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Pribumi silat master, DAP taichi sifu circling each other

It’s hypocritical to protest Universiti Malaya vice chancellor Abdul Rahim Hashim as “racist” while still embracing Mahathir as chairman of the new Hope.

There was nothing of the content of Rahim’s speech (video below, in full) at the Malay Dignity Congress that did not come from the Mahathir playbook. Rahim said nothing that Mahathir had not already mouthed many times before in recent years, or that Mahathir had not reiterated even just lately.

In fact his words were a mere mirror image of standard Mahathirism 101 rhetoric, the DAP’s New Malaysia bullshit notwithstanding.

And if Rahim hurt any sensitive Chinese feelings, he was only treading in Mahathir’s footsteps in claiming the freedom of speech even if it offends.

After all, the right of free speech is perennially touted by Harapan, especially the DAP.

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But now DAP stormtroopers – its youth wing – are demanding the VC’s resignation.

The party’s younger members must be chafing at the bit after being restrained by Mahathir’s Chinese quislings – the Lim running dogs.

Is the present attack on Rahim reflective of the Chinese proverb killing the chicken to scare the (‘M’ for) Monkey?

The Amanat Mahathir congress enabled by Universiti Malaya was a silat performance by Parti Pribumi. The manufactured outrage against the university VC is the DAP’s taichi. Both are wayang only.


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2 thoughts on “Pribumi silat master, DAP taichi sifu circling each other

  1. Helen,

    Rahim is a VC of a public uni. He must be professional and non-partisan. He must not be seen as bias and allowing himself to be used as a tool to further political agenda. There are merits to demand his resignation.

    The Kongress were organised by 4 public universities, ie. UM, UPSI, UiTM and UPM. UKM (one of the top public uni) was not involved. Consider this:

    1) What UM gained considering the controversies (protest by a student during convocation) and the VC’s display of partisanship by organising the Kongress?

    2) What is UKM’s loss by not organising the Kongress?

    The way I see it, UKM made a smart decision by not organising the Kongress.

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