy or no? mainlanders r not given the choice since there is no free speech, but hker speak their mind n who r we to tell them they r wrong?

            2. Talking ’bout a “hammer”, is it the same one in the video?

              In another video of the same episode, something like a heavy wrench was spotted too.

              With their worksite helmets and Lego scaffolding poles, one would have thought the jolly band of brothers were out to build a new HK!

              Sadly, they weren’t. They looked like they were fool metal jacket-equipped to tear HK down to its foundation. In their smart clothings too.

              Instead, Bob the Builder got shot “at point blank”. Point anything else would have meant the policeman walking backward till he gets the acceptable distance to not point-blank point a gun (presumably a safe one where he shouldn’t shoot?)

              Interesting that in the heat of their killing frenzy, the feral mob was still able to hear the pop of the gun. It must be one of those old guns, very loud, and not particularly effective. The police in Honkywood movies are better equipped than our HK coppers, they shoot all the time too.

              Donnie Yip Man wouldn’t have paid a Yen for the gun the officer used.

              I was amazed how fast our merry bunch of builders fcuked off, each for himself, all but one stayed behind to save their fallen comrade!

              I was impressed how well-fed Little Fat Face was, he looked such a sorry sight, he probably fantasised his virtual reality he could take down a whole bunch of police before he struts away a hero.

              Anyway, it is fortunate he survived what for him must have been the same video game he’s fought and always won. It is likely he would get himself employed as a stunt man in one of those low budget HK martial arts flicks, doubling as the young son of Sammo Hung, I wish him luck and fame.

              I must say that “blue shield” of Junior was rather Lego Man and rather charming… Though not quite right when a real petrol bomb was thrown at the scene. That shield looked more “cool” than the door of a telephone booth the downed policeman was carrying.

              From that moment he was down, Little Sammo must have had that vision he was having an audience with a Cantonese-speaking Jesus Christ… Little fat-faced angel took a Kam-bo with the police, got popped by a police brother… *sigh*…

              Hate to say, the copper looked quite “cool” in this clip, the way he pointed his gun at Little Sammo and fired as Junior swung his cigar canister. Police brother’s posture was almost Clint Eastwoody with a very much lesser Magnum… The way Fat Face fell (yet another clip) was quite HK movie stuntman too, rather cool effect.

              Viewer discretion warning for all the videos, so if Mary Poppins is your staple, you had better not watch the police brother popping off his gun – or the mobster hit squad trying to beat his colleagues to death!

        2. “The city is currently in the midst of a historic protest for reforms.”

          The Star is also “naïve and stupid”!

          It is wong big riot over “everything” and nothing now, the feral mobs just want to vent their pent up adolescent emotions!

          Still, it is not a surprise Malaysians have been threatened and assaulted, Malaysians don’t look white, whom, for the most part the rioters look to, worship and respect.

          The Hong Kong riot is one big moronic drama for the attention and approval of the West.

          Kowtowing and crawling to the whites have been instilled into their colonial subjects by the Brits for well over a century, when I was just a kid I had my first visit to Hong Kong, I was quite amazed at the Kong Kongers automatically doing their “yes, Sir; no, Sir” to me.

          Of course, I was staying somewhere they had to be deferential to me (and full of angmohs), but I found their behaviour pathetic and embarrassingly servile.

          Mind you, Malaysia still has not too few still with that colonial Sambo mentality, always deferential to the whites over their “lesser being” locals.

          Locals, whom definitely do not look white have been violently bloodied, both the elderly and young.

          Here’s a cheeky angmoh doing her part in the protest, notice how tame and lame the savages are in her presence, fcuking groveling white-bum kissin’ damn natives!

          1. Here’s a reporter who got abused, harrassed, threatened – well, he’s not white or foreign, so it is ok for the baying mob. There’s also a section with a kid being falsely-imprisoned, continuously humiliated, bullied, terrorised by the well-dressed rioters with nice haircut/hairdos… rather unsettling, I have to say..!

            Good thing, he handled himself well, considering whatever he would have done would have been unacceptable to the basket-case deplorables, the garbage of Hong Kong…

            1. Hey!

              Another cheeky, dissenting angmoh!

              Speaks pretty good sing song sing song Hong Kongspeak too!

              Get your Cantopoop friends to dicipher what he says to you!


              what Cheeky has done is dangerous, his type that disagree with those little fascist thugs gets serious harassment, threats of violence and even death from the savage “democracy” mobsters, he’s on the right side, but he’s the wong kind of angmoh..!

              1. Oh dear!

                Another person threatened by our fascist thug “democracy heroes and freedom fighters” – together with his family, including his 13-year old daughter!

                Oh oh dear! He’s actually a copper!

                And oh oh oh dear! He’s white man angmoh too!

                It is now no freedom to anybody else than the well-groomed rentamob fascists – even the angmohs!

                Actually a big cross-section of the HK police force has been threatened in similar manner, their information leaked on the internet so the crackpot crack troop stormtroopers of the “democracy” Nazi force can mentally- and physically harm them.

                1. Now, back to happier subjects – beating up the elderly, disrupting public order and life, and shouting aggressively at a 4-5 year old kid!

                  The safety in numbers does bring up all the bravery in these “democracy” and “freedom”-loving attack dogs!

                  Heil be! Praise the Lord!

                  1. You can’t tell one Chinese from another, so a favourite saying of the angmoh racists or ignorant white prats goes…

                    In that last video, in the shop where the “democracy-, freedom-loving” savages raided to hunt down and beat up “mainland” shoppers who all spend big money to boost HK’s economy, the bananas, all white on their insides couldn’t tell their local soul brother from “mainland shoppers”, watch how the uncivilised mob treats him and looked their natural dumb when they discovered they shouldn’t really kill him or just be the obligatory nasty to him!

                    I must say, not just these baying savages are not any surprise to me, or anything new. HK is a little island full of hate.

                    In the good ole days, they hated their cousins from the “New Territories” with all their hearts and souls. They despised and looked down (still do) at the Ah Pius (“cousins” rhyming with “bastards”) and have some pretty serious and deadly slags (Cantospeak itself is a pretty deadly dialect) created specially to deeply offend and psychologically wound their cousins every second from the time they step foot on HK soil.

                    Catching out the “outsiders” from the way they speak, move, etc was, and still is, a sport in HK. Shame our HK soulmates can’t take it when the less offensive-sounding dialects of China laugh at the dialects of their “southern barbarians”…

                    Then came the migrants who escaped the commies in China, they became the target of the vile and vicious HKgers (who were and still are very creative and inventive with hate vocabulary and instigating mob attacks). They still have to put up with the “locals”, the moment they speak with the wrong sounds, they get slagged off, threatened or even beaten up, these days the verbal can be done on the internet, too.

                    Then the Hak-Los, the black and the brown workers from Africa, Indian subcontinent, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia (no, we are not white)… became the additional targets. Torture of maids became a well-known sport for the HKgers to release their suppressed emotions and sexual tension.

                    Being resentful about everybody and everything else (except their white idols and massahs), it was more than the last straw when both the filthy rich and the filthy rich filthy peasants from China came in in hordes to make their home territory their home territory, the tension exploded into violent rage in the “peace-loving, freedom-loving” HKgers. Bullying, harassing, beating up “Mainlanders” became the must-do in their miserable lifetime.

                    I must say the recent big showdown at North Point, a strong enclave of the old and the new Chinese “migrants” was also an expression of the equally pent up emotions of its denizens who had to endure the resentful feral “locals” for decades.

                    In one of the biggest showdowns of the riots, the police gained the upper hand when they managed to evict the wild and vicious wreckers, arsonists, mobsters of the “democracy movement” from the busy districts, moved them out.

                    While they were escaping the police, the “democracy” thugs couldn’t use the MRT all because they had set fire to the entrances of the stations earlier. The criminals had to run along to North Point where they were greeted by their “Mainland” uncles armed to the teeth waiting to give them a good bloody beating.

                    That they did. The “migrants” of North Point, in recent decades, cultured and civilised (and now rich!) citizens among still more “migrants”, released in one night their age-long anger at the pretty boys of “democracy” gave the dumb and clueless and lost souls one good resounding thumping!

                    In spite of the fact most of the “migrants” ran from China, they remain staunch patriots of China, the population of the Republic of North Point were the first to launch a counter-offensive against the “democracy” savages, held large counter-demos, counter- physical attacks on the pretty boys of “freedom”, exercised their “freedom” to give it good to the savages.

                    I can’t agree with the horrible karaoke style singing of their counter-offensive, or sometimes they appear to take the “war” to the “democracy” savages. But what the heck?, it was all a jolly good bloody show that Sun Tzu and Mao would have approved of.

                    A revolution is not a dinner party, and you don’t make omelette without breaking eggs! Only the angmohs expect you to be supine and submissive when they rule, the bulk of the Chinese race, whether left or right or the “silent majority” are always ready to crack eggs when the cheap eggs at kiasu price plus a free gift comes by.

                    Didn’t we see eggs thrown at the DAP when ex(eggs?) supporters of the DAP eggspressed anger at the Taiko Tokong Lims of the Lim Lynasty and their DAP Lies-R-Us Machine for being spineless and eggspressionless in the face of their Snake Pharaoh, all the saviours of the Chinese race now eggsceling at hiding from the public?!

                    There are plenty of videos on YouTube of the Showdown at North Point, if you listen carefully, in some of them you can hear curses in Hokkien, Teochew, Foochow… Not as creative and inventive
                    as the swearing and curses of the HKgers (nothing beats that!) but you can see the “migrants” uncles at their best with their feeble verbal aggro.

                    Meanwhile, Uncle here mustn’t leave you without the very latest of the heroic eggsploits of our favourite “democracy” rentamob savages.

                    Here’s a new wvideo with the savages not able to tell one Chinese from another, we are all not “Chinese”, it seems..? Or some of us are rotten bananas..??!

                    Well, with the face mask ban, it is going to be much more difficult for the Nasty Ninjas of “democracy” and “freedom” to play their part in saving HK now…

                    Not that I like omelettes too, those with nicely-shredded chillies thrown in, but if the feral mobsters look like pretty boys and babies, why not just be brave, take off the masks and simply look pretty..?!! Besides, it is not always useful to wear masks, the police do the same too when they infiltrate the mobs and cramp their style. You can’t tell one infiltrator from another…

                    With the pretty babies, “freedom” means the “others” have no right of speech, they get nicely thumped..!

                    I would recommend Ninja Turtle work hard, rehearse a few lines of better Honklish, be more impressive to the angmohs – just how is Kermit going to gain entry into Angmohland if his guteral is likely worse than his bite?

                    “Veiled protester beats JPMorgan banker for saying ‘We are ALL Chinese’ as Hong Kong imposes ban on face masks (VIDEO)”


                    1. This is really disturbing!

                      It is gratuitous, cheap violence from a large mob of savages on one single person.

                      Has the person no right at all, it is up to these Nazis to dictate what the rights of others should be?

                      Does “freedom” mean the right for mobs of savages to violently beat up a person, that person has no right at all under thug rule?

                      Would there be anyone who says it is the fault of the victim for being there, the criminal thugs have every right to wreak violence on him for being there?

                      Sadly, this is not the one single occasion the violent savages got way way out of hand, there are just too many incidents of such violence, some even on the elderly and the young.

                      How would anyone like the kind of “freedom” and “democracy” these savages want to bring to HK?

                      It is really impossible to be sympathetic to any cause of these Nazis who call others “Nazis”!

                      [RAW] Hong Kong: Protest mob knocks this guy out [FULL lead-up] – I GOT LIFE THREATS FOR POSTING

                      You need sign in to view this one, it is horrendous! So, note viewer discretion!

                    2. This HK political figure Ho was continuously slagged off as “Triad” by some noisy protesters for being on the “wrong side” of “freedom and democracy”, but when he took out his phone and asked the rabble to repeat their claim so he could record them, absolutely none of the “righteous” stood their ground and repeated their “Triad” claim.

                      So much for bravery and standing for truth, justice, freedom, democracy, and all the rest of it!

                      Ho’s parents’ graves were desecrated and the boasts of the destruction was posted on the internet asking the public to go and look. Ho was taunted about it. Yes, HK “fight for freedom and democracy” is like that – just like the “Triad”! But I have to say at least the Triad dare do anything in front and not behind the back of everybody!

                      Ho is very eloquent as he is outspoken, nearly no one dare take him on in any verbal exchange, he handles Mandarin, English, and, of course, Cantonspeak all very well. Still, I wish there were at least some who could stand up to him, give us good value for money…

                      Ho goes around in a gleaming big high-end chaffeur-driven Merc too (he’s not poor!). And that does piss off quite a few of those madly envious types. In the video you don’t find him get shoved around as usually HKgers would do to “lesser” folks, all the time, and everywhere.

                      “Epoch Times”, btw, is Fart Long Gone propaganda media.

  5. It is easy to say chief sec husband and children hold british passport. She used to have one but give away to be chief sec. She can retire there. What about others. This will hardened the Taiwanese

    1. the hk high ranking official family hold british/us passport while china ccp senior leaders family n princelings keep their wealth offshore. more than half of the actor/actress in the movie founding of the republic reminiscing ccp 60 years rule hold foreign passport, similarly many family n princelings of ccp leader hold north america n europe country passport. it seem not many of them have faith toward their own political system.

      the american capitalist rob u n tell u thats life, while ccp rob u n tell u the capitalist did it, thats ccp socialism, the indoctrination sound similar to our once 60 years ruling party, for which the current one is learning fast.

      1. “it seem not many of them have faith toward their own political system”

        Malaysians hold Malaysian passports.

        I doubt that the lot of them “have faith toward their own political system”.

        Don’t we all know that, given half the chance, a good part of our population would choose to bugger off to any other country, love another passport?

        I know folks who hold more than one (or two) passports.

        Many of them do not give a monkey about any “political system”.

        To them, other passports mean convenience in entry to another country, you don’t need queue up to apply for visas – very useful if you go in and out of the country a lot; you get more rights, for examples…

        You don’t need to “have faith” in anything, you can hold the passport of whatever country – and still hate it like fcuking Hell!

        A lot of Israelis hold US and UK passports, a lot of them think the US and the UK are full of scheiss!

        The poor HK rioting boot-lickers of the West are trying too hard to die for their foreign idols – I haven’t heard, except for their top handlers, any of hordes of useful idiots being granted passports by any of the countries they hope to balik to.

        One reason is the poor bastards are of the wong colour.

        The other is their animal behaviour in the riots would actually scare the living and dead brown stuff out of the angmohs they worship if they are exported to any white country, think the danger of letting ISIS’ useful idiots returning to their home countries – no angmoh country really wants them back!

        The angmoh just want to use their useful idiots to be fronts against their enemy China, to be shields for bullets which they hope the Chinese would fire on them, so that the angmohs have plenty to talk about.

        But if their raving savages should die or half-die, they should please do that in Hong Kong, thank you, little Sambos!

        1. i dun hv problem with most that hold more than one passport, i just could not understand ccp chinese that condemn democracy system but choose to live in one. any secret?

          1. I don’t have problem with anyone or most holding more than one passport, either.

            That includes any “ccp chinese” (which ones, any solid proof or is that just idle gossip?)

            I’ve already said there are a lot of Israelis holding US citizenship on top of theirs, vice versa, they don’t think much of either country, but why do you pick on the “ccp chinese” only?

            Is it because they are “ccp chinese”, your favourite hate objects, and therefore whatever they do or say can only be wrong? Anyone else with the same attitude are, on the other hand, ok?!

            I don’t have any problem with anyone “that condemn democracy system but choose to live in one”.

            I’ve said there are plenty of Malaysians who do not like their political system or even hate Malaysia. Would they be like the “ccp chinese” to you?

            I don’t particularly like or dislike any of the countries I have lived in, I don’t lose any sleep thinking about being loyal to any one country or not at all, or even liking/preferring any of them.

            There is no law or accepted wisdom just because you are for or against a particular type of political system, you should or shouldn’t live there or some place else. It is all very childish, black and white thinking – and rather fascist – someone has to be this, that or the other/must be this or must be that, before they can this or before they can that – to one or the other country!

            There actually isn’t one country in the world with “democracy”, they all claim to have that – like that’s the one single answer to everything.

            Our big laugh over HK is the fascist mobs hate the Chinese gomen – and even their Chinese cousins, the fascist mobs would love to live somewhere else and love it. Problem is no other country wants to love them like they can only love themselves, beg them to come stay, please.

            Our HK fascists have some pretty ideology the West loves. Trouble is the angmohs do not love the fascists enough to open their arms to welcome them to share their fantastic ideology. wtf!

            Like I said, anyone can live anywhere in any kind of gomen, but still hate its system, “democracy” or whatever.

            You don’t have to “love” the country, wave its flag proudly, shed tears when its anthem is played.

            Or maybe you do?!!

            1. this article is abt china, n msia, u may choose to talk israel when helen write one.

              yes there r similarity among msian n ccp chinese, some msian believe authoritarian n communism is much better yet they remain to live in democracy, they even tell mainlanders n hker democracy is not good, r u one?

              vote with the feet is not fascist or childish, its walk the talk n do as u said especially if u r given a choice, n capable of doing so. otherwise how u can tell mainlander n hker authoritarian is the best if u dun live in one or refuse to live in one.

              my understanding of democracy is simple, it allow the people to make decision how they themselves will be governed n by who, in most cases, via election n referendum. there is no true democracy or perfect democracy, its up to the people to determine what kind of democracy system suit them. in fact to decide on the peoples behalf would otherwise detracts from their democracy rights. i dun expect u to agree since u wrote as if u know democracy best by claiming no one country in the world with democracy.

      2. 1. so u think its okay to take photo in a not so peaceful protest because the law say the protesters have no rights to be abusive n violent? fine.

        2. u step on a shit in ccp china doesn’t mean ccp china is full of shit.

        3. the star is a foreign media to china. klscah made police report after received complaint from china embassy, it sound a lapdog to me for one ngo that used to struggle for human right, thats my justification which i used to condemn dap n lks, u may disagree. n my guess is that if china embassy could have a say on klscah action, they might be able to influence the reporting of a news outlet. no secret, just common sense, i hope u dun ask me whats common sense.

  6. Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido, – New Generation of Pro-Western “Saints”

    “Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy leader’, is clearly a ‘selfie-generation’ Western implant, without any understanding of global politics, and without any profound philosophical agenda. An evangelical fanatic, educated in a private Christian school in Kowloon, he “developed organizational and speaking skills through involvement in church groups”. During his first ‘protest activities’ in 2014 (the Umbrella Movement), he was only 17 years old. But this young, confused kid was picked up quickly by the radar of the U.S. anti-Chinese warriors, and in 2018 nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, for “peaceful efforts to bring political reform and protect the autonomy and the freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong in the Sino-British joint declaration”.

    “Since then, he has been flying from one Western capital to another, smearing the People’s Republic of China, harvesting unconditional support, while promoting bizarre political concepts which, if implemented, would further damage the people of Hong Kong – a city which is already falling far behind Mainland China, under the leadership of the corrupt turbo-capitalist elites (who cannot be fought successfully, precisely because of the old British legislation, which is still applicable under the ‘One Country Two Systems’ arrangement).

    “Mr. Wong, a “Color Revolutionary” (although his old symbol was actually an umbrella), has been photographed together with the discredited “White Helmets” in September 2019, in the German capital of Berlin. The White Helmets gang, another Western implant (this one in Syria), has been implicated as being a bunch of mercenaries closely cooperating with Western-sponsored jihadi cadres operating in the Middle East. It is good to mention that the White Helmets were, at one point, also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    “On top of it, Joshua Wong has been photographed with officials of the US consulate in Hong Kong. That, just few weeks before the ‘protesters’ went on a rampage, after marching on the US diplomatic mission, demanding that the US “liberates” their city from China. Needless to say that by this action they, de facto committed treason.

    “No matter how much the Western mass media supports, even glorifies Joshua Wong and his black-mask-wearing hooligans-followers, the majority of the people of Hong Kong are clearly supporting Beijing, and are actually horrified by the rioters, who have been destroying public property, and are indiscriminately beating anyone who dares to show respect for the Mainland China and its flag.”

    1. the problem is how one know hker support beijing or the pro democracy leader? what if they support the pro democracy leader?

  7. Reblogged this on Helen Ang and commented:

    UPDATE (13 Oct 2019): Anil Netto commented that the biggest Budget 2020 news to him was Finance Minister Guan Eng’s announcement that the government would be allowing foreigners to buy condos priced at RM600k.

    Previously non Malaysians could only buy condos worth above one million, Anil wrote in his blog post titled ‘A Budget to delight developers’.

    The Penang-based freelance reporter likened this Harapan government intervention to the joy of Christmas coming early for Penang property developers.

    According to Anil, there is excessive land reclamation all over the place, both current and in the pipeline, going on endlessly in his home state.

    Penang’s latest “playgrounds for the wealthy”, i.e. a proposed plan to build three artificial islands, will be able to accommodate 446,000 new residents in future.


    Helen’s note: The violent Hongkong rioters unhappy with Beijing rule might well flee to Penang’s Dapster spiritual haven now that Guan Eng has lowered the threshold and easing property purchase by [Chinese] outsiders.

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