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Unstoppable force has met its immovable object

The immovable object is Mahathir who appears most resistant to be budged from his PM’s chair.

The unstoppable force is Harapan which possessed – previously at least – the momentum of its three strikes election pendulum (see illustration below). 

Be afraid, be very afraid

But can it be that the counting MPs numbers game will soon be reaching a climax in the coming window of opportunity (Nov 28 – Dec 5) during parliamentary sitting?

“Dr Mahathir can be a dangerous man when he is angry. He has toppled two prime ministers before this …” cautioned Joceline Tan in her Star column today.

So far Mahathir has shown only annoyance at the insistent prodding for him to hand over power to Anwar.

Lurking inside Dr Bruce Banner is the incredible hulk while lurking inside Doktor YB Langkawi is one helluva scary dude who’s truly a dangerous man when angered.

One million undeserved citizenships

DAP supporters call Mahathir various names like “Old Horse”, “old fox”, “snake”, “leopard” [that can’t change its spots], “wolf” [in sheep’s clothing], “scorpion” [that doesn’t lose its sting].

Nonetheless whatever the animal names, these are dangerous creatures even if old.

On the other hand, DAP are running dogs and its supporters are church mice.


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

What happens when a lapdog of the chihuahua breed meets a cunning fox?

What happens when a scaredy church mouse meets a snake?

I can almost feel sorry for the Dapsters … ermuhoof.


Dapsters well and truly deserve their Beloved Tun and what lies in store.


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