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Guan Eng wants MCA to let go TAR College … (into Maszlee’s hands)?

Four public universities recently co-organized the Amanat Mahathir congress which in turn prompted charges of anti-Chinese racism and religious bigotry from the ethnic minorities.

Beloved Tun, you’re truly our Bapa Malaysia Baru and we really, really cherish your all amanuts

DAP acting like running dog it’s so quickly become

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is baiting MCA to give up control of TAR university college so that TAR can be run like the said public varsities falling under the purview of the Education Ministry.

Guan Eng promised to reinstate the RM60 million funding that the college used previously to get under the BN government if MCA will agree to cede control of its TAR baby which the party birthed and raised.

Now why in the world should MCA-TAR believe in Guan Eng’s promise to restore government funding when his one-term government‘s many promises – in black and white, made to millions of GE14 voters – are as worthless as the used toilet paper that the Harapan manifesto was printed on.

Would TAR be better run by Education Minister Maszlee Malik (below, d’Islamist meets d’evangelist) than it is presently by MCA?

Maszlee and Hannah Yeoh, “Medan Dakwah” religious warriors both

Its master will be pleased with DAP good attack dog 

MCA built TAR and Utar.

DAP has only managed to build a stack of hot air smelling of fart but still 95 percent of Chinese voters prefer to support the evangelical party, including those individuals who are themselves alumni and/or whose own children are studying in TAR. Well done, Dapsters, well done.

Reap what you sowed.

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“Your time is up, your time is over,” Guan Eng is quoted by Malaysiakini as taunting the MCA. (Spoken like the thug you are, LGE.)

“Let it [TAR] be run as an educational institution,” Guan Eng challenged MCA chief Wee Ka Siong.

Yup, Guan Eng is willing for TAR to be run like the public universities which organized the Amanat Mahathir congress.

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Original photo background has been manipulated to hide the identity of Wong’s fellow students


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