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Kit Siang hit rock bottom today … sad

Lim Kit Siang can sink no lower. He has become nothing more than Mahathir’s apologist-in-chief.

His diversionary response to the Mahathirist rally held yesterday at Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam proves it.

The Malay delegates had pledged their support for several resolutions made by the congress. One of the resolutions was that top government positions must be reserved for Malays only (see news report below).

And how does Kit Siang respond to the insistence that only Malays can be allowed to hold top jobs in government?

(We mustn’t forget that Kit Siang’s boboi, as Finance Minister, is the top non Malay in Mahathir’s government.)

Lim Sr diverted by pretending to be puzzled why Mahathir’s congress had failed to bring up “the infamy, ignominy and iniquity of Malaysia as a global kleptocracy for almost a decade and the upsurge of fake news and hate speech to incite inter-racial and inter-religious polarisation and conflict”.

Kit Siang also asserted: “Malaysia becoming a global kleptocracy is in fact the single factor which had caused the dignity of both the Malays and Malaysia to reached [sic] the lowest ebb in history, yet there is no mention whatsoever about it”.

BELOW: There is good reason that Kit Siang is dubbed Men-Hen, i.e. Menteri Hal-Ehwal Najib

“Yet there is no mention whatsoever about it”

The DAP godfather is a one-trick donkey. All he can do is bray, “but but but … Najib”. Nowadays his party dare not mention anything whatsoever about the many things done by Mahathir ever since the DAP began picking crumbs off the master’s table.

And Kit Siang had rather slag our country as “a global kleptocracy” than address the ugly rhetoric of Mahathirism spouted at yesterday’s mono-racial event headlined by none other than the Harapan chairman.

He moans and groans about “the upsurge of fake news and hate speech” but tightly shuts both his eyes to the ‘real news’ of Amanat Mahathir.

The depth to which this DAP Father is willing to sink in order to preserve his Son’s cushy job in the Mahathir cabinet is epic.

In his media statement today, Kit Siang said:

“There were those who hoped that the Malay Dignity Congress yesterday would play the important role to torpedo the unity, cohesion and purpose of Pakatan Harapan but the opposite has taken place.”

Meaning: By insisting “the opposite has taken place”, LKS is spinning that the Mahathir Congress has instead strengthened Harapan’s “unity, cohesion and purpose”.

Kit Siang the world champion of verbal diarrhoea also deflected the valid criticisms, saying:

”Those who had had hoped that the Malay Dignity Congress would help to destroy the Pakatan Harapan government are most disappointed, and Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region, must continue to be united, loyal to the principles of the Constitution and Rukunegara, patriotic, mature, visionary about Malaysia becoming a top world-class nation and never lose hope in resetting nation-building policies to achieve a New Malaysia.”

The DAP’s Malaysia Baru is led by a 94 year OLD autocrat still wedded to his Malay Dilemma race polemics of five decades ago.

In his keynote speech yesterday on 6 Oct 2019, as well as in his Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 blueprint, Mahathir proved himself unable to let go of his more than half century-old obsession about the Chinese being wealthier than Malays.

Sadly the DAP is today complicit in Mahathir’s “rich Chinese” narrative.

Not only is DAP enabling Mahathir and the Perkasa-like elements he is patronizing, Pribumi’s Chinese running dog is also siccing its Rottweilers on legitimate critics of Mahathir.

DAP is beyond redemption.


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4 thoughts on “Kit Siang hit rock bottom today … sad

  1. I really have to share this.
    First : Carrie Lam loves Penang
    “PORT MORESBY, Nov 17 ― Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam today expressed her love for Penang.
    “I love to go to Penang for holidays. It’s such a nice city,” Lam said at the start of a bilateral meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) 2018 Summit here.”
    And the picture

    That’s 2018. But in 2019…

  2. Helen,

    Enjoy making fun of LKS’s verbal diarrhea? What about the verbal diarrhea of those Malay supremacist? Calls to abolish vernacular schools, top government posts to be given to Malays only, increase bumiputra equity stake etc were not new.

    Example, assume the call to abolish vernacular schools originated 30 years ago. What many schools were abolished since 30 years ago? None. What about the total enrollment in these schools? The truth is that enrollment is on the uptrend and more multiracial.

    Look at the recently launched SPV 2030:

    “Bumiputera equity ownership has not only failed to reach its target but dropped to 16.2 percent (in 2015) from 23 percent in 2011. Non-bumiputera equity ownership has also declined to 30.7 percent in 2015 compared to 34.8 percent in 2011 while foreign equity ownership has increased to 45.3 percent.”

    NEP was introduced in 1971 (48 years ago) to achieve 30% bumi equity. But today the number is 16.2% only, ie. about 54% only. The Malay supremacists can continue to shout “30% bumi equity” on a daily basis for the next 48 years, but they will not achieve it.

    Same to the call to abolish vernacular schools. Go ahead and shout “mansuh sekolah vernacular” for the next 100 years, vernacular schools will still remain and even become the preferred choice of parents.

  3. Snake Pharaoh Mahathir says he doesn’t like his work half dung.

    He has to make it total bullsh*t.

    With Old Cock Taiko Dear Leader Lim Il Siang of the Lim Lynasty by his feet as a running dog, the two make themselves Old Cock and Old Bull!

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