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Waiting for Kit Siang’s usual verbal diarrhoea

Aiyah Jason, why lah you kacau the MenHen’s pol-sec. We’re more interested in the chihuahua silence of @syahredzan’s boss – Kit Siang.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting for Kit Siang’s usual verbal diarrhoea

  1. “And why are people like @syahredzan @wansaiful @sitikasim and the Bar Council silent on Zainal Kling’s speech & his interpretation of the Social Contract at the Kongres Maruah? Acceptable?

    — Jason Leong (@jasonleong) October 6, 2019″

    Hee, hee, hee, hee!

    Selective commentary.

  2. Betul tu Helen. Why lah Jason kacau/poked LKS on the issue.
    This is democratic country. Later LKS and his gang the DongZong can start their own Chinese congress and the Indian can start on their Malayalam Tamil congress too.

    Then we can all have the battles of congresses in Malaysia ha ha

    Btw.. dont forget to invite Mahathir aaar.

  3. Respect Jason for provoking Kit Siang’s goons and hoping for direct response from Kit Siang.

    Bet you Kit Siang not going to response as he is happy that Mahathir is telling the Malay congress guys and gals that they are lazy and useless race who got no guts/challenge to seize opportunities to improve themselves for the last 60 yrs.
    Mahathir days are now getting thinner with the Malay population…. period.

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