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Will DAP still be in gomen after May 2020?

Photo below — Malay PKR (Azmin faction), PAS, Pribumi, Umno …

Can you imagine Mahathir ever raising hands together with DAP’s Chen Man Hin, Tan Kok Wai or even Lim Kit Siang?

Do you really think – from all his snark and dodgeball the past 17 months – that Mahathir is ready to hand over power to Anwar after two years or at any time in the future?

There are only six months-and-three weeks to go until Harapan’s second anniversary.

Tick tock, tick tock.


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2 thoughts on “Will DAP still be in gomen after May 2020?

  1. Suspense thriller. Hahaa. Wait till the end of the story please don’t run. Can’t wait any longer for the suspense to be end..

  2. If DAP is submissive, it will remain part of the Federal Government. Otherwise, TDM and his allies will kick it out. Not only that, they will bury it once and for all.

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