DAP Superman lacking in sympathy for the Uighurs?

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Just like countless other non-DAP Malaysians, I too believe that the party’s “Superman” Hew Kuan Yau is racist. Exactly like his former party.

Among Hew’s many claims to notoriety was his Chinese-language post “The South China Sea belongs to China!” on Facebook in July 2016. The controversy ensuing from his FB statement pressured Hew to have need to at least make a show – to assuage public outrage – of withdrawing as a DAP senior member.

Nonetheless Hew remained a popular speaker on the election ceramah circuit as well as retained his plum quango post as curator of the ‘comic museum’ in Komtar funded by the Penang government.


The sneaky bastards of DAP 

That Hew is still linked to DAP in the public perception, despite ostensibly having quit the racist party, is a reflection of the smoke and mirrors prevalent in politics.

His ‘DAP Superman’ nickname sticks simply because action speaks louder than words (DAP whitewashing). After all, Hew was early this year appointed CEO of the Malaysia-China Business Council, and the council chairman Tan Kok Wai being none other than the DAP national chairman.

Yet DAP complains ever so loudly that MCA politicians remain seated on the board of TAR College and hence no government budget is permitted to be allocated to an education entity supposedly under rival political control.

But what about other private Chinese schools and colleges recently benefitting from state or federal government funding through the auspices of Lim Guan Eng and Teo Nie Ching? Who is to say that no individuals akin to Hew’s type, i.e. one who is a staunch DAP supporter albeit informally, are still nonetheless occupying a position of influence within those government-sponsored private Chinese schools and colleges?

The ethnic policy of Beijing in Xinjiang is to Sinicize the region’s Muslim Uighurs through coercion. Sinicization – built on the root word ‘Sino’ (meaning Chinese) – is the process of making the target group of outsiders become more Chinese in terms of their adopting Chinese language, customs and traditions.

For ‘Superman’ Hew and his ilk, Beijing is within its rights to suppress those radical Uighurs involved in the separatist movement, although the Uighurs themselves prefer to be separate from the Han Chinese and China’s iron-fisted rule.

For Dapsters nonetheless, it is all good for the minority Uighur ethnic to adopt Mandarin, the language of China’s majority, and conform to Chinese culture.

But what happens when the reverse principle is suggested for Malaysia whereby minority Chinese are to be able to converse in bahasa Melayu and to conform to Malay culture as budaya teras?

Oh, in the latter case, the DAP assiduously trots out its diversity propaganda touting multiculturalism and extolling Malaysia as a model multi-religious and multilingual country. Different sauces indeed for the goose and the gander.

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