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How urgently do Umno-PAS desire regime change?

What’s there to indicate the rapidly increasing discontent on the Malay ground?

For one, opposition leader Ismail Sabri Yaakob only yesterday urged police to investigate the DAP, and for ROS to ban the racist party if any wrongdoing were to be determined (see video below).

Standing right beside Ismail and Umno vice president Mahdzir Khalid at the press conference (above) was PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin Hassan. Their joint call for the authorities to take action on the DAP is tantamount to a declaration of ‘war’ from the backbone of Malaysian parliamentary opposition.

Next, what is the stance adopted by the remaining quarter of the Malay electorate which did not vote for either Umno or PAS in 2018?

Well, police are under the Home Ministry and this interior ministry is a Pribumi-held portfolio.

Recently, police detained two DAP Aduns on the allegation of Tamil Tiger links. With the exception of our usual suspect – Kit Siang’s vocal pol-sec Syahredzan Johan – we do not hear of other Malays stepping up to denounce their arrest.

Police are investigating also DAP superman Hew Kuan Yau under the Sedition Act. The Malay consensus, even among those Malays holding mid-level leadership positions in the DAP, is opposed to the spread of pro-China ideology being propagated by Hew.

The controversial comic script now under police scrutiny was authored by Hew but more importantly, its forward was written by Lim Guan Eng (see below photo inset). With the DAP sec-gen’s tangential involvement thus connected, his party is really skirting close to the edge.

Muhyiddin Yassin, the Home Minister who has oversight of the police force, is at the same time the Pribumi president. While Umno and PAS are overt enemies of the DAP, some hardcore political junkies see Pribumi as their enemy within.

Dapsters should start worrying because all these developments piling one atop another are actions which speaker louder than words (Harapan unity propaganda).

Action, meet Reaction

Since you’re prepared to scorch the earth just to grab power, then you dear Dapsters must surely realize that you cannot evade the consequences of your lighting the fire.

Last year, 95 percent Chinese voted to change the government and get rid of BN. In reverse, many of the 75 percent Malay GE14 voters who had been, and still remain vehemently against DAP, today want a regime change to rid us of Harapan.

ABOVE: Flashback … police earlier investigated Guan Eng’s “declaration of war” statement 

Guan Eng aside, if other DAP leaders were to adopt Harapan Youth chairman Syed Saddiq’s equally belligerent approach to the ruling coalition’s own party or “internal” components, then there will be a virtual civil war”, warned Penang deputy chief minister II Ramasamy Palanisamy yesterday. (Note: Guan Eng’s war declaration is “externally”-directed and targeted at outside opponents Umno and PAS … on the surface of it, that is.)

Voting parties in and out of power is fair game. That’s how politics is played. It’s quite another thing, however, when open season is declared on one’s ostensible ally. Please recall how often Syed Saddiq has threatened as well as frontally attacked the DAP — refer article below.

DAP had whipped up public frenzy to a fever pitch in order to topple the BN. You cracked the whip and now comes the backlash. The landscape created by hate politics is far worse than merely a climate of antagonistic politics. It has become a situation of two warring tribes each possessing extreme animus towards its rival.

In the UK, it is no longer confined to Tories vs Labour but Brexiteers vs Remainers where supporters of Brexit and those anti Brexit cut across party lines.

In the USA, it’s no longer the traditional Democrats vs Republicans but the Never Trumpers vs the Deplorables. President Trump yesterday blasted enemies even within his own party as “human scum” (see below). An analogous situation is one where DAP and Pribumi people both belong to the same ruling coalition but nonetheless consider each other frenemy.

Tribal politics hotting up 

Pro-Trump Republican congressmen were so incensed at the kangaroo court being conducted by House Democrats inquiring into an impeachment of the president that they stormed the hearing in Capitol Hill yesterday. The Democratic reps were rightly lambasted as an “angry pack of rabid hyenas” (see ‘The Hill’ tweet above). 

Angry Americans are on the path to civil war, said the result of a battleground poll released yesterday (linked below). 

Commissioned by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, the survey concluded that the average US voter believes his country is “two-thirds of the way to the edge of a civil war”.

On a 0-100 scale with the measure of a hundred being “edge of a civil war”, the mean response was 67 (the two-third mark is 66.6), the poll had found.

Running high on sentiments especially among American rural voters, equal numbers of the survey respondents want their leaders to “stand up to the other side”.

And although there has not been a similar poll of Malaysian voters, we daresay the general trend will not be all that much different here.


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5 thoughts on “How urgently do Umno-PAS desire regime change?

  1. The bullets are now in KDN hand headed by PPBM minister. D4P got all suspects hiding within. All have issues related to PDRM, immigration, JPN and RoS which all happened to sit under KDN. All those issues are subjected to certain laws. But D4P as usual will try hard to divert and play victim.

    1. the melayuu “bonkers” UMNO+PAS-rasites will never want D4P banned. need some bogeeman to convince their own chinese D4Pigs threathening their social kontract.
      D4P lim kit siang also like D4P banned. form D4P-baru minus all the traitorious.

  2. Helen,

    You still didnt get it why some Malays (like me who is an UMNO member) dumped UMNO/BN in the last GE. Because they wanted to get rid of Thief No 1 from the government! UMNO couldnt do anything about him since most of them are on the take, therefore some UMNO members used the ballot box to kicked the Thief No 1 out of premiership.

    If UMNO wants those members to support them again, the party will need to change and do it seriously. The party should dump the corrupt leaders for the sake of the party. UMNO is much bigger than Thief No 1 and the Jawaman, and the party shouldn’t go down to the drain because its leaders go down to the drain. UMNO doesnt belong to Thief No 1, it belongs to the Malays! Why is it so difficult for UMNO leaders to understand this principle?

    BN lost terribly last GE because of some UMNO members and most Malays who were sitting on the fence voted for PH. They voted for PH not because they loved DAP or they believed PH’s GE manisfesto, but they wanted to see Thief No 1 go! I didnt even know what PH’s GE manifesto was except of their promise to abolish GST, but I was determined to give my vote to PH to spite Thief No 1.

    Instead of hoping to work together with the erratic PAS and harping on Malay unity issues in order to woo back the disgruntled Malays into supporting them, UMNO should change its way first since it is suffering from a very poor image amongst some Malays.

    I do not need statistics to proof my points above, Helen. You just need to talk to the people on the ground. Probably you should from time to time get off from your cushy chair and go out and feel the sun (and the rain) and mix with people more.

    And if you still believe 1MDB fiasco a non-event as you never blog about it, you really need to have your head examined.

    1. Setem,
      .. have you attended the court hearing on 1MDB and SRC recently?
      .. on UMNO and PAS, .. .. all you need to do is just take a look at the oldies in PKR, PPBM and PAN, soberly of course ..

    2. “Thief No 1 and the Jawaman”

      You can only mean Najib as “Thief No 1”

      There must be a parallel court system somewhere in Malaysia run by and for kangaroos.

      Najib has not been convicted of anything by our regular courts, he shouldn’t be tagged “Thief No 1”.

      Not that I am a Najib fan even if he is more decent than the “Malay” Snake Pharaoh, I would happily donate toward a hangman’s noose to see him hanged provided he gets a fair trial and the courts carry out duty in an impartial and upright manner, free of any political interference – or the public doing its legendary kaypoh butting in screaming their verdict long before time.

      As for the “Jawaman”, are there any attributes Javanese have that mark any Indonesian out for anything negative?

      Btw, are Najib and the “Jawaman” no longer “Malays”?

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