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‘Love your enemy’ — a teaching moment for Dapsters

PAS and Umno are the political enemies of Harapan. So what does it tell you, dear Dapsters, when both parties are backing Mahathir to serve out a full five-year term as PM?

The bad blood between Anwar and Azmin is no longer covered by a fig leaf but now out in the open. And today Azmin (below) repeated his earlier calls backing Mahathir to take the latter’s premiership to the end of term c.2023.

What does it say when the main rival (i.e. Azmin) of the PM-in-waiting (i.e. Anwar) is throwing his support behind the biggest roadblock (i.e. Mahathir) to Anwar assuming the mandate to rule in May 2020?

As somebody anti-DAP, I too desire for Mahathir to deny Anwar his chair in the 5th floor office at Bangunan Perdana Putra, that iconic green-domed complex in Precinct One, Putrajaya.

Blogger Milo Suam (below) explains the ironic situation quite nicely: “Apa yang pihak musuh mahu, maka itulah perkara yang tidak baik untuk pihak kita”.

Harapan, a half-term government

So all of Harapan’s political opponents are in full support of the Harapan chairman.

The evangelistas in DAP must be thrilled to bits (or maybe not) that this particular Christian teaching of theirs – “Love thine enemy” – is being embraced by the Malays, the Muslims and the five percent BN Chinese voters.

On our side, it’s ‘heads we win, tails you (DAP) lose’: If Mahathir stays full term, Harapan will be destroyed from within; if he’s forced out by midterm, we shall have that snap election which we’re clamouring for. Win-win for us either way.

BELOW: Even the mild-mannered Tengku Razaleigh is on board with the rest of his Umno colleagues in this matter

ABOVE: PAS reiterates its support for Mahathir to ditch any notion of handover

The reason we support Mahathir … surely you guys (Dapsters) haven’t forgotten Superman Hew Kuan Yau’s promise that DAP will use  Malay (Mahathir) to screw Malay.

Well, it looks like the ‘Superman’ strategy is being stealthily carried out but it is not the Malays who are being screwed by Mahathir.

His Pribumi cabinet ministers have rolled out policies and administrative decisions that are slaps on the cheek that DAP keeps turning left and right and left again (offering both cheeks alternately to be slapped) — e.g. on the matriculation, UEC, vernacular school, Dong Zong and khat issues, and the appointment of 13 sports development coordinators for each of our 13 states with the exception of Sarawak, all of whom are Pribumi party members.

BELOW: DAP’s Steven Sim, who is deputy to Syed Saddiq in the Sports Ministry, insisted there was nothing irregular in all 13 appointments sapu bersih by Mahathir’s party

Mahathir is indeed “top dog”

DAP is not capable of standing up to Pribumi but prefer to be Mahathir’s running dogs.

Mousy MCA was not capable of fighting DAP. Instead MCA was obliterated by the DAP.

Umno was ‘selamba jer’ and failed to register the utmost urgency that it could not safely delegate the fighting of DAP to its hopeless satellites MCA, Gerakan and the Chinese-based BN parties in Sabah and Sarawak.

BELOW: Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) together with Umno and PAS had a meeting with Mahathir two months ago; Singapore media reported that the Sarawakian opposition too had wanted Mahathir to finish his term 

DAP’s politics of hate finally carried the party to Putrajaya, with its supporters thinking they could hitch a free ride on the back of the Old Horse (Mahathir’s nickname in Chinese).

However the hate politics purveyed by DAP is a scorched earth tactic. Even Umno got burnt in GE14.

Fire has to be fought with fire. You need Mahathir to ‘fight’ or to turn the screws on DAP. That’s because MCA is not mean enough, Umno not vindictive enough, and PAS not malicious enough to fight DAP.

In fact, nobody in Malaysia is a savage and sneaky enough bastard to be of a match to the DAP with only one singular exception (you know who). And that’s why all of the DAP’s enemies are giving ‘him’ their overt support.

BELOW: With friends like Pribumi within, DAP doesn’t need any enemies without … tick tock, tick tock



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