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Indeed Mahathir best man for job of bringing DAP to heel

BELOW: “These boots are made for walking” … obedient chihuahua in his little running shoes

Sit doggy sit.

Fetch. Roll over and play dead. Good boy.

Training a new running dog old tricks 

Mahathir has accomplished a task which recent Umno presidents were just not cut out for.

Abdullah Badawi, despite leading BN to its biggest ever popular vote, could not curb the DAP’s swift resurgence.

Najib, despite accumulating the BN’s largest ever war chest, nonetheless failed to go for DAP’s jugular.

Zahid Hamidi, despite being cornered with 87 corruption charges, still lacks the killer instinct.

Mahathir however has proven himself the best man for the job of imploding Harapan from within. Given five full years’ training, the DAP dog will be thoroughly housebroken.


ABOVE: Wee Ka Siong explains vindictive Guan Eng’s vicious vendetta

In the TAR College’s 50 years existence, none of the BN Finance Ministers had ever before withheld funding from this institution with 99% Chinese student enrollment.

DAP is the first and only Finance Ministry portfolio to snuff out the financial grants to TAR.

Under Harapan, ‘Cina screw Cina’

DAP is being well trained by its 94-year-old master and that’s why the Malays really, really want him to complete his full five-year term in order to properly finish the job.

The DAP running dog is also a rabid attack dog. Foaming-at-the-mouth Lim Guan Eng has so far slashed a total of RM59 million funding for TAR that was previously made available to the college under the successive BN administrations.

Doesn’t Mahathir‘s announcement that he won’t be stepping down next year simply fill one with delight? After all, the grand mastermind wants to execute his Vision 2020 blueprint and in another two months’ time, Malaysia will have reached Mahathir’s epochal ‘2020’ milestone year.

He will definitely want to stick around the next 14 months (until 31st December 2020) holding tight onto his premiership. But more likely, he’ll be holding tight onto the PM post the next 40 months.

Looking further into the future, Mahathir is even determined to personally oversee his renewed Vision 2030 “Shared Prosperity” (red chart above) coming to fruition.

Who knows? By 2030, DAP Superman Hew – currently under police investigation for sedition – might well be “sharing” a jail cell with the DAP’s alleged Tamil Tiger operatives.

Under Badawi and Najib’s watch, DAP leaders had never been investigated for ‘terrorism’ although the party had terrorized its political opponents.

Under Mahathir’s oversight, however, it is a wonderful vista of Endless Possibilities befalling the doomed DAP. There’s no disputing that the seasoned statesman is the “best man” for the job of PM in our post-Chinese tsunami era.


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18 thoughts on “Indeed Mahathir best man for job of bringing DAP to heel

  1. You are indeed a subversive blogger, Helen.

    Cucuk semua orang except your idol the Thief MO1.

    Really, what did the Thief and his wife give you that you still refuse to admit that your idol is the most corrupt man on earth?

    Projib till the end. Sad.

    1. I still prefer Najib – and Tok Mat – to Mahathir.

      True, he’s on trial in court and I’ll wait for the verdict. But I don’t have to wait to see Mahathir’s shenanigans. It’s the Dapsters who will have to wait until 2023, rotfl.

      I also prefer Umno to Pribumi. Padan muka DAP stomaching their Pribumi MB in Perak today! LMAO.

      Btw, I do not have any Birkin handbags gifted by Rosmah, lulz. I only use a rucksack bought from a popular chain book (stationery) shop.

      1. “rucksack bought from a popular chain book”

        Can you plug brand, please?

        Even if I may have to buy from the nons.

    2. Sebagai warga Malaysia, saya mau berkongsi maklumat yg amat teruja & membanggakan….

      Mahathir captivates international audience at Asean summit

      November 8, 2019 @ 9:43am
      When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad spoke at a dialogue session at the Asean Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) last Saturday on the sidelines of the just concluded 35th Asean Summit here, he called for the 10-Asean nations to speak with one voice on the global stage to avoid being bullied, by developed nations in particular.

      The outspoken and no-nonsense Malaysian prime minister made Asean’s stand very clear – Asean, with its 650 million population is a big global market and does not want to go into a trade war.

      “If they do something not nice to us, we have to be un-nice to them,” said the statesman during a 45-minute dialogue session held at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre at Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi.

      The 94-year-old politician’s sharp and analytical views on various current issues again captured the participants’ attention.

      “I love your prime minister.” “He is a sharp and outstanding leader” were the responses that came from a cross-section of local and foreign media covering the dialogue session moderated by ASEAN Business Advisory Council chairman Arin Jira.

      Dr Mahathir’s views on the US-China trade war at the ABIS 2019 were frank and could not be sidestepped. Although not officially remarked, many leaders to the Summit had expressed concern over its damaging impact on the global economy.

      “They felt that the prolong spat is disrupting the growth of trade and economy in the region. They would like to have a peaceful world where people can trade with everyone. I hope it can be resolved one way or another,” Dr Mahathir had said, adding that trade nations should return to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) principles.

      Dr Mahathir’s views were also shared by Chinese premier Li Keqiang, who at the Asean-China Summit had highlighted the need to uphold multilateralism and free trade in the wake of the mounting downward pressure on the global economy and new challenges, China state-owned news agency, Xinhua reported.

      The second and final summit hosted by Thailand as this year’s Asean Chair, also marked a significant accomplishment with the conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations by all participating countries on Monday, leaving India out of the deal, after seven years of negotiations.

      After 28 rounds of negotiations and 18 ministerial meetings spanning about seven years, the negotiations were successfully wrapped up at the 35th Asean Summit. The deal is expected to be signed next year.

      The 15-RCEP participating countries – all 10 Asean countries and five non-member states – China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand have concluded text-based negotiations for all 20 chapters and essentially all their market access issues; and tasked legal scrubbing by them to commence for signing in 2020.

      India has decided to pull out for now over concerns of several terms in the deal including protection of its domestic industry and influx of goods imported from China in its market.

      With India onboard, RCEP would have been the largest trade pact in the world, accounting a total of US$49.5 trillion in combined GDP and covering half of the global population.

      However without India, an analyst believed it is still the largest to date, albeit reduced in coverage and breadth.

      Ms Helen Ang….

      You professed, ‘I still prefer Najib to Mahathir.’.

      With due respect, if I may ask, compared to Tun Mahathir, what has Najib made us “proud:” besides his world famous notoriety over his kleptocratic deed….??

      Thanking in advance.

      1. Ms Helen Ang….


        11 November, 2019
        Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak diperintah membela diri terhadap semua tujuh pertuduhan menyelenyeleweng sejumlah RM42 juta daripada dana SRC International Sdn Bhd.

        Hakim Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali mengumumkan keputusan itu pada pukul 11.34 pagi.

        Malunya Najib….!!

    3. “indeed a subversive blogger, Helen”

      Helen ought to do better.

      Hardly “subversive”.


    Market Report
    7 Nov 2019, 05:20 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sustained fund buying of index-linked counters underpinned the FBM KLCI’s advance on Thursday as it rose to its highest since late-August.

    The positive undertone of the equities market was also supported by stronger ringgit against the US dollar and also news that China and the US have agreed to cancel existing tariffs in different phases.



      November 8, 2019 @ 6:16pm
      KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia ended the week on a positive note after a range-bound trading day to close marginally higher, prompted by institutional support.

      At 5 pm, the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) was 0.40 points higher at 1,609.73 compared with yesterday’s close of 1,609.33.

      The key index opened 2.24 points lower at 1,607.09 and moved between 1,606.02 and 1,614.19.

      On the broader market, the gap between gainers and losers narrowed to 419 against 412, with 449 counters unchanged, 713 untraded and 16 others suspended.

  3. Friends, foes, Malaysians & countrymen….


    Tun M is holding the triumph card – history has shown that which ever fence he stood, he’s always end up the ultimate winner. He is the true ‘Kingmaker, unlike Pas Hardy Bawang, a mere kingfisher.

    His strong self-confidence always made him to believe leaving the country attending official state matters without any least worry/fear of any coup d’etat that coukd cause among his rivals within his own party nor the opposition.

    That is the true trait of genuine leader….!!

    Tun has led BN & triumphed 5 consecutves all with 2/3 majority.
    Tun has created history for the first & only time led the opposion coalition to topple the mighty BN, which Dato’ Onn Ja’far, LKS, Ku Li & Anwar Ibrahim failed.
    The only nation leader in the world history who came back at the extreme late age to wrestle back power to be the nation leader once again.
    World Record Holder of being The Oldest Nation Holder, still physically fit, witty & brainy.

  4. Correction:
    Last sentence should read as…,
    “World Record Holder of being The Oldest Nation Leader, still physically fit, witty & brainy.

    1. “witty & brainy”

      It seems to mainly witless and brainless Malaysians!

      It must be a Malaysian “World Record”, the rest of the world has never claimed the Snake Pharaoh as “witty & brainy”.

      Rather the dying Mamak has always enjoyed the labels “Racist” and “Anti-semite” by world media.

      Strange to me, while the walking corpse spouts against the ones having “hooked noses”, he has a huge snout which many racist and anti-semites would term “Jewish”.

      1. Typical “:Zonist'” fake Jew, ehhhh…..??

        The Grand Old Statesman has all along consistently fight for the plight and injustice incurred upon the Arabs & Palestinans in the middle east. Ain’t the Arabs & Palestinians are Semitic people….??

        1. “Typical “:Zonist’” fake Jew, ehhhh…..??”

          How so?

          You a fake Muslim, then?

          “… all along consistently fight…”

          You mean making a whole loada weak, irrelevant, useless squeaky noises no one of any significance gave a shiite about – and got the Palestinians nowhere?

          And it was the non-Muslim Matthias who physically sailed with aid flotilla to almost Palestine! Memali Mo was, as usual, nowhere to be seen, maybe he was in a fcuking Proton that never made it out of KL!

          The Snake Pharaoh couldn’t even for one moment get the better of Lee Kuan Yew of the tiny island off Johore! Old Harry used to whack the Snake Pharaoh for cheap thrill like a cheap punchbag left, right, and center; left, right, and center all over again – and again, providing the world much to laugh over – and over again!

          I don’t like LKY but he certainly did make me laugh the way he cornered, whacked soundly, and made a damn great fool out of the Snake Pharaoh!

          “Ain’t the Arabs & Palestinians are Semitic people….??”

          Errr… not all “Arabs”.

          And not all Jews are “Zionists” – even if no Jews are fans of those rabid Jihadi Joe Muslims – many having their butts freshly and soundly whacked by the Syrian ARAB Army, Praise Be!

      2. Oh yes….i remember well, Paul Wolfotitz was Anwar Ibrahim’s close buddy in the 90s that led to Anwar”s downfall.

        Paul Wolfowitz has been Anwar Ibrahim’s best Jewish-American friend. He got Anwar a job as chairperson of the Foundation of the Future an institute which led to a juicy scandal with his Iranian sweetheart Shaha Riza that eventually costed Wolfowitz his job at the World Bank.

        He he he

        1. “Oh yes….i remember well, Paul Wolfotitz”

          Don’t get your titz in a twist!

          My moniker is to make fun of Paul Wolfowitz.

          Shame you don’t get the joke that others easily did.

          But good job you don’t like Anwar, he is every bit as despicable as his erstwhile mentor Mahathir.

          The fascist Mahathir-Anwar act was to me a Hitler-Himmler one, the start and the end of Malaysia as we shouldn’t want it.

          And like everyone else who came near Mahathir, the Snake Pharaoh sold Anwar down some Kerala river!

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