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Tg Piai: What a crybaby party Gerakan is


So your byelection billboard got knocked over. Simple solution — just put it back up lah.

A small matter like this pun wanna go running to the police (see video below), and by no less than the party deputy national treasurer (Albert Teo).

If you Gerakan – as a mainstream political party with branches nationwide – cannot even come to grips with such a trivial incident as one dislodged roadside advertisement, what then can we expect from you wrt having the capacity to deal with important national issues?

No wonder Gerakan is now deader than one-MP party MCA. They’re only comprised of a small bunch of puteri lilin who melt instantly like a sundae on a hot afternoon.

In Malaysia politics is war, you numbskulls. Our political arena is presently no place for suburban softies.

A vote for Gerakan in Tanjung Piai or anywhere else is really a vote wasted.

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